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Hero Mold Company has been trained and tested by the highly respected IICRC and RSA both organizations for Industry established mold and moisture inspections and effective mold removal or remediation procedures.  IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration) is the non-profit certifying, teaching and resource center for the cleaning and restoration industry. All of their programs are based on cutting edge science and years of industry experience. RSA (Restoration Sciences Academy) an institute dedicated to training in a real-world application for mold remediation, water disaster restoration- drying out building materials and biological high-risk cleanup.

We will give you the tools you need to decide what’s best for your property. The written assessment and estimate for necessary mold removal services will detail exactly what we have found and what it will take to remove it.  We encourage contact for questions that may arise, but other than that we will not hound you. After the contract is signed, costs do not change except when changes are made.

The Safety of your family and Protection of your property is a sacred duty that we take precautions (criminal background checks and random drug testing) to ensure it. Because most of our business develops from word-of-mouth referrals, our highest priority is excellent customer service.

We are Licensed, bonded and insured including Workers Compensation in the state of NC.

Professional Mold Inspections- Free

When you contact Hero Mold Company for a free mold and moisture investigation in your home or business.  Fears of possible toxic mold in your house could be investigated without cost or obligation.  Unfortunately, if mold has taken hold, you’ll be advised what will be required to remove the mold. We will quickly provide a detailed estimate for services that we’ve designed to be affordable and attractive with strong client satisfaction guarantees.

Removing Mold, DIY

Sometimes we even advise homeowners how to remove the mold themselves in small areas such as a bathroom, closet, or under a sink when it is found at an early stage. However, if the mold has progressed to the point of making partial mush of a wall or wood framing, it has had more than enough time to move to another area. The assessment of a mold outbreak that has obviously been there a while requires an experienced investigator because you may not know how far its traveled- into the ductwork or even adjoining rooms. Protect yourself from paying too much- compare estimates and advice.

Budget Mold Testing

A mold’s species can’t be identified just by looking or because of how it smells often these characteristics are determined in part by the substance feeding it.  Visible mold needs to be removed regardless of its species. Because all indoor mold is destructive, you know with certainty that it must be removed- sometimes that’s all that needed to move forward to the cleanup.  However, sometimes more information is needed to aid decisions such as:

An Important real estate sale requires proof your home or business is free of mold before a closing can occur.

Tenants faced with the devasting consequences of severe mold infestation, along with, dealing with unresponsive landlords that refuse to fix the problem can seek help from the Courts and sue their Landlords. In North Carolina, Tenants thinking of holding back rent till the mold is gone can only do so with the permission of a Judge or Magistrate. Professional Mold testing confirming advanced age of the mold infestation and identifying the species as a dangerous one may help such a case. This is not intended to be legal advice. Injuries due to mold poisoning are difficult to prove so we suggest you consult an attorney to understand your full rights as a tenant.

Doctors dealing with a serious illness of a loved family member that displays symptoms of mold sickness may want the Species of mold identified to improve or implement a medical treatment plan.

To prove a successful mold remediation statistics of Pre- mold removal versus Post- removal conditions will be done.

Hero Mold Testing Company will advise only those mold tests deemed necessary to provide the required information- protecting you from repetitive and unclear tests.  Hero Mold Company will gladly offer free professional advice on which mold tests we believe is needed for your situation. We are resolved to stay budget-friendly to provide expert help within the financial reach of families.

Eden, NC Affordable Mold Removal Services

Species of Mold Hero Mold Company Eden NC

Species of Mold

Mold present since time began in our ecosystem acts upon dead biological matter and reduces it to its elementary components.  Decomposition gives mold energy to reproduce and conquer new territory leaving the excess nutrients released into the soil where it feeds new plant growth. Decomposition by mold is necessary for our environment to clean up waste and provide plants nutrients to grow.  However, mold inside a home or business is hazardous to the health of humans and their pets. Plus, mold along with its necessary component of water will cause building materials to crumble so it must be removed quickly.

Mold needs 4 elements to develop and thrive:  mold spores, excessive moisture, dead biological matter for food and temperatures between 70- and 90-degrees Fahrenheit. Three of these elements are always found in a home and the fourth “excessive moisture” then becomes the focus of our search.

We look for Mold Colonies that appear as ugly fat patches of black, brown, yellow, pink or green growth on walls, basements, bathrooms… wherever excessive moisture gathers. Mold could also be out of view in heating/cooling ducts, inside wall cavities, wet floors or carpets- all possibly due to a hidden plumbing leak, roof leak, groundwater runoff, and flooding. In these instances of hidden mold, we use moisture scanning tools to find it.

Mold spores can’t be totally removed in your house, no matter the species, because they can be carried back in from the outdoor environment on you or something your carrying, a pet or could even be in a dormant state on the homes original building materials.  The most logical way to defeat mold in the home or office is to stop the excess moisture and then remove the mold remnants and spores so everyone can breathe again.

Hero Mold Company: History of Black Toxic Mold

Presumably, toxic mold has been occasionally growing in homes since we started living in them, though, it wasn’t until the 1990s that modern society began to connect the horrible health toll of exposure to one of the most toxic species of mold- Stachybotrys chartarum. In the early 1990s, 30 babies in Ohio became ill with a deadly pulmonary disease. The consequent medical investigation found that each infant lived in a previously flooded home in which black toxic mold was growing. From this point forward Black Toxic Mold researchers studied the horrible ways this mold affects people- something to be feared by all property owners as this news traveled.

What Black Toxic Mold Looks Like

Stachybotrys chartarum mold is a deep darkish green color, dense in form and appears slippery with moisture. This mold natural state of being heavy with moisture means, unless disturbed, it is less likely to release spores into the atmosphere. This species of mold is not found in company with other types of mold because their produced toxicity kills them. When it is dry, it will appear like a thick layer of soot that can be easily disturbed to spread throughout the atmosphere.

Understanding the Fear of Black Toxic Mold

Black Toxic Mold Hero Mold Company Eden, NC

Flooded Basement Black Toxic Mold

The possibility that toxic black mold (Stachybotrys chartarum) is growing in your home can be terribly stressful. Fear of deadly illness that could strike loved ones, the possible high cost to remove it and that any potential buyer of the house will have to be informed about the deadly mold suggesting that any future sale will be difficult and at a far lower cost than expectations. This is a lot to cope with before you contact someone for help. Hero Mold Company is discrete we do not inform anyone that you may have mold in your home.

Yes, there is a lot to fear about Stachybotrys chartarum should it be found in your home. However, be assured that although this mold is common in our outdoor environment thriving on dead animal and plant debris it is a rare occurrence in an occupied house. This slimy dense black toxic mold is more fragile than other species. It doesn’t like air currents, requires a lot of water and a substantial amount of time to develop 8 to 12 days instead of the 24 to 48 hours it takes for other common mold species. Mostly it’s found in previously flooded homes that continue to contain a very high rate of humidity that keeps the mold alive- no water no life.

Where Does Toxic Black Mold Hide or Grow?

Mold under Carpet Hero Mold Company Eden, NC

Black Mold Underneath Carpet

Usually, Stachybotrys chartarum will thrive somewhere hidden- it doesn’t do well in direct sunlight or in places disturbed by ruffling breezes. Most often Stachybotrys chartarum is found in places with a very active leak that has been there awhile. Unnoticed plumbing Leaks under sinks, behind walls, beneath floors, and within ceilings, are the normal places it’s found. 

Black Toxic Mold and Your Health Risks

We know Stachybotrys chartarum mold produces a higher concentration of mycotoxins than other mold species and is even a strong enough poison to stop competing mold species. Regrettably, it is sadly responsible for the debilitation illness of many people and worse yet several deaths throughout the last decades.

Mycotoxin, a poison spread through the air and by touch, is produced by fungi that can cause severe illness leading sometimes to a miserable death in exposed animals and humans. Awful possible health effects of toxic mold sickness include headache, fatigue, respiratory infections, damage to internal organs, nausea, hemorrhage in lungs, hallucinations, and inflammation of eyes, throat, or skin.

Contact Hero Mold Company if the illness of family member looks like they share the symptoms of toxic mold sickness, we can check, without any cost to you, to see if mold is the culprit.

Toxic Black Mold Removed Safely in Eden, NC

Possible Mold in a home can throw a homeowner into a panic. After all, just the thought of it disrupting the health of your family is scary because many of us will automatically think of the deadly hazardous black toxic mold. Before you get any more upset, contact Hero Mold Company for a free Mold and Moisture investigation- usually, it is never as bad as you think.

We follow guidelines from the IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration). We follow a well-documented treatment plan designed principally by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration). Carefully using a combination of air scrubbers, negative air pressure, and HEPA wet or dry vacuuming within a specially closed-off area is the most successful way to entrap mold and any of its airborne spores.  Our treatment brings back a healthy atmosphere to you and your loved ones and will be backed up with client satisfaction guarantees.

We will give you the information needed to decide what’s best for your property. The estimate of mold removal services will detail what procedures need to be taken, repair materials required and how long it will take. We encourage questions at any time they arise but other than that we will not disturb you.

Safe Professional Black Mold Removal Steps

HEPA Vacuum Hero Mold Company Eden, NC

HEPA Vacuum Traps Mold

The species of Mold will not change the steps of mold removal, cleanup or remediation. We follow Industry accepted procedures they are:

Water is life to Mold. End the moisture source feeding the mold colony and end the colony.

Infected areas will be placed in containment with the use of walls made of plastic sheeting sealed with tape.  All Doors, windows, and vents will be sealed while leaving a controlled entrance in one doorway for the mold removal technicians. This treatment cage, when properly built, keeps stirred up mold spores from drifting to new areas.

Negative air pressure (industrial Vacuum with output sent outdoors) is set up in the containment chamber to stop the flow of air currents within the room from moving to other areas in the house.

Technicians use industrial HEPA Vacuums to suck up the mold off its surface to remove and entrap within the HEPA filter the mold spores stirred up.

Building material that acts as a wick (soaks up moisture) that can’t be salvaged from serious decomposition will be sealed in bags and taken to the Dump. Permeable building material deemed salvageable will be cleaned and repaired.  Non- permeable building material such as steel, glass, tile and stone building material will be scoured with a mold killing solution.

Containment areas that are wet from cleaning solutions will be dried with industrial heaters, scoured of all dust and debris, left ready for repairs, remodeling and then stress-free residency.

Be aware that during Mold Removal technicians will use protective masks and clothing to keep from inhaling mold spores, they are safety precautions and not meant to heighten concerns.

Mold Removal: Repairs Afterwards

Hero Mold Removal Company also repairs wood framing, sheetrock, insulation, electrical faults and plumbing faults no need to go through the extra work of engaging several other contractors to make necessary repairs. Plus, no need to trust another company with access to your home and family.

Insurance Covered Costs of Mold Removal

The following is not intended as legal advice, just as a potential helpful step to take.  Homeowners insurance will generally cover mold damage if it was caused by a “covered peril”.  For example, sudden unexpected flows of water from plumbing (burst pipe), HVAC systems, indoor fire-retardant sprinkler system and appliances. Before you contact the agent, make sure you’ve stopped the leak to prevent further property damage. Insurance Agents will not look kindly on clients who’ve made no effort at repairs. To be sure, contact your Homeowners Insurance Agent.

However, if the damage is due to poor maintenance such as:

The 30-year-old roofs broken shingles should have been fixed or the entire roof replaced.

Black mold has been growing for some time in your shower until one day you notice its really bloomed across a wall and now have concerns over mold sickness.

You knew about a leaky pipe under the house yet failed to fix it.

Construction mistakes usually cause gradual damage and is not considered “sudden and accidental”.

Flood water damage, unless you purchased separate flood insurance.

To be sure in all situations, contact your Homeowners Insurance Agent.

Expert Free Mold Inspections in Eden NC

Mold Inspection under Sink Hero Mold Company Eden, NC

Mold Inspection Under Sink

The odor of Mold is unmistakable but some types of mold have little or no odor only the gradual effects of mold sickness will raise suspicions that begins an investigation. Whether you smell mold or are experiencing unexplained illness in your Home or Business, the way to a cure can start with a Free, no commitments Mold and Moisture Inspection by Hero Mold Company’s quality trained Mold Inspectors. Contact us now and we’ll schedule an inspection quickly.

If mold is found, a written detailed estimate for mold removal will be provided. Mold is a visible scourge and we’ll display it to provide demonstrable facts.  Absolutely No scare tactics spouting technical jargon or pretending expensive procedures beyond the norm needs to be done.  We encourage clients to consult with 2 or 3 other Mold Remediation Companies. We intend to stand out from the others with expert advice, awesome friendly trained technicians and the most budget-friendly plan in the local area to restore a healthy atmosphere.

Hero’s Mold Company Mold Inspection Steps

Hero Mold Company Mold Inspectors are trained in building systems as well as mold investigation and will make an exhaustive mold damage investigation:

First, a conversation; we’ll talk about why you called. This is the time for clients to provide any suspicions of where the mold is located.

The Buildings History, meaning previous storm damage, recent repairs, groundwater flooding, roof leaks, and plumbing leaks will be discussed.

The property’s landscape will be checked for drainage problems which are commonly caused by incorrect landscaping, roofing and/or building maintenance issues.

An extensive visual inspection of the interior will be conducted and if mold is found it will be shown to the client. In the situation of suspected hidden mold, they will use technical calibration tools to aid the search from the crawl space up to the attic. 

Common areas of high moisture such as attics, crawl spaces, bathrooms, seldom-used rooms, and basements will be examined first. Proper house ventilation will also be evaluated to consider if the humidity trapped indoors is causing the problem.

Hidden Mold in Wall Cavity, Ceiling…

Following the distinctive odor of mold will many times lead us to the mold outbreak. Mold will often be visible on a lower portion of a wall, beneath wallpaper, under a sink, behind a toilet, under the carpet…  When Mold is out of sight or hidden, calibrated humidity tools are used to find the excessive moisture, a necessary component of mold:

Infrared Technology uses a special camera to show cold spots that may hide a roof or plumbing leak.

Humidity levels can be taken throughout the home to find areas of excessive moisture- Likely a troubled location.

Camera on a Pole:  When mold is suspected behind a wall, a small hole will be opened through the wallboard in which a small camera attached to a thin bendable cable equipped with a strong light. The camera can be pushed through and then around the wall cavity while simultaneously being viewed on a remote screen: Good way to see if mold is growing within the wall cavity without doing a lot of damage to the wall.

No worries, we will never make costly mistakes attributed to ignorance. The excellent training and certifications awarded by IICRC and RSA demonstrate we are proficient in mold removal steps. Plus, maintenance is performed at scheduled intervals on our fleet of industrial air-scrubbing machines and service trucks eliminating equipment failures that cause holdups. We keep clients informed every step of the way- keeping clients informed displays our respect, generates goodwill and takes little effort.

Budget Mold Testing in Eden, NC

Mold Test Lab Hero Mold Company Eden, NC

Mold Test Lab

Mold Testing is often done for Post Remediation Testing to compare with Pre-Remediation Testing, Real Estate Closing Requirements and Court Ordered Testing for Personal Liability Law Suits brought by tenets of rentals or apartments.

Mold that is visible will in most situations negate any mold testing because all you need to know is where it is to start the removal. Plus, Mold removal regardless of species is accomplished with the same procedures.

Mold testing performed by a novice or careless technician is unreliable which is quite a problem if any decisions are based on it. Mold Samples are considered contaminated if testing materials were carelessly exposed in other locations. Mold spores are all-pervasive throughout our environment and different locations harbor different species. When it’s important to get accurate mold testing, hiring experts will provide accurate results.

Hero Mold Company is certified in mold testing. Our Mold testing technicians obtain samples in a clean catch manner and then, in the client’s presence, seal them in tamper-proof packaging. The samples are then sent to non- affiliated accredited Labs for analysis.

Samples of mold are collected in a few ways:

Clear sticky tape touched to the visible mold then lifted off.

A swab wiped across it then place into tamper-proof packaging.

The Mold samples are examined in a lab by a mold specialist who can determine species and age of colony often needed by insurance investigators to see if the mold was caused by a recent leak or a leak that has been unattended for a while. Don’t ever ignore a leak because the insurance agent might object to something that could have been covered if you didn’t show proper stewardship.

Air samples can be taken throughout the home or business to examine the amount of mold spores floating through the air at a specific time and location. For example, air samples taken in a kitchen could be very different from the crawl space- one area could have mold and the other not. The expert comparison of several samples will give information on the quality of air throughout the building.  Caution- a control sample taken outdoors should also be part of the examination to understand what’s in the surrounding environment and highlight any unusual mold in the building.

DIY (Do it Yourself) Mold test Kits

DIY Mold Test Kit Hero Mold Company Eden, NC

DIY Mold Test Kit

Home mail order test kits like Petri-dishes have a dismal reputation. Mold spores are an ancient fungus that constantly floats throughout our environment so your test kit will probably develop mold because it’s the perfect environment for them.  Just one mold spore drifting through an open door or window and landing on the dish could in 24 to 48 hours grow a colony- in your non-infested home. The expert help of Hero Mold Company Investigators is free and you’ll have better success finding the mold in your home then haphazardly placing Petri-dishes about the house.

Mold Test Results that are positive will sadly mean you’ll need mold removal. Hire a professional mold remediation company and get it done right from the start. Caution! Don’t Pay Too Much! Compare Estimates. We are sure you’ll find the Hero Mold Company in Eden, NC the best in price and expertise locally.

Why Crawl Space Encapsulation?

Crawl Space before Encapsulation Hero Mold Company Eden, NC

Crawlspace before Encapsulation

Hero Mold Company offers affordable Encapsulation services in crawl space trouble with excessive moisture. Professional encapsulation, when accompanied with a dehumidifier or air exchange system, will control Mold, Rot, and Mildew. Insects, Pests will be mostly sealed out and the lack of moisture will not encourage them to come. Also, a controlled environment in the crawl space improves Energy Efficiency.

Most Houses have Crawl spaces designed with cross-ventilation vents to hopefully remove humidity and recycle the air that travels upwards into the home.  The spring, summer and fall the vents are left open to the great outdoors to try and condition the air in the crawl space. During winter, the vents are closed to keep out the cold in an attempt to conserve energy.  A cold crawl space will draw heat from the building above because in most situations the insulation placed between the floor joists under the house is insufficient or ill-maintained.

Crawl Space after Encapsulation Hero Mold Company Eden, NC

Crawlspace after Encapsulation

Heavy Humidity trapped within a crawl space causes mold, mildew and become a draw for rodents and insects like termites and cockroaches who require moist conditions to survive. The wind and sunlight in the outside environment will eventually disperse humidity but in a crawl space, it tends to get trapped. Pests, like mice, drawn to the moist conditions will most likely get inside the crawl space and move throughout the home within the wall cavities sort of a hidden highway where they chew on wires, pipes and other building materials. Crawl Space Encapsulation is designed to control these problems.

Building Environmental Science teaches that 50% of the air in our homes comes from the crawl space. Crawl space air teeming with mold spores, mildew odors, radon gas and bacteria from pest waste travels upwards bringing foul odors and sometimes sickness to family members. Ask Hero Mold Removal to check the quality of the air in your crawl space. Test it for mold, mildew, insects, excessive moistures and rodents: This is all done at no charge or expectation.

The Best Encapsulation Team in Eden, NC

Environmental Atmosphere Control of the crawl space is accomplished through encapsulation and the installation of a properly sized dehumidifier and/or air exchange system to combat the following issues:

Soft or rotting floor joists will be repaired during encapsulation.

High Heating and Cooling Costs will go down because heat is no longer being drawn by an unconditioned crawl space.

Wet Insulation will be removed and a new insulation system will be installed.

High Humidity will be removed with the installation of a dehumidifier.

Rodent and Insect Infestations will be repelled with a tightly sealed crawl space.

Whenever you smell mold or mildew odor rising up from the crawl space, enlist the help of a Budget-Friendly Encapsulation Specialist: Hero Mold Company.

Budget Water Damage Restoration

Sink Overflow Disaster Hero Mold Company Eden, NC

Sink Overflow Disaster

When a large volume of water flows into your home it’s a disaster that can quickly become worse because wet building materials begin to grow mold in as little as 24 to 48 hours for many common species. There are many reasons for water flooding the home such as roof damage, broken plumbing pipe, appliance breakdown, sewage backup, floodwaters, and others. When a small amount of water is released the Homeowner can use a shop vac and fans to dry it up within a few hours without lasting harm. However, if the volume of water seems overwhelming its best to hire specialists who with the help of industrial-sized vacuum pumps can rapidly extract the water and then dry out the building materials quickly with large heaters. Fast action is necessary to protect the house from further damage.

Hero Mold Company is a Water Damage Restoration Company with the technical knowledge, specialized industrial equipment and a large team of trained employees for the fast action required during water damage restoration.

Water Disaster Removal: Hero Mold Company

Flooded Crawl Space Hero Mold Company Eden, NC

Flooded Crawl Space

Hero Mold Removal Maintains a Rapid Response Team for any water disaster you may be suffering. When floodwaters recede and it’s safe to return, it’s important to act fast to extract the water from your home or business: get expert help from Eden NC Hero Mold Company.

Floodwaters are dangerous swirling rivers full of bacteria, pesticides, biological compounds, raw sewage and hazardous chemicals (fuel, battery acid, and oil) do not wade through them except to find your way out. Any home that has been flooded needs a professional cleanup crew for the best success- it’s just often beyond the abilities of the homeowner.

Top Quality Water Damage Restoration Procedures

  • First, stop the flow of water then use industrial Rapid volume pumps to extract the water from the home. A homeowner using the usual shop vac just won’t do the job fast enough in a large release of water so be mindful of what you can handle. Hero Mold Company has the capabilities to bring several industrial-sized pumps to move the water quickly.
  • After the standing water is extracted huge specialized heaters and Fans are used to quickly dry damp building materials to prevent mold or bacteria from gaining a foothold. Note, be positive the Disaster technicians hired have the experience to work with industrial heaters because improper usage of these machines has burned down several homes.
  • All damp building materials and personal belongings need to be thoroughly sanitized to stop probable bacteria and mold growth. Air scrubbers are used to make sure most drifting mold spores left behind are entrapped. Hero Mold Removal Water Damage Restoration Technicians are taught to recheck procedures to make sure nothing is missed.

Hero Mold Company disaster water restoration promise is to quickly remove the excess water from their client’s property and restore it to pre-disaster condition. Our equipment receives periodic checkups to control any pause due to machine failure. Talk to us! We’re eager to provide the absolute best water damage restoration service in Eden, NC.

Eden, North Carolina

Eden is a city in Rockingham County located in Northeastern North Carolina just where the Dan and Smith rivers meet. Conveniently located close to Greensboro, NC 28 miles away city center to city center, access to I-40 and I-85 is nearby. Residents say summers are hot with frequent rain showers and Winters are cold with temperatures mostly in the 30’s.

History of Eden NC

Eden, NC Hero Mold Company

Eden, NC


The 70,000 acres that the city of Eden sits on was the 18th century estate of Planter William Byrd who called it the Land of Eden because of the beautiful fertile land within. The original 70,00 acres was resold to various wealthy landowners and eventually split into three towns Leaksville, Spray, and Draper:

Leaksville was the oldest of the 3 towns located on the most southern part of William Byrd’s “Land of Eden” John Leak a businessman who had amassed several landholdings decided to build Leaksville in 1795 on a high bluff near to where the Dan and Smith rivers met in the hope that it would become a great community for tobacco trade. However, the town never developed much trade and by 1810 Leak had lost most of his property through bad business decisions. Fortunes in the area began to grow first with the Tabaco trade in 1812 to Textiles creating rapid growth until the cotton mills move factory locations to countries with cheap labor in the late 1900s.

Spray began to gather residents in 1813 when James Barnett built a canal from the Smith River to power a grist mill and later added a sawmill. The town that developed around the mill was called Splash or Splashy by the locals because of the water thrown up by the mill’s waterwheel. Then in the 1890s, when a post office was built, the name Spray was chosen though it wasn’t until 1951 that it was incorporated into a town.

Draper was a planned mill village built by Marshal Field in 1912 and eventually became Fieldcrest Mills, Inc- a blanket mill. Most community members living in Draper worked for Fieldcrest in the 1950s. The company leased small homes called “mill houses” to many employees and a town sprang up to serve them. The town was small but busy with a movie theater, several thriving restaurants, pool halls, and soda shops. Draper also had a thriving Speedway that many residents would travel to for exciting Sunday afternoons at the races. However, as profits started to fall maintenance wan lax and eventually it deteriorated to the point that the grandstands collapsed one night though thankfully no one was injured. In 1962, the track finally closed.

Eden was established in 1967 when 3 towns Leaksville, Spray, and Draper were combined into one city and the name Eden was officially incorporated at the time by the overwhelming approval of the area’s residents. The namesake had never truly left the public consciousness- they had even called the first Leaksville radio (call letters) WLOE which means “The Wonderful Land of Eden” so it really came as no surprise to incorporate the three towns and call them Eden.


Outfitters Eden, NC Hero Mold Company

Outfitters Eden, NC

In 1744, land of Eden was mostly an agricultural community of small farms run by poor Scotch-Irish immigrants. By the year 1762, squatters were frequently building homesteads on the Eden land which did cause problems with the current owners of the property as they wanted to develop plantations on the lushest and green areas but they were unsuccessful at driving off the squatters.

Textile mills dominated the area for nearly 100 years starting from 1912. Marshal Field company made bedding, sheets, and blankets and they named the company Fieldcrest. However, by 2003 the textile companies had moved its facilities overseas to locations with cheaper labor.

The current economy is strong in manufacturing and Wholesale Trade, such as the company Gildan Activewear that have made their home here for 21 years and employs 170 people. Other manufacturing includes floor coverings, personal protective equipment (domestic and Military) and adult beverages. The five trucking firms located in Eden serves the industrial base and provides well-paying -jobs and success in keeping our home a powerhouse to draw new community members.

Leaksville Hero Mold Company Eden, NC

Leaksville Eden, NC

Popular Neighborhoods in Eden:

Leaksville carries the distinction of being the oldest mill neighborhood that has shopping district located in Old Leaksville on Washington Street which also hosts a Fall Riverfest to celebrate its history as a river town.

Spray developed into town after John Morehead brought the James Barnett canal and mill. The manufacturing of Textiles in the south was one of its main productions the other being Tabaco in the early 19th century. The canal built by James Barnett is still in use today producing electricity.

Some other popular neighborhoods are Meadow Summit, Draper, City Center, Route87/Garrett Rd, and Fairview.

Eden Attractions are an outdoor enthusiast playground as well as historic:

Leaksville Cotton Mill Hero Mold Company Eden, NC

Leaksville Cotton Mill

Governor Moorhead Park bears the ruins of a 10-foot-high stone wall which was part of the Leaksville Cotton Mill foundation. When visitors get near the wall, the sound of rushing water will get those who are curious to climb through an empty hole of a once long missing window pane in the stonewall and behold a 30-foot waterfall behind it. The park also includes the remains of the former superintendent’s house now almost hidden by years of neglect and undergrowth.

The adjoining 4600-foot canal, constructed in 1813, diverted water from the Smith River to harness its power to turn the original grist mill wheel and then moved on down the 30-foot waterfall into the Tackett, a small branch of the Smith River. The grist mill was in time sold to be replaced by the Cotton Mill.

Smith River Hero Mold Company Eden, NC

Smith River

The Smith River Greenway is a 1.5-mile-long paved trail between the YMCA on Kennedy Street and the Island Ford Landing. The trail along the river which showcases wild plants and wildlife along the way and when you desire a rest, benches are placed along the tail. No Worries, Picnic tables and facilities can be found at the trailhead so you can plan for a long excursion for the whole family.

Eden, NC Drive In Hero Mold Company Eden, NC

Eden, NC Drive In

Eden’s Drive-in Theater located on Fireman Club Rd is a favorite pastime for locals and a tourist draw for visitors that may not have Drive-in-theaters back home and wish to experience one. It harks back to the ’50s when they were popular with families as it was difficult to keep toddlers quiet in a theater, to say the least about paying for a babysitter also. The Drive-in was a way to save a little money and still have toddlers confined to your car and not bothering anyone else. Plus, the Drive-in theater is very popular with young people on a date as it allows for some conversation during the movie.

Other Mold Testing Locations: