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Spiky Corona Virus Hero Mold Company NC

Spiky Corona Virus

Hero Mold Company provides a Professional disinfecting service to Homeowners and companies whose lives are disrupted with a confirmed or suspected case of Covid-19.  We are determined to provide this service at the lowest price possible to help reduce the risk and spread of this virus. It’s in our interest to end the spread of Coronavirus as members of the same community- reduces risk for all.

When you see mold, smell something musty and worse yet unexplained sickness of a loved one, best to take care of it quickly.  Mold growth is exponential because every member of the colony replicates itself.  A lone homeowner facing only a small room infected mold will find it an overwhelming task that is backbreaking and time consuming.  You’ll get the quickest most successful results with Hero Mold Company professional mold remediation.

Deep Commercial Cleaning

Office Deep Cleaning Hero Mold Company

Office Deep Cleaning

Covid-19 has quickly sickened more than 3 million people and killed over 100,000 thousand in the USA.  We’ve learned this virus is primarily spread though cough or sneezes during close contact with the infected.  It’s believed that the virus can also spread via touching a surface that an infected person had touched and then you touching your face.  Indeed, super spreader events happened during a choir practice- the infected singer sent out plenty of virus with song, touched a few surfaces and over a hundred people were sickened.  This is where Hero Mold Company can be of service to combat covid-19 in the work place we offer a specialized service- deep cleaning of your building or office.

When your Company needs deep cleaning after a confirmed case of Covid-19, the job is so arduous it’s best to hire experts who know how to sanitize a work space.  We have special teams of cleaners wearing personal protective equipment that may look scary but they wear it to protect themselves and clients.  The methods: each cleaner will have chemical resistant gloves (several pairs), full face respirator, one-time use wipes and will partner up to ensure nothing is missed. They have been trained in the disinfecting of all surfaces, correct use of solutions and disposal of hazardous biological waste. Caution! Computer keyboards are challenging to clean for shared keyboards- we suggest afterwards clients use a clear cover that’s easy to clean.

OSHA can site Employers for failing to take responsibility to prevent a hazard which includes disinfecting the work space after a confirmed case of the highly infectious Coronavirus.

Residential Deep Cleaning: Disinfectant

Virus on Door Handle Hero Mold Company

Virus on Door Handle

As we begin to partake in public life, the ongoing pandemic has people looking for ways to protect their families especially those more at risk of serious outcomes- diabetic kids, elderly parents and cancer patients.  Hero Mold Company can help remove any doubt that your living space is safe from molds, bacteria and viruses including the Coronavirus.  All products we use carry EPA- approval against pathogens.  We also follow all guidelines provided by the CDC.

Planning to have some home repair work done for your elderly parents and want to keep them safe afterwards from the dangerous Covid-19 flu:  Call Hero Mold Removal to come and disinfect their home.  Our hazard trained cleaners will wipe down every surface with disinfectants and those surfaces that can’t be wiped down will be treated with high pressure steam or ultraviolet light therapy which has been  proven to kill the virus.

Realtors: Home Coronavirus Cleaning

Previous Covid-19 Homeowner Hero Mold Company

Previous Covid-19 Homeowner

Realtors have to advise clients how to cope with hazards found during their home inspection. For example, substandard electrical box, mold and our newest danger Covid-19.   Hero Mold Company has been cleaning up toxic mold for decades and facing the Covid-19 virus is no different as they both can make our clients ill or in rare cases kill them. There is much still in question about the Coronavirus:   How long the virus lives on surfaces or circulates in the air is unknown.  So we can’t just let the home sit vacant for week and assume all is well.  We consider all surfaces to be contaminated and will use the appropriate disinfectant to clean it.  We use an air exchange to clean viruses from the air.  Homeowners with crawlspace troubles: Why Crawl Space Encapsulation?

Realtors advising clients selling a home, where a family member had Coronavirus, know nothing but a deep cleaning will dispel contagion fears of buyers.   If you need a way to prove the home has been Disinfected, consult Hero Mold Company and have confidence that we’ll provide an expert cleaning including a certificate detailing was done.

Some Homeowners may believe Coronavirus disinfecting costs are beyond their reach, however, don’t despair contact Hero Mold Company and give us an opportunity to prove it isn’t.  We built our company determined that hazard removal services stay within the reach of an average family’s budget.  All of the Locations we service can be found here