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People living in southern climes like Chapel Hill, NC are certain to face problems with high humidity.  High humidity if not controlled within our businesses and homes will afford mold which is ever-present in our environment an opportunity to grow and will often be accompanied by moisture loving critters looking for food and shelter. If you find mold covering a wall, under a floor covering or in a crawl space, seek help from professionals they’ll get the mold removed fast and advise or implement precautions to keep it from coming back.

Hero Mold Company methods mirror the very effective recommendations (the results of decades of industry experience) of organizations IICRC and RSA.  IICRC the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration is a non-profit certifying, teaching and resource center for the cleaning and restoration industry. RSA (Restoration Sciences Academy) a training institute that offers courses to provide practical and successful restoration service to remove people from many nasty unhealthy situations. Hero Mold Company follows recommendations for various cleaning and restoration services so you can be sure your service will be handled the most effective way possible.

Our Goal is to give our clients all information needed to decide what’s best for their property.  After our expert free mold and moisture inspection we’ll provide a written assessment and estimate for mold removal services- if needed. We’ll show you the mold we found and explain what’s needed for successful mold remediation then we’ll step back and ask that you contact us for questions that come up, but other than that we will not harass you.

The safety of your family and security of your belongings is a grave responsibility that we take measures to ensure: Before someone enters your home, they’ll have a Criminal background check, drug testing and are informed about expected behavior in a client’s home.  Most of our jobs develop from personal referrals, so excellent customer service, to us, is not just nice it’s a necessity.

We are Licensed, bonded and insured- including Workers Compensation in the state of NC.

Chapel Hill, NC Mold Inspections- Free

Wherever excessive moisture collects in a dwelling, a mold colony is most likely found. Mold appears as 3 dimensional puffy patches of black, brown, yellow, pink or green growth spreading out in a circular fashion on walls, basements, ceiling, attics and most often bathrooms showers and tub enclosures.  Mold could also be hidden within heating/cooling ducts, inside wall cavities and beneath flooring.  When you see or smell something, call Hero Mold Company.

Inspecting Humidity Level Hero Mold Company Chapel Hill NC

Inspecting Humidity Level

Hero Mold Company will investigate your home or business for mold growth problems.  Hold back fears of possible toxic mold in your house, until we can investigate.  Without cost or obligation, you could soon find out if mold has found a foothold.  Unfortunately, if mold is growing within your home or business we’ll find where it is and show it to you- mold is visible it just has to be found.  We’ve designed our services to be family budget friendly in the hopes of serving more needy neighbors than our competitors.

Fair Cost Mold Testing: No Unnecessary Testing

Many mold species share visible characteristic and odor so it’s impossible to determine which species of mold is growing in your home or business without sending a sample to a capable lab experienced in identifying Mold species. The one certainty is that visible Mold growth needs to be removed regardless of species. No mold species tests need to be done, because it will not affect methods of mold removal. Most of the time all that’s needed is knowledge of where the mold is to move forward and engage a mold removal or remediation company. However, occasionally more information is needed to aid decision in several situations such as:

A real estate transaction needs proof of successful mold treatment to your home or business before a closing can occur.

Renters sickened by visible mold in their rentals facing an unresponsive landlord can engage a Professional Mold tester to investigate and encourage a proper response.  However, before you take any further action, seek a lawyer’s council to understand all ramifications you could face.

A family member has symptoms of mold sickness and Doctors want the mold species identified to aid in a treatment plan.

Insurance investigators will sometimes require a testing by a specialist to determine species and age of colony to see if the mold growth was due to a recent leak or one that had been unattended for a while.

Mold testing is done to check against a touted successful mold remediation.

No Error Mold Testing in Chapel Hill, NC

Certified Mold Testing Lab Hero Mold Company Chapel Hill NC

Certified Mold Testing Lab

The most common error, affecting accurate mold testing, is testers using contaminated testing materials that were accidentally or carelessly exposed at previous client locations. Mold spores are everywhere throughout our environment and different locations harbor different species so any contamination could identify the wrong species.  When it’s important to get accurate mold testing, hiring experts will provide the most accurate results. Our Mold testing technicians obtain samples using unopened testing supplies, in the client’s presence, seal them in tamper proof packaging and then mailed to non- affiliated accredited Labs for analysis.

Samples of mold can be collected in a few ways:

Clear sticky tape touched to the visible mold then lifted off placed into a tamper proof packaged.

A swab wiped across it then place into tamper proof packaging.

Metered Air samples, using an air sampling machine, are taken throughout the home or business and then sent to the lab to be examined for air quality.

Hero Mold Testing Company will advise only those mold tests thought necessary to situation- protecting you from duplicate and worthless tests.  Hero Mold Company gladly offers free expert advice on which mold tests are needed for your situation. We are resolved to stay affordable to provide expert help within the financial reach of families.

Understanding Mold Growth in Chapel Hill NC

Mold present since primordial times devours dead carbon-based matter (plant and animal sourced) and reduces it to simple components that can be used as energy for the developing mold spread leaving the unused nutrient extra released to the earth to encourage new plant growth.  Mold, however, inside a home or business often brings sickness to the individuals or companion pets that live there. Plus, mold weakens and befouls building material and personal property within home or business so the sooner it’s removed the better for all concerned.

Mold Reproducing Hero Mold Company Chapel Hill NC

Closeup of Mold Reproducing

During mold growth, incalculable mold spores are loosed to float unseen on the slightest of breezes delivering a great impact wherever they land and grow.  Mold spores can never be totally eradicated inside homes or business because they readily float back in through an open door or window, carried in on someone or something and spores often lay dormant within original building materials awaiting that constant drip of water to bring them life.  When a Mold Removal Company remediates mold, it means conditions that allowed mold to thrive will be removed along with the growing mold colonies.

Mold needs 4 elements 3 of which can always be found inside dwellings: warmth 70- and 90-degrees Fahrenheit, oxygen, cellulose building material for food (drywall, insulation, wood and many others) and lastly, but most importantly, excessive moisture which then becomes the focus of a mold inspectors search. Excessive moisture is the one element that is out of order in a dwelling.

Black Toxic Mold: Horror From the Past

Presumably, Black Toxic Mold has been a bane of home dwellers since we moved indoors. And, Toxic molds have been mentioned as far back in history in ancient biblical writings as a growth on building stones located inside or outside homes. This growth was recognized as dangerous and instructions were given to property owners to remove all affected stones to a deep burial far away from the settlement.

However, it wasn’t until early 1990’s that people in the USA begin to understand its awful impact upon our health, especially, to the most vulnerable among us.   A toxic species of mold Stachybotrys chartarum more commonly known as Black Toxic Mold, in the early 1990’s, caused 30 babies in Ohio to become ill with hemorrhage of the lungs that rapidly became deadly with 12 of the babies ultimately losing the battle.  Horrified parents across the nation looked to investigators to figured out why. The medical investigators found that each infant lived in a recently flooded home where black toxic mold was growing. In the coming years, more examples of life-threatening illness attributed to Black Toxic Mold has received vast notorious news coverage enough to alarmed many homeowners, today, at just the suspicion that it might be growing in their homes.

What Does Black Toxic Mold Looks Like?

 Stachybotry chartarum mold when actively growing is blackish green in color, dense and looks slimy with moisture.  Since the mold is coated thickly with moisture, it is unlikely to release spores into the atmosphere unless disturbed. Dried out Black Toxic mold will look and behave like a thick soot easily disturbed to swirl about the atmosphere.

Where Does Black Toxic Mold Hide and Grow?

Basement Leak Black Mold Hero Mold Company Chapel Hill NC

Basement Leak Black Mold

Usually, Stachybotry chartarum will thrive somewhere hidden- it doesn’t do well in direct sunlight or in places disrupted by ruffling breezes. Most often, Stachybotry chartarum is found in places with a very active leak that has been dripping awhile. Unnoticed plumbing Leaks under sinks, behind walls, beneath floors and within ceilings, are the normal places it’s found. 

 Black Toxic Mold Worries in Chapel Hill, NC

The thought that black toxic mold (Stachybotry chartarum) is growing in your home is shocking for several reasons:

Anxious that a toxic illness could strike loved ones or at worst bring them death.

Fear about the probable high cost it’ll take to remove the mold.

Should a home inspection find Mold, most buyers will bail- suggesting that a future sale will be difficult and at a far lower price than it should be. Also, knowing that even after a successful mold remediation a new home buyer will have to be informed about all previous problems in the home. This is a lot to cope with before you contact someone for help.

However, take comfort that although Stachybotry chartarum mold is common in our outdoor environment thriving on dead animal and plant debris it is not common in an occupied house. This slimy dense mold is delicate- more so than other species:  It’s disturbed by ruffling breezes, sunlight kills it, must stay soaking wet and needs a greater amount of time to grow 8 to 12 days instead of the 24 to 48 hours it takes other common mold species.  Mostly it’s found in unoccupied previously flooded homes that maintains high humidity– no water no life.

Black Toxic Mold and Your Health Risks

Stachybotrys chartarum mold is known to produce a higher concentration of mycotoxins than other mold species and is never found growing with other species because its mycotoxins repel them. Regrettably, it is sadly responsible for the debilitating illnesses of several people and worse yet some deaths during the past decades.

Bronchial Tree Troubled by Mold Hero Mold Company Chapel Hill NC

Sufferer Bronchial Tree Sicken by Mold

Mycotoxin, a poison activated by touch and spores spread floating through the air. This fungus can cause severe illness leading sometimes to death often by bleeding out in the lungs in exposed animals and humans.  Health effects of toxic mold sickness include headache, fatigue, respiratory distress, internal organ damage or shutdown, nausea, hemorrhage in lungs, hallucinations, and inflammation of eyes, throat, or skin.

If a family member seems to be suffering symptoms of mold sickness, contact Hero Mold Company to see if mold is indeed the culprit- without any cost to you. 

 Free Mold Inspections in Chapel Hill NC

Hero Mold Company Mold Inspectors are trained in building maintenance systems as well as mold investigation and will conduct a thorough inspection to provide the answers you seek.

First, we’ll talk about the home’s recent history any recent repairs to the roof or water disasters such as toilet overflow, burst pipe, appliance malfunction.

The property’s outside perimeter will be observed for groundwater problems commonly due to improper landscaping, roofing faults, and building maintenance issues.

Visual inspection of the interior will begin and if mold is found it will be shown to the client. In the case of suspected hidden mold, technicians will use moisture sensing tools to aid the search.

High moisture areas such as attics, crawl spaces, bathrooms, seldom used rooms and basements will be examined first. The house ventilation ability will also be evaluated to considered if humidity trapped indoors is the problem.

Hero Mold Company free mold inspection is the first active step to take to bring back safety at home.

Chapel Hill, NC: Black Toxic Mold Panic

Thinking that Black Toxic Mold could be growing in your home may send you into a panic.  Seriously, just the idea of it hurting the health of your family is terrifying because most of us have seen the news reports of how deadly hazardous this toxin can be.  Please contact Hero Mold Company for a free Mold inspection- usually it is never as bad as you think.

We follow a noted for success treatment plan developed principally by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration).  Our safe professional Black Toxic Mold Remediation process returns a healthy atmosphere to you and your family.

Safe Toxic Black Mold Removal Steps in Chapel Hill, NC

Mold species will not alter the methods of mold removal, cleanup or remediation. We follow well-rehearsed Industry approved procedures they are:

Stop the moisture source supporting the mold colony and kill the colony.

Sealing Vent to Protect Clean Areas Hero Mold Company Chapel Hill NC

Sealing Vent to Protect Clean Areas

Surround mold troubled areas with containment walls fashioned of plastic sheeting sealed with special tape.  All other entries in the room doors, windows and HVAC vents will be sealed leaving one controlled entrance for the mold removal technicians to come and go. This enclosure, when built right will keep disturbed mold spores from floating to clean areas.

Negative air pressure induced by an industrial vacuum with a disposal vent setup to send flow outdoors will be installed to hold air current within the containment center from moving to other areas in the house.

Technicians use industrial HEPA Vacuums to as much surface mold as possible capturing at the same time within the HEPA filter the disturbed mold spores.

Porous building materials such as drywall, carpet, wood flooring… that soaks up moisture that feeds tendrils of mold colonies that can’t be repaired will be sealed in bags and taken to the Dump.  Non- porous building material such as steel, glass, tile and stone building material will be scrubbed with a mold killing solution.

Any area still wet from solutions will be dried using industrial heaters, removal of all debris, left ready for remodeling (painting) and then worry-free occupancy.

No worries, we will never make costly mistakes attributed to ignorance. The excellent training our techs obtain has proven successful for mold removal services provided to prior clients. Plus, maintenance is scheduled periodically on our fleet of industrial air-scrubbing machines and service trucks eliminating equipment failures that plague our competitors.  We keep clients informed every day- keeping clients informed displays our respect, generates goodwill and takes little effort.

Chapel Hill, NC Mold Removal: Repairs Afterwards

Hero Mold Company are experts at repairs for wood framing, sheetrock, insulation, electrical breaks and plumbing faults.  No need to go through the hassle and often frustrating process of engaging several other contractors to make necessary repairs. Including, no need to trust another company with access to your home and family.

Will Insurance Cover Costs of Toxic Mold Removal?

The following discussion is suggested as a possible avenue to obtain help with mold removal costs not as legal advice. Homeowners Insurance may cover mold damage if it was caused by what is describe as “covered Peril”.  Cover Peril are explained as sudden unexpected flows of water from plumbing (burst pipe), HVAC system broken condensation line, indoor fire-retardant sprinkler system and water using appliances. Before you contact the agent, operate as a good steward and make sure you’ve stopped the leak to stop increasing damage to property. Insurance Agents expect homeowners to inspect and repair faults that arise in their property and will be disinclined to help clients who’ve made no effort at repairs. To be sure, contact your Homeowners Insurance Agent.

Damage due to poor maintenance is not likely to be covered for example:

The roof’s old, curled and missing shingles should have been fixed years ago or the roof redone before the long term leaks caused the large amount of mold blooming in the attic.

Mold has been growing for some time the bathroom shower then one day you see that’s bloomed across a wall and now you have concerns over mold sickness.

You’ve known about a small leak in a plumbing pipe under the home in the crawl space but fail to fix it and now are overwhelmed with mold odors rising into the living space.

Flood water destruction: unless you purchased a separate flood insurance policy.

Your Homeowners Insurance Agent can explain the conditions of coverage so we encourage you to contact them.

The Truth about DIY Black Toxic Mold Test Kits

Mold spores are an ancient fungus that exist in colonies of small organisms found nearly everywhere and thrive in moisture rich environments by devouring dead things. They come in many colors black, white, orange, green, purple or a mix of several. They reproduce by sending tiny sometimes microscopic spores to float of air currents throughout our environment. Every day people inhale mold spores, usually, in small amounts.

Mold Test Kit Hero Mold Company Chapel Hill NC

Mold Test Kit

Toxic mold test kits are petri-dish trays containing a nutrient attractive to mold. The theory is the mold spores causing problems are also floating around the home and will land on the tray. This is to provide answer to a desperate question “Is my home infested with a dangerous mold?” Be Aware these kits have many problems and no solutions:

Unfortunately, the test kit could have been stored for a very long time and consequently packaging may have broken down allowing errant mold spores to enter so when you mix the nutrient a spore not even from your home could start to grow.  Species or type of mold growth in the dwelling can’t be determined by just looking at the mold in the trey but rather has to be examined by an expert under a microscope. Plus, scale of mold infection can’t be determined by how long it took mold to form in the petri-dish an on-site expert observation will examine the extent of trouble. Often times the company that sells the mold test kit will offer further testing for an additional charge but these labs seldom provide information much beyond species which may or may not be the species causing the problem. Mold spores are different sizes and weights so will popularize a petri-dish at different rates. Real life is complicated and it often takes an expert to determine mold growth in a home not a DIY mold test kit

Keep in mind, just one mold spore drifting in an open door or window and landing on the dish could in 24 to 48 hours grow a colony- in your non-infested home. The expert help of Hero Mold Company Investigators is free and you’ll have better success understanding the mold in your home than haphazardly placing petri-dishes about the house.

Caution! Don’t Pay Too Much! Compare Estimates. We are sure you’ll find the Hero Mold Company in Chapel Hill the best in price and expertise locally.

Chapel Hill NC Budget Crawl Space Encapsulation

Crawl Space Encapsulation is the method of separating your home from the earth below it and the environment outside of it or building an envelope. This is done to prevent foul air and energy transfer loss to and from the home.

Homes that have Traditional Crawl Spaces fitted with cross-ventilation vents that can be opened or closed to control humidity and recycle the air that travels up into the home.  In the spring and summer, the vents are left open to outdoors to try and relieve the humid air in the crawl space.  However, the outside humidity is higher than inside the crawl space so all you’re doing is bringing in more moisture by leaving the vents open.  During winter and fall, the vents are closed to keep out cold air to conserve energy.  However, a cold crawl space will always draw heat from the building above because in most situations the insulation placed between the floor joists under the house is insufficient or ill maintained and energy always seeks equilibrium.

Muddy Crawl Space Hero Mold Company Chapel Hill NC

Muddy Crawl Space

When moisture is trapped within a crawl space it causes mold, mildew and becomes a happy place for rodents and insects like termites and cockroaches whom require moist conditions to survive.  Wind and sunlight will eventually disperse outside humidity but in a crawl space its likely to stay hovering near the ground.  Critters looking for shelter are drawn to moist conditions will chew through moisture and mold damaged building materials to get inside. Once inside the crawl space, critters will use wall cavities as highways to move throughout the home looking for food.  During this search, they’ll chew on wires, pipes and other building materials to tame ever-growing teeth sometimes causing fires as they chew through live wire and floods when they chew through plumbing pipes. Crawl Space Encapsulation is designed to control these problems by closing off access to the crawl space.

Building Science for air-circulation teaches that 50% or more of the air in our homes originates in the crawl space.  A Crawl space atmosphere is often swarming with mold spores, odors, radon gas and bacteria from dead and living critters. This polluted air drawn upwards into the home brings not only foul odors but sometimes sickness to family members.  Seeking a fast-affordable fix, ask Hero Mold Company to check the quality of the air in your crawl space. We can evaluate it for mold, mildew, insects, excessive moisture and rodents: This is all done free of charge or expectation.

The Best Encapsulation Team in Chapel Hill, NC

  • All debris is removed from the crawl space.
  • The soil is leveled and all sharp rocks are removed.
  • Water Pooling problems are resolved with land grading, sump-pump or drain tile.
  • Wet moldy Insulation is removed from between the floor joists.
  • Framing such as floor joists will be repaired or replaced as needed.
  • A polyurethane puncture resistant membrane will be rolled out to cover the ground, riding partly up the foundation walls and seams are sealed with tape to completely seal against the earths rising gasses and humidity.

    Crawl Space Encapsulation Hero Mold Company NC

    Crawl Space Encapsulation

  • All Vents will be covered to prevent air exchange between the outside and inside environments.
  • Insulation will be installed on the interior perimeter of the crawlspace walls to prevent energy transfer loss to the environment.
  • Residual Humidity will be removed with a correctly sized de-humidifier.

Hero Mold Company offers cost friendly Encapsulation services for crawl spaces trouble with mold infestation. Expert crawl space encapsulation often accompanied with a dehumidifier or air exchange will control Mold, Rot and improve Energy Efficiency.  Another great benefit is that insects and rodents search for shelter will be discouraged by the lack of moisture besides being kept out by the sealing of the space.

Water Damage Restoration: Best Cost in Chapel Hill

Dishwasher Overflow Cleanup Hero Mold Company Chapel Hill NC

Dishwasher Overflow Cleanup

When a large amount of water empties into your home it’s a disaster that is setup to get worse.  Wet building materials begin to grow mold in as little as 24 to 48 hours which leads to misery for family members. There are a multitude of reasons for a deluge of water inside home such as roof damage, busted plumbing pipe, appliance failure, backup of sewage, flood and others. When a small amount of water is released the Homeowner can use a shop vac and fans to dry it up within a few hours without lasting harm. However, if the volume of water seems overwhelming its best to hire specialists who with the help of industrial sized vacuum pumps can rapidly extract the water and then dry out the building materials quickly with large heaters. Fast action is necessary to protect the house from further damage.

Hero Mold Company offers Water Damage Restoration Services using specialized industrial equipment operated by a large team of trained employees for the rapid action required during water extraction and damage restoration.

Rapid Water Disaster Removal: Hero Mold Company

Hero Mold Company Maintains a Rapid Water Disaster Response Team for the disastrous flooding your home or business has encountered. Once flood waters recede, making it safe to return, get help quickly from a company able to act fast to extract the water- get expert help from Hero Mold Company.

Flooding is the most destructive force on our planet able to completely lay waste to a landscape within minutes. But the hazards don’t end there, these waters are swirling with dangerous bacteria, pesticides, biological compounds, raw sewage and hazardous chemicals (fuel, battery acid and oil).  Keep yourself safe, do not wade through them except to find your way out.  Homes and Businesses that have been flooded need a professional cleanup crew for success- it’s mostly beyond the abilities of the lone Business Manager or homeowner.

Top Quality Water Damage Restoration Procedures

  • After the flow of water is stopped, our disaster techs use industrial Rapid volume pumps to extract the water from the home. A lone homeowner using even a large shop vac just won’t do the job fast enough with release of a huge volume of water to prevent the subsequent damage from mold. Hero Mold Company has operational control of several industrial sized pumps to remove the water quickly.
  • After water is extracted, specialized dehumidifiers, electric heaters and Fans are used to quickly further dry damp building materials to prevent mold or bacteria from further ruining the home or business. No Worries, Hero Mold Company’s Disaster technicians have experience working with industrial heaters we are fully aware improper usage of these machines has burned down several homes.
  • All building materials and personal belongings need to be sanitized to stop probable bacteria and mold growth. Air scrubbers are used to make sure most drifting mold spores left behind are captured in HEPA filters. Hero Mold Company Water Damage Restoration Technicians are taught to recheck operations to make sure nothing is missed.

Other Mold Testing Locations:


Grimghoul Castle Hero Mold Company Chapel Hill, NC

Grimghoul Castle Chapel Hill NC

Chapel Hill NC is a town in Orange, Chatham and D counties located in Central North Carolina about 10 miles southwest of Durham and 25 northwest of Raleigh makes up one corner of the famous Research Triangle (Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill). The town was chartered in 1851 to offer support and services to the University of North Carolina which surrounds it. Access to travel the rest of the state is convenient with the I-40 corridor. The Topography is that of a Coastal Plain within the Cape Fear River Basin waterways and woodlands. Most residents say humid summers are hot with frequent rain storms and Winters are relativity cold with just a handful of days below-freezing temperatures, snow and freezing rain.

Chapel Hill Old Cemetery Hero Mold Company Chapel Hill, NC

Chapel Hill Old Cemetery

History of Chapel Hill NC

The city was established in 1851 in response to the growth of the University of North Carolina to offer the many services and shopping that were needed to support the University staff and students. The University was founded in 1789 by Christopher Barbee, son of an early settler William Barbee who held land a grant of 585 acres in the Chapel Hill-Durham area.  Chapel Hill was developed on the crest of a hill at the original site of an Anglican chapel called “chapel of ease” which was replaced by the New Hope Chapel in 1752- hence the reason for the town’s name Chapel Hill.

Chapel Hill was located at the cross roads of two trading routes that supported a small agricultural community of a few plantations and farms.  The successful beginnings in economic agriculture was soon overtaken by the economic powerhouse of the first state sponsored University of North Carolina.

The University of North Carolina and the town continued to grow through the decades with  class offerings highlighting medical and pharmaceutical programs in education, research and development.

Modern times the economy has developed into an area strong in high-tech manufacturing and health care biomedical pharmaceuticals. The location next to important highways and railway gives ease and encourages a strong manufacturing base that has brought economic success to the city and its residents.


Chapel Hill Neighborhood Hero Mold Company Chapel Hill, NC

Chapel Hill Neighborhood

Popular Neighborhoods in Chapel Hill VA

Chapel Hill is comprised of 18 neighborhoods with a population of 59,862 and identifies as a service community to the Great University of North Carolina full of scientists, professors, medical researchers and academic administrative personal. Chapel Hill is considered a community with nearly 95% of its workforce employed in white collar jobs.

Governor’s Club developed in 1988 is located on a 16,00-acre golf community in the south near the 46,000-acre Jordan Lake. Jack Nicklaus Designed the 27-hole course within the Carolina Pines.  The neighborhood contains many large landscaped lots containing homes that portray a stately appearance on tree lined streets with azaleas everywhere.

Meadowmont Community is built upon 435 acres and is touted as a mixed-use community where people can Live, eat, work, shop and play within walking distance. Living spaces of many types and price ranges: single homes, condos, apartments and town homes. Along with the numerous restaurants, retail stores, offices, grocery and service providers are green spaces of miles of walking, jogging, hiking and the YMCA Meadowmont Swim Club which brings a wealth of activities for people to enjoy.

Some of the other neighborhoods are The Oaks, Winmore, The Preserve at Jordan Lake, Briar Chapel, Dunhill, Westfall and Claremont.


Morehead Planetarium Hero Mold Company Chapel Hill, NC

Morehead Planetarium and Science Center

Chapel Hill NC Attractions

Morehead Planetarium and Science Center located on the campus of University of North Carolina opened 1949 and took 18 months to build. The planetarium was the location in 1959 through 1975 that was used for hours to train the Gemini, Skylab, Mercury and Apollo program astronauts in celestial navigation.  Morehead technicians-built replicas of flight modules to simulate key parts of flight when things might go wrong if systems went offline, they were required to configure navigation systems manually.  Apollo 12 when hit by lighting twice upon assent the systems got knock offline, they had to navigate manually and all of this former training may have saved their lives.

Today, Morehead Planetarium offers programs to advance understanding in celestial science.  The Planetarium uses amazingly beautiful shows to provide demonstrations that encourag learning for many types of audience- the public at large, college students and local elementary schools.


North Carolina Botanical Garden Hero Mold Company Chapel Hill, NC

The North Carolina Botanical Garden

The North Carolina Botanical Garden is on the North Carolina University campus has become a great draw to the public and a great novel way to understand what plantings are native to North Carolina to be viewed all across 70 acres for a botanical garden and 103 acres of creek gorge and rhododendron bluffs. William Corker the University’s first professor of botany began planting a teaching collection of trees and shrubs which developed into the Coker Arboretum.  The very best news is that the admission is free for adults and children.  In a world where few venues are free, this may teach and entertain you and your children for a enjoyable day or weekend.


Preserve at Jordan Lake Hero Mold Company Chapel Hill, NC

The Preserve at Jordan Lake

The Preserve at Jordan Lake is Master Planned community beside the 14,000-acre lake Jordan

  • More than 2 miles of private, wooded trails for joggers and walkers. The Preserve also includes a two tennis courts, basketball court, pickleball court, outdoor pool and playground to round out access for other outdoor activities.
  • Those interested in getting in a workout have access to The Fitness Center which was totally remolded in 2018 has many of the usual fitness machines, aerobic machines and free weights to round out your total body work out.
  • The club house pool draws families to a lovely picnic dotted with several grills and a covered area with tables.
  • During the winter a display of Christmas lights and annual holiday party gives the public a reason to go out in the cold.