Attic Mold Causes

Attic mold found in a home in North Carolina

In horror movies, an attic is a place where scary creatures like to hide. But in real life, this is where a real monster lives, a monster that can destroy your property and make you and your family sick: mold.

Mold and mildew not only grow in your attic, but also other places in your home such as under the sink, inside walls, in the basement, and under the carpet. For mold and mildew to grow in a particular, there is usually excess moisture. The attic, unfortunately, is one of the places where there’s a high likelihood of mold developing, due to its moisture issues. In this article, we have put together the 4 attic mold causes in North Carolina and Virginia to help you out if you are having the same problem.

1. Poor Attic Ventilation

One of the leading causes of attic mold is poor ventilation, which is caused by improper installation. In most cases, the problem is usually due to poorly spaced properly or use of different vents. Whether it’s a spacing issue or use of different vents installed, the air gets trapped inside the attic due to inefficient airflow, and this leads to moisture build up. So to ensure proper attic ventilation, check if the vents are properly spaced and are all the same.

2. Roof Leaks

Another common cause of mold in your attic is roof leaks. Improper installation of the roof or the normal wear and tear of the roofing material can cause water to seep into the attic and provide ideal conditions for the growth of mold. Actually, even a tiny leak is enough to a cause a large colony of mold to grow in your attic. If the attic ventilation is poor, it’s even worse as the moisture is unable to escape and accumulates way faster.  If instead you believe mold is a problem in your Basement and Crawl Space find information here

3. Vents Exhausting into the attic

This is another cause of mold in attics in many homes. It happens when the kitchen, bathroom or dryer vents exhaust hot air in your attic, rather than outside.

Although some homeowners like it that way to prevent small animals crawling into the vents or birds building their nest in the vents, directing most air from to the attic can create the good conditions for black mold growth.

This is even a more serious problem than roof leaks because the air is not only moist, but also hot. So if your kitchen, bathroom or dryer vents are exhausting into your attic, consider hiring a professional to redirect them to the outside or if that’s not possible, call a mold professional like us to assess the situation and consider your options.

4. Poor Insulation

The last issue on our list that can cause moisture buildup in your attic is missing insulation of your attic floor or poor insulation oft the ceiling fixtures. Insulation is very important to keep the warm air inside your house from spreading into other areas such as the attic.

These are the four main causes of mold in the attic. If you suspect you have water damage or mold problem in your attic, do not attempt to go up there and remove yourself. Call Hero Mold Company and we will come right away to assess the situation and remove the mold if it’s there. We provide free quotes on all our services. All of the Locations we service can be found here