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Perhaps you’re here because adverse reactions to possible mold infestation where you live or work are causing loved family members or valued employees’ sickness and you also fear damage to building materials.  When Mold is smelled in a home, business or noticed blooming on walls, we know the mold is rotting the building materials such as wood, drywall and carpet. Thus, getting rid of mold is not only important to protect the health of those we love but also the value of your property.  Hero Mold Company and we’ll respond quickly to provide you with a free mold and moisture inspection including an estimate of costs for cleanup.

The complete expert services Hero Mold Company offers to Residential and Office/Commercial clients alike are Mold Remediation or more commonly known as Mold Removal, Mold Testing, Mold Inspection, Mildew Cleaning, Water Disaster Restoration and Crawl Space Encapsulation. We are eager to help Homeowners, Businesses, Home Inspectors, Property Managers, and Real Estate Agents investigate their property for mold infestation.

Hero Mold Company follows the restoration industry recommendations for various cleaning and restoration services deemed the most effective for each situation people find themselves in- so you can be sure your service will be handled the most effective way possible.

The protection of your family and security of your belongings is sacred responsibility that we do all we can to ensure: Before a technician enters your home, a Criminal background check and drug testing has been done.  Many of our clients were develop from personal referrals, so excellent customer service, to us, is not just appropriate it’s a necessity.

We are Licensed, bonded and insured including Workers Compensation in the state of NC.  

Durham, NC Mold Inspections- Free

Wherever excessive moisture collects in a dwelling, a mold colony can generally be found fouling the air.  Mold appears as fuzzy circular patches of black, brown, yellow, pink or green growth spreading out on walls, basements, ceiling, attics and bathrooms. When Mold is hidden beneath flooring, within heating/cooling ducts, inside wall cavities and beneath the home in the crawl space.  When you see or smell something, call Hero Mold Company and we’ll investigate immediately.

Hero Mold Company will conduct an exhaustive investigation your home or business for mold growth problems.  Please don’t panic thinking about terrible cost (health and financial) of possible mold in your house, until we can investigate.  Without cost or obligation, you could soon find out if mold has found a foothold. And Remember, it’s usually never as bad as you imagine it to be.  Unfortunately, if mold is growing within your home or business we’ll find where it is and show it to you- mold is visible it just has to be found.  We’ve designed our services to be family budget friendly in the hopes of serving more needy neighbors than our competitors.

We provide potential clients the information they need to decide what’s best for their property, then we’ll step back, stay available for questions that come up, but other than that we will not harass you.

Durham, NC Mold Inspection Steps

Hero Mold Company Mold Inspectors understand building maintenance systems and are trained in mold investigation. They will conduct a thorough inspection of your home or office to provide the answers you seek.

When, after your request, we come, we’ll inquire about the home’s history such as recent repairs to the roof, burst plumbing pipes, past flooding,

The outside foundation of the property will be observed for groundwater problems most often due to faulty landscaping, roofing errors, and building maintenance issues.

Exhaustive interior inspection, mostly visual, will be done.  If mold is found, it will be shown to the client.  When mold remains hidden, yet a strong odor clearly suggests it’s there, technicians will use moisture sensing tools to aid the search.

Bathroom Fan Vented to Attic: MOLD Hero Mold Company Durham NC

Bathroom Fan Vented to Attic: MOLD

Common areas of high humidity such as attics, crawl spaces, bathrooms, closets and basements will be examined first. The ventilation of the home or business will be inspected to considered if humidity trapped indoors is the problem.

Hero Mold Company free, no conditions, mold inspection is a great step forward to bring back healthy conditions in the home or office.

Finding Hidden Mold

When Mold is out of sight or hidden, calibrated humidity tools are used to find the excessive moisture- a necessary component of mold.  Following the distinctive odor of mold, will in most cases lead us to the mold outbreak. Mold will often be visible on a lower portion of a wall, beneath crumbling wallpaper, under a sink, behind a toilet and under the carpet. However, sometimes no matter how hard we look we can’t see the mold then we break out the specialized tools that detect moisture:

Infrared Hidden Pipe Leak Hero Mold Company Durham NC

Infrared Hidden Pipe Leak

Infrared Technology uses a special camera to show temperature difference where we can look for cold spots that may hide a roof or plumbing leak. We use the camera across the home to view suspected areas.

Humidity metered levels can be taken throughout the home to find areas of excessive moisture- Likely the troubled location.

Camera on a stick:  When mold is suspected behind a wall, a electrical outlet can be used to send through the wallboard a small camera attached to a thin bendable stick equipped with a strong light. The camera can be directed around the wall cavity while simultaneously being viewed on a remote screen. This is a way to see if mold is growing within the wall cavity without doing unnecessary damage to the wall.

The excellent training our technicians receive demonstrate we can be trusted to be proficient in mold removal steps.  We keep clients informed every step of the way- keeping clients informed displays our respect, generates goodwill and takes little effort.

Accurate Mold Testing: No Unnecessary  Testing

Many mold species look alike and produce similar odors so it’s impossible to determine which species of mold is growing in your home or business without having an expert examine a sample under a microscope.  Most people can agree on the certainty that Mold growth needs to be removed regardless of species. The identification of mold species will have no bearing on mold removal. Most of the time, one just needs confirmation of the mold to go forward and engage a mold removal or remediation company. However, on occasion more information is needed to aid decision in several situations such as:

A property sale needs proof of successful mold treatment to your home or business.

Pre-Treatment versus Post Treatment to show how effective treatment was.

A loved family member or valued employee is displaying symptoms of mold sickness but investigators have been unable to find the problem mold so careful testing will be employed to aid the search.

 Our Mold testers are also trained to guard against common contamination errors.  For example, the most common error, is using contaminated testing materials that were accidentally or carelessly exposed at previous client locations. Mold spores are ever present in our environment and since different locations have different species any contamination error could identify the wrong species.

Samples of mold are collected in a few ways:

Clear sticky tape touched to the visible mold then lifted off.

A swab wiped across it then place into tamper-proof packaging.

Air Sampling for Mold Spores Hero Mold Company Durham-nc

Air Sampling for Mold Spores

Air samples can be taken throughout the home or business to examine the amount of mold spores floating through the air at a specific time and location. For example, air samples taken in a kitchen could be very different from the crawl space- one area could have mold and the other not. The expert comparison of several samples will give information on the quality of air throughout the building.  Caution- a control sample taken outdoors should also be part of the examination to understand what’s in the surrounding environment and highlight any unusual mold in the building.

Experts will provide the most accurate results.  Hero Mold technicians obtain samples using unopened new testing supplies and will seal them in tamper proof packaging to be sent to an accredited Lab for analysis.

Black Toxic Mold Test Kit Reliability for DIY

Primordial Mold spores exist in colonies that spread out in circular fashion are found nearly everywhere on earth except the arctic. They especially thrive in moisture rich environments by devouring dead animal and plant life. Their colors are many black, white, orange, green, purple or a mix of several. They spread by sending spores that aren’t visible to the naked eye to float with the air currents throughout our world. Everyday people inhale mold spores, usually, in small amounts when walking outside- you really can’t escape contact with mold.

Toxic mold test kit can be a petri-dish (small round trays) containing a nutrient that mold likes. The premise is that if you have a problem with mold it will show up as a growth in the small tray after a certain time period. This is supposed to provide answer to the often-desperate question “Is my home infested with Toxic mold?” However, the public should be Aware these kits have many problems with no solutions, for example:

Mold spores are everywhere in our environment so it should be no surprise that a petri-dish grows mold after a short period even in a non-infested home- a lone spore only need float in through an open window and land on the dish.

Unfortunately, even when the petri- dish doesn’t grow mold that will not mean you don’t have a mold problem because the kit could have been stored for such a long time its nutrient could be exhausted.

Identifying Mold Species Hero Mold Company Durham NC

Identifying Mold Species

Species or type of mold growth in the dwelling can’t be determined by just looking at mold growth in the tray- it must be looked at by an expert under a microscope.

The extent of the mold infection will not be determined by how long it took for mold to form in the petri-dish. A visible inspection by a mold expert must be made to determine how much ground the mold has covered.

Many times, the Mold test kit company will offer further testing for an additional charge but these labs seldom provide information much beyond species which may not be the actual species causing the problem.  Different Mold spore’s species are different sizes and weights which will land on the petri-dish at different rates.  The window could just have been opened allowing an errant mold spore from outside to land on the petri-dish and grow which doesn’t reflect your home at all.  Real life is complicated and it most often takes an expert to evaluate mold growth in a home not a DIY mold test kit

Be Warry- Don’t Pay Too Much! Compare at least 3 contractors Estimates while making sure they are following the same procedures. We are sure you’ll find the Hero Mold Company in Durham, NC the best in price and expertise locally.

Durham, NC Mold Growth: What to Know

Mold is an ancient organism present throughout the environment that devours dead plant and animal life and reduces it to its most basic elements that can be used as energy for the developing mold colony leaving the leftover nutrient released to the earth to feed another plant growth. This is useful to the cycle of life outdoors.  Mold, inside a home or business will not only devour building materials inside but will bring sickness to the many of the people or pets that live there so the mold should be removed ASAP.

Mold Spores Hero Mold Company Durham NC

Mold Spores

Growing mold colonies reproduce by releasing incalculable mold spores to fly unseen on the slightest of currents delivering  possible new colonies wherever they land and grow.  Mold spores can never be removed totally from inside homes or businesses at any time they readily float back in through an open door or window, carried in. Mold spores often hide dormant within original building materials such as wooden framing waiting for that generous source of water to bring them another life cycle.  Mold Removal contractors basically remediate mold, by removing all visible signs of mold growth, stopping the water source and cleaning the air using HEPA vacuums. Be aware that every last mold spore can’t be removed from your home and vigilance against moisture problems is the best way to keep mold growth away.

Mold needs warm temperatures, food (drywall, carpet, wood…) which are always found within our homes. But, the one spark needed to bring a mold spore to life is excessive moisture which is Hero Mold Company’s focus during a mold inspection.  Excessive moisture in a dwelling is the one element out of place that can be removed.

Black Toxic Mold- When We became Afraid

Black Toxic Mold has occasionally troubled home dwellers since we took shelter. Toxic molds have been mentioned in ancient biblical writings as a black growth located on building stones that people understood as dangerous.  When these stones were found they were removed, taken far from the city and buried.

 Bronchial Toxic Mold Hero Mold Company Durham NC

Bronchial Toxic Mold

However, it wasn’t until early 1990’s that people in the states begin to fear its awful impact upon our health, especially, to children.   A toxic species of mold Stachybotrys chartarum (Black Toxic Mold) in Ohio sicken 30 babies causing their lungs to hemorrhage and it rapidly became deadly with 12 of the babies losing the battle.  Terrified parents across the nation were anxious for investigators to figured out why. The investigators found that each baby lived in a previously flooded home where black toxic mold was growing.  Since then, more episodes of death or life altering illness attributed to Black Toxic Mold has had vast news coverage that will alarm many property owners, today, at just the thought that it could be growing in their homes.

Hero Mold Company: Black Toxic Mold Characteristics

Thriving Black Toxic Mold (Stachybotry chartarum) is greenish black in color, dense and appears slimy with moisture.  Since this mold is heavy with moisture, it is unlikely to release spores into the atmosphere unless disturbed.  Black Toxic mold when dry appears like thick soot easily disturbed to swirl about the atmosphere. Toxic Black Mold generally thrives hidden behind walls, beneath floors, crawl spaces and within ceilings.  It doesn’t do well in direct sunlight or in places ruffled with air currents.

Black Toxic Mold Troubles in Durham, NC 

When potential clients call us, they are panicked just at the thought that black toxic mold (Stachybotry chartarum) could be growing in their home:

Worried that a toxic illness could cause a loved family member severe illness or at the very worst cause their death.

Anxious about the high cost of professional mold removal.  Be assured, Hero Mold Company is dedicated to realistic pricing to stay affordable to people in need.

Aware, that even after a successful mold remediation, a new home buyer will have to be informed about all previous problems in the home including the mold will most likely reduce the sale price.  However, documentation of a successful mold remediation will show a home buyer there is nothing to fear as it was taken care of.

Take comfort knowing that Stachybotry chartarum mold, though common in the outdoor environment thriving on dead things, is not normally found in an occupied house because of the tremendous amount of water this mold needs to grow and thrive would most likely be noticed by the inhabitants. This mold needs to stay wet and requires 8 to 12 days to develop instead of the 24 to 48 hours it takes other common mold species.   Contact Hero Mold Company for a free Mold inspection.  We can affirm that for most of our clients it didn’t turn out as bad as they had imagined so save yourself some stress and find out for sure- contact us.

Black Toxic Mold Health Costs

Stachybotrys chartarum mold has been acknowledged for many years as a toxic mold that can poison families in their homes.  Known Health effects are headaches, respiratory infections, nausea and hemorrhaging of the lungs leading to in the worst-case death.  Black Toxic Mold is known to produce a higher concertation of mycotoxins than other mold species and will even retard other species from growing next to it.  Mycotoxin is a poison activated by your touch and by inhaling spores as they spread through the air.

A lesser known health cost is the loss of smell due to the strong odor mold releases as it grows.  The ability to enjoy a meal depends a great deal on our sense of smell that will send odor molecules, as we eat, up our nose to add with the 5 types of tastes to deliver a complex flavor. In fact, it’s said, by biologists that as much as 90 % of what we taste is due to smell.  We can imagine many cranky people at supper time in mold infested homes.

If a family member seems to be exhibiting symptoms of mold sickness, contact Hero Mold Company to see if mold is the cause- without any cost to you. 

Black Toxic Mold Removal in Durham, NC

Thinking that Black Toxic Mold could be growing in your home may send you into a panic.  Seriously, just the idea of it hurting the health of your family is terrifying because most of us have seen the news reports of how deadly hazardous this toxin can be.  Please contact Hero Mold Company for a free Mold inspection- usually it is never as bad as you think.

We follow a well known success treatment plan developed principally by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration).  Our safe professional Black Toxic Mold Remediation process returns a healthy atmosphere to you and your family.

Safe Black Mold Removed Steps- We Protect You

The specific mold species will not alter the universal methods of mold removal, cleanup or remediation. We follow well-rehearsed Industry approved procedures they are:

Dry up the water source supporting the mold colony and the colony will die.

Construct a barrier of plastic sheeting walls to surround mold troubled areas and sealed all edges with special tape.  All doors, windows and furnace vents will be sealed off leaving one sliding entrance for technicians to come and go. This barrier will keep broken up and disturbed mold spores from floating to uninfected areas.

HEPA Vacuum Mold Clean up Hero Mold Company Durham NC

HEPA Vacuum Mold Clean up

An industrial vacuum will be set up with a disposal vent to send air flow outdoors this will set up Negative air pressure to hold air current within the containment center from escaping to other areas in the house.

Mold Removal Technicians use industrial HEPA Vacuums to remove surface mold entrapping at the same time within the HEPA filter the disrupted mold spores.

Sponge-like building materials drywall, carpet, wood flooring, wallpaper… that will hold moisture to feed branching lines of mold colonies unable to be repaired will be placed in bags and removed to the dump.  Hard impenetrable building materials steel, glass, tile… will be scrubbed with a mold killing solution.

After the scrubbing and debris removal, area still wet from solutions will be dried using industrial heaters. All is left ready for remodeling (painting) and then worry-free occupancy.

The excellent training our mold removal technicians receive has proven successful for services provided to prior clients. We schedule maintenance at regularly occurring intervals on our industrial air-scrubbing machines and HEPA vacuums reducing equipment failures that plague other contractors.  We make sure clients are kept informed about our progress which displays our respect, generates goodwill and takes little effort.

Durham, NC Mold Removal: Repairs Afterwards

Hero Mold Company are experts at repairing woodwork, drywall, insulation, electrical issues and plumbing breaks.  No worries that you’ll have to go through the hassle and often frustrating process of contacting several other contractors to make repairs.

Will Insurance Cover Costs of Mold Removal?

Some Homeowners Insurance cover mold damage if it was caused by what is defined as “covered Peril”.  Covered Perils are explained as immediate unexpected flows of water from burst plumbing pipes, dishwasher, clothes washer and water heater. Before you contact the agent, make sure you’ve stopped the water flow to reduce damage to property. Insurance Agents always expect property owners to routinely inspect and repair faults that occur and may refuse to cover insurance claims for clients that have not.  Contact your Homeowners Insurance Agent to be sure about coverage.

Some examples of damage due to poor or no maintenance such as:

The old leaking roof should have been repaired or replaced years ago.  Roofs generally last from 20 to 30 years depending on quality of shingles and Insurance will consider age of roof before accepting claims.

You found a small amount of Mold in a corner down in the basement awhile ago then one day you notice an odor and after checking the basement see that the mold has bloomed across a wall.  Once mold gets going, the growth picks up exponentially because as a colony increases so to does it ability to produce more members.

Flood water damage is not covered, unless, you purchased a separate flood insurance policy.

To be sure in all situations, contact your Homeowners Insurance Agent.

The Mold samples are examined in a lab by a mold specialist who can determine species and age of colony often needed by insurance investigators to see if the mold was caused by a recent leak or a leak that has been unattended for a while. Don’t ever ignore a leak because the insurance agent might object to something that could have been covered if you didn’t show proper stewardship.

Best Cost Crawl Space Encapsulation 

Crawl Space Encapsulation is the separating of your home from the earth and the outside, essentially building an envelope. This is done to prevent gasses and foul odors from entering the home above.  Energy transfer loss from the home to the great outdoors is greatly reduced also.

Traditional Crawl Spaces, presiding in most homes, are fitted with fiberglass insulation fitted between the floor joists and with cross-ventilation vents that can be opened or closed to control humidity. Also, a thick poly sheeting is laid across the earth but not necessarily reaching the edges so water that may gather could escape to the earth.

Wet Crawl Space Hero Mold Company Durham NC

Wet Crawl Space

During warm months, vents are opened to reduce the humid air in the crawl space.  However, venting the crawl space will only be effective if the humidity outside is lower than the inside and in coastal areas or much of the south that almost never happens. During cold months the vents are closed to keep out cold air to prevent energy loss.  However, a cold crawl space pulls heat from the home above because the insulation placed between the floor joists under the house is normally insufficient or ill maintained.

Humidity trapped within a crawl space causes mold, mildew and becomes a shelter for disease carrying rodents including insects like termites and cockroaches whom require moist conditions to survive.  Humidity will eventually disperse outside but in a crawl space it’s trapped.  Critters looking for shelter and drawn to the moist conditions within the crawl space will get inside. Once inside the crawl space, critters will crawl through wall cavities in the home looking for food.  During this search, they’ll chew on wires, pipes and other building materials to tame ever-growing teeth sometimes causing fires and floods. Crawl Space Encapsulation will repel critters from gaining access to the home.

 University Studies have shown 50% or more of the air in our homes originates in the crawl space.  These studies have shown a Crawl space atmosphere is often swarming with mold spores, odors, radon gas and bacteria from dead and living critters. This polluted air is drawn upwards into the home not only bringing foul odors but sickness to susceptible family members.  For a quick understanding of what your family is breathing, ask Hero Mold Company to check the quality of the air in your crawl space.  We can evaluate it for mold, mildew, insects, excessive moisture and rodents- this is all done free of charge or expectation.  Should you need cleaner air, Hero Mold Company can make a fast-affordable fix.

Durham, NC Crawl Space Encapsulation Steps

  • Crawl Space will be cleaned of all old construction trash or anything else that may have found its way in.
  • The earth is leveled and all sharp objects are removed.
  • Water problems are resolved with re-grading of the land, installing a sump-pump, building a French drain.
  • Hanging wet Insulation is removed from between the floor joists.
  • Framing such as floor joists with mold and moisture damage will be repaired or replaced as needed.
  • A puncture resistant poly membrane will be installed to cover the ground.

    Crawl Space Encapsulation Hero Mold Company NC

    Crawl Space Encapsulation

  • Seams and edges are sealed with special tape to prevent earths rising gasses and humidity from slipping through.
  • All Vents will be sealed to prevent air or energy exchange.
  • Special Insulation boards will be installed on the interior perimeter of the crawlspace walls to control energy loss.
  • Residual Humidity can be removed with a de-humidifier or air-exchange system.

Hero Mold Company offers cost friendly Encapsulation services for crawl spaces trouble with mold infestation. Expert crawl space encapsulation often accompanied with a dehumidifier or air exchange will control Mold, Rot and improve Energy Efficiency.  Another great benefit is that insects and rodents searching for food and shelter will be repelled by the lack of moisture and the closing of any previous access points.


Durham, NC Water Disaster Cleanup: Reasonable Cost

Water disasters in homes are more complex to clean up then you might first think- wet building materials begin to grow mold in as little as 24 to 48 hours which leads to more misery for the family.  There are a multitude of reasons for a deluge of water inside home such as roof damage, busted plumbing pipe, water heater break, overflowing tubs, backup of sewage, flood and others. A Homeowner can use a shop vac and fans to dry up a small toilet overflow within a few hours without lasting harm.  But sometimes even a small volume of water can be overwhelming depending where it is and what building materials are involved it might be best to hire specialists that with the help of industrial sized vacuum pumps can rapidly extract the water and then using industrial heaters dry out the building materials quickly.   Fast action is needed to protect the house from the further damage caused by the probable coming mold.

Hero Mold Company of Durham, NC offers Water Damage Restoration Services by a large team of trained employees for the rapid action required during water extraction and damage restoration.

Rapid Water Removal: Hero Mold Company

Once flood waters recede, making it safe to return, Hero Mold Company will act fast to extract the water, dry out the building materials and restore all as it should be.

Water is the most destructive force on our planet able to overwhelm buildings within seconds. However, the hazards don’t end there. Flood waters are swirling with dangerous bacteria, pesticides, biological compounds, raw sewage and hazardous chemicals (fuel, battery acid and oil).  Keep yourself safe, do not wade through them except to find your way out.  Homes and Businesses that have been flooded need a professional cleanup crew for success- it’s mostly beyond the abilities of the lone Business Manager or homeowner.

Professional Water Restoration Steps in Durham, NC

After water is extracted, specialized dehumidifiers, electric heaters and Fans are used to quickly further dry damp building materials to prevent mold or bacteria from further ruining the home or business. Be assured that Hero Mold Company water disaster technicians have experience working with industrial heaters: sadly, improper usage of these machines has burned down several homes.

Hero Mold Removal Water Damage Restoration Technicians are taught to recheck their work to make sure nothing is missed.Once the water flow is stopped, our disaster technicians use large Rapid volume pumps to extract the water from the area. A homeowner using a large shop vac just won’t do the job quick enough with release of large volume of water to prevent the subsequent damage from mold.

Durham, NC

Old Bull Durham Neon Sign in NC Hero Mold Company Durham, NC

Old Bull Durham Neon Sign in NC


Durham, NC is a city located the central east of the Piedmont following alongside the Eno River in Durham county. located in Durham it makes up one corner of the famous Research Triangle (Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill). The town was incorporated in 1869 to offer support and services to the early Tobacco and Textile industries.  Duke University of North Carolina whose buildings lie throughout it.  Travel the rest of the state is convenient with the I-85 and the U.S. 15-501 Highways. The Topography is that of a Coastal Plain with rolling hills, waterways and woodlands. Most residents say summers are hot and humid with frequent rain storms.  Winters are mildly cold with just a few days of below-freezing temperatures with an average snowfall of 6.8 inches.


Train Leaving the Durham Station Hero Mold Company Durham, NC

Train Leaving the Durham Station

History of Durham NC

“The Great Indian Trading Path has been traced through Durham.  The Native Americans tribes of the Eno and Occoneechi settled villages in the area and helped to build the commercial transportation routes.  The city was first mention by the English explorer John Lawson named the area “Flower of the Carolinas” being awestruck by its natural beauty.  One interesting historical note is that back in 1775 a local shopkeeper, farmer and also made Revolutionaries’ munitions served in the Provincial Capital Congress helped underwrite Daniel Boone’s westward Explorations.

The Tobacco and Textile industries began to wane in the 1960 and Duke University developed to become an educational, medical and research center.

Durham located at the cross roads of the Durham Railroad station where in 1865 the Union and Confederate forces gathered to negotiate the Confederate surrender.  The successful beginnings in economic agriculture for the Tobacco industry led the dramatic population growth so that by 1880 the prosperous town number more than 2000 souls.   Textile mills soon began to grow along the railway and added to the great economic advantage to the business in the town. Time brought change to the economic industry as the desire for Tobacco dried up and textile manufacturing moved overseas- economic success became linked to higher education and the tremendous amount of Medical Research development in the area.

In Modern times, the economy has developed into an area strong in high-tech manufacturing and health care biomedical pharmaceuticals. The location next to important highways, waterways and railway gives easy transportation and encourages a strong manufacturing base that has brought economic success to the city and its residents.


Durham, NC Hero Mold Company

Durham, NC

Popular Neighborhoods in Durham, NC

Durham is comprised of many neighborhoods in a land area of 94.6 square miles with a population in 2017 of 267,743 and identifies as a service community to the Duke University with the common industries of nearly 20 % in Educational services, 20 % health care, 10 % of scientists, professors, medical researchers and 5 % academic administrative personal. Durham is a diverse city with nearly equal populations of white and black citizens at approximately 40 % each and a nearly 14 % additional Hispanic.

Brightleaf at the Park Community with single family homes and townhouses planned to be a family friendly community where residents can enjoy a club house with exercise equipment, large outdoor pool with specialized play area for kids,  green spaces for miles of walking, jogging, hiking and also the community board brings a wealth of community activities for people to enjoy through the holidays.

Northgate Park amenities include, dog park, picnic shelter, swings, play grounds and tennis courts.  A popular activity for families in the area is a visit to the Museum of Life and Science which has many entertaining exhibits such as treehouse playgrounds, cooling stream, butterfly house and a launch lab that encourages visitors to test launch flying objects.

Some of the other neighborhoods are Chancellor’s Ridge, Downtown Durham, Duke Park, Fairfield, Forest Hills, Grandale, Hope Valley Farms, Woodlake…


Duke University Hero Mold Company Durham, NC

Duke University Hero Mold Company Durham, NC

Durham, NC Attractions are Many

Duck University: Beautiful Campus to Explore

Duke University is a beautiful campus to explore with its planned gardens, well kept grounds, Gothic buildings, the Duke Cathedral and football stadium. Visitors to Durham can easily spend a day or more exploring about the campus looking at the 4 main areas West, East and Central campuses and the Medical Center all of which are connected with a free bus service. A few famous tourist destinations are Duke Lemur Center located within the 7,044-acre private research forest called Duke Forest, University Medical Center and the Sarah P. Duke Gardens.


Lemur Sanctuary Hero Mold Company Durham, NC

Lemur Sanctuary


Duke university in 1966 relocated a primate colony of 90 belonging to John Buettner-Jansuch an anthropologist from Yale University to a unique 85-acre sanctuary dedicated to the conservation of the endangered Lemurs. It is a large habitat designed to support several thriving colonies of rare species of Lemurs which in the 1970 was 700 animals strong, but has since reduced to about 300.  It happens to be the only university-based center devoted to the study of endangered primates.   It has already started to reintroduce black and white ruffled Lemurs back into the 5,500-acre Betampona Natural Reserve in Madagascar to return the primates to the island nation.


Sarah P. Duke Gardens Hero Mold Company Durham, NC

Sarah P. Duke Gardens is on the Duke University campus

The Sarah P. Duke Gardens is on the Duke University campus has become a great draw to the public and a way to see interesting plants from all around the world. Everything about the gardens are designed to delight all visitors- the landscaping, the bridges, Japanese Gardens and the opportunity to take the long way around or a shorter distance depending upon your mood or abilities of your group.  Take a picnic lunch with you plenty of gazebos and benches dot the landscape.


Duke University Medical Center Hero Mold Company Durham, NC

Duke University Medical Center (Children’s Hospital & Health Center

Duke University Medical Center

  • Duke University Hospital has 957 acute care beds including a Level 1 trauma center and is designated as a “comprehensive” cancer center.  As a teaching hospital for Duke University Health System research is extensive and ground breaking such as the first to develop a vaccine against a mosquito born illness, first cardiac surgery, introduced ultra violet light to repel post-op staph infections greatly reducing the number of deaths related to infection and the first to established a physician assistant program.

Other Mold Testing Locations: