COVID-19 Viruses Attacking a Human Cell Hero Mold Company

COVID-19 Viruses Attacking a Human Cell

COVID-19 Disinfecting Service

Trying to cope with a Positive Covid-19 Diagnosis of a loved family member, customer or employee?  Beyond the fear of danger to the sick person, it can leave you scrambling for information of the best way to sanitize an area quickly.   For a quick foolproof service to disinfect a COVID-19 suspect area, look to Hero Mold Company offering services in North Carolina and Virginia.  Our Sanitation process is affordable, quick and dependable (we miss nothing).  Disinfecting a hot virus area with a proven Covid-19 killing chemical spray using a skeleton crew or a few family members is costly in time and money- it’s especially hard not to miss areas.  Contact us!  We respond with the seriousness it deserves and gladly provide expert answers to your questions.  Otherwise, the has several pages describing how best to disinfect areas at home and work.  Go to the CDC pages and take a look:

What are Coronaviruses?

Coronaviruses are a large group of viruses that circulate among animals such as cows, pigs, chickens and cats that occasionally evolve and jump species to infect humans.  For thousands of years, we’ve interacted with domesticated farm animals and pets resulting in immunity to some of their viruses or suffering a mild bout of illness.  Since humans don’t have acquired immunity to emerging coronaviruses, they are dangerous and at times deadly like SARS, EBOLA, Bird Flu and the latest COVID-19. With air travel, a new virus can become a pandemic within weeks and cause many to become sick until Herd immunity can be achieved or a vaccine developed.  Herd Immunity is when a portion of the population becomes immune after recovering from the virus so it no longer spreads as easily.

What Does COVID-19 Look Like?

COVID-19 Virus Hero Mold Company

COVID-19 Virus

Corona and Virus are Latin root words with Corona meaning halo or crown and virus means poison.  This combination word referrers to how the virus looks under the microscope and it kills.   The center mass of the virus has spikes that spread out in all directions (like a Crown or Halo) which allows it to catch on to hands to easily and quickly spread.

What is the First COVID-19 Symptom?

Coronaviruses symptoms may start within 2 to 14 days after exposure though most people get them in 5 to 6 days.  In terms of percentages, symptoms people suffer:

Fatigue 68.3%

loss of smell or taste 64.4%

Dry Cough meaning no mucus 60.4%

Fever 55.5%

Muscle Aches 44.6%

Headache 42.6%

Shortness of Breath 41.1%

Other symptoms not reported as much: Congestion, Nausea and Diarrhea.

Sadly, some people with diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and immune disorders can’t fight off this disease and quickly move towards suffocation.

How did Covid-19 Start?

Wuhan Seafood Market Hero Mold Company

Wuhan Seafood Market

The Coronavirus COVID-19 first appeared in Wuhan China early December of 2019.  The earliest COVID-19 infected people were workers at the Huanan Seafood Wet Market in Wuhan which provides speculation about the virus animal host.  One specialty this market offers is on-the-spot preparation (butchered) for the public’s consumption: fish, farm animals and several exotic wild species with little former human contact- captured from the far away forest to serve at your table. These Wet Markets have long been suspected hotbeds of pathogens thriving in a horror show of badly treated caged animals to the spray of blood, feces and the unused bits and pieces.

Does Covid-19 Come from Bats?

Bat Soup at Wuhan Seafood Market Hero Mold Company

Bat Soup at Wuhan Seafood Market

Bats, are one of the exotic species prepared and sold at this market that pose a huge disease risk to humans.  The Bat’s natural response to viruses is to slow down their replication process and coexist- they don’t get sick and the virus lives on.  Bats carry a huge reservoir of viruses some of which are known to be deadly to humans like Ebola, SARS and lately, perhaps COVID-19.  However, China hasn’t allowed outside testing to find the zoological link so we may never know exactly how COVID-19 started.

How do you Catch Coronavirus?

Handprint of Virus Hero Mold Company

Handprint of Virus

People moving about in public have 5 vulnerable entries through which a virus can infect them:  Eyes, Mouth and Nose.  People often touch their mouth, eyes or nose during every day activities- maybe after touching a doorknob, shaking someone’s hand or during shopping.       Infectious dangers are most often carried on our hands to our face.  However, the times someone coughs or sneezes in your face are pretty much out of your control- hence the advice to stay 6 feet from others.

Humans haven’t fought this virus before so many will sicken to some degree.  In mild cases, some people mistake sickness for allergies so they go to work, shopping and other places which makes for rapid spread.  Others think they have a miserable cold and still go to work as most Americans have learned to live with scratchy throats, congestion and mild headaches.  Whatever may be the situation, a new infectious disease could seem to be under control one week then it’s a terrifying Pandemic the next.

Trained for COVID-19 Disinfecting 

Our COVID-19 disinfecting crews undergo specialized class room training and days of on-the-job training to get the sanitation process perfect.  Hero Mold Company Sanitizing team know missing anything could make someone ill or worse.  COVID-19 is a Biohazard requiring the Disinfecting crew to wear PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).  We are responsible to do all we can to protect our crew, clients and the public.

The Best Way to Kill COVID- 19 at Home

The disinfecting solution we use is on CDC approved list to kill COVID-19.  It’s applied as a fog that spreads wide and kills bacteria and viruses on contact.   Hard to reach surfaces are easily sanitized.  The fog will also kill floating viruses (pathogens) because it fills the space before settling on a surface.

A few Preparations should be taken before treatment, remove food items, dog dishes and separately clean children’s toy’s they may chew on.  You’ll be asked to leave the space for a few hours while the Disinfectant Fog is applied.  No Worries it’s safe for humans when correctly applied- meaning you shouldn’t drink the stuff.   However, we believe your children and/or pets shouldn’t superficially swallow it either.

Upon your return, you can wipe lingering damp surfaces down with knowledge that COVID-19 viruses have been killed in the treated areas.  This Treatment is fast and less expensive than hiring a cleaning team to scrub and wipe every surface.

Fast Restaurant COVID-19 Disinfecting 

The Restaurant Business has suffered under COVID-19 very restrictive health department’s rules, dinners must be seated 6 feet apart, use of disposable tableware and deep cleaning.  Because of Covid-19, most restaurants are working with a skeleton staff to cook the food and keep the place sanitized so it’s a difficult task.  The frequently touched surfaces such as underneath table and chair edges, handicap grab bars and bathroom handles are often forgotten.   Hero Mold Company offers an affordable, fast accurate way to disinfect a building.

Best Way to Disinfect COVID-19 in Daycare

COVID-19 has certainly challenged Daycares’ ability to serve their client’s children.  Should a teacher test positive for Coronavirus it’s a struggle to quickly sanitized and reopen before your clients need to find alternative daycare.   A small group of employees could take hours or even days to disinfect all the rooms.  Hero Mold Company has the best most cost efficient solution.  Our professional Biohazard crew comes in and in a few hours sanitizes the building after which it can be reoccupied.  This is much less worrisome for you, staff and parents.

Churches Budget COVID-19 Disinfecting 

Churches are required to follow strict COVID-19 protocol to stop the spread.  Many requirements, though burdensome, followed to keep the Church open are: parishioners need to separate by 6 feet, masks should be worn, plates and cups need to be disposable and extra deep cleaning of surfaces after every Worship.  The deep cleaning requirement after every service is hard to do for the usually small maintenance crew and frightening because they may not have personal safety equipment.  Don’t overwhelm your maintenance crew but hire our affordable expert COVID-19 sanitization crew to get it disinfected quickly.  In times of stress and sorrow, spiritual guidance is important and we gladly accommodate disinfection services around worship services.