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Complete Hero Mold Company services offered to homeowners and property managers include Mold Remediation, Mildew Cleaning, Mold Testing and Inspections.  Related repair services for Water Disaster Recovery and Crawl Space Encapsulation.  After the disaster cleanup if building repairs are needed, we are experienced contractors with woodwork, drywall, plumbing and electrical. The trouble of finding and trusting another contractor in your home can be avoided by hiring us. Businesses, Home Inspectors, Building Managers, and Real Estate Agents who have questions about our Services we encourage you to confer with us.

Hero Mold Company of High Point NC has been trained and tested by the well-respected IICRC and RSA certifying and training organizations for all situations faced in the cleaning and restoration Industry.  IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration) their programs are based on advanced science and years of real-life experience.  RSA (Restoration Sciences Academy) a learning institute purposed for training in real-world methods of mold remediation, water disaster restoration- drying out building materials and biological high-risk cleanup.

Hero Mold Company’s free mold inspection will give you the information you need to decide how to go forward with your property. The written assessment and if needed an estimate for mold removal will explain exactly what was found and what we advise to do next.  Potential Clients are encouraged to contact Hero Mold Company for questions that come-up but other than that we will not bother you.  Once the contract is signed, charges do not change except when further services are requested.

High Point, NC Hero Mold Company Protects Clients

Your family’s safety and the protection of your property is a serious responsibility that we take measures to ensure.  Before an employee enters your home, they’ve had a criminal background check and submitted to random drug testing.  Much of our business develops from previous clients passing on a good word so excellent customer service is a priority.

Hero Mold Company follows a well-documented successful method considered best for each situation.  We want potential clients to know our Mold Treatment service are done in the most affordable way possible.

We are Licensed, bonded and insured including Workers Compensation in the state of NC.

FREE Expert Mold Inspections: High Point, NC

Fears of Black Toxic Mold, possibly, in your home can be quickly resolved by contacting Hero Mold Company for a free mold and moisture investigation.  Unfortunately, if mold growth is found you’ll be advised what will be required to remove the mold.

Thermal Camera Scan Hero Mold Company High Point NC

Thermal Camera Scan

Many species of mold, found in our homes, can develop quickly- needing only 24 to 48 hours in a favorable location.  Mold is so common in our environment that most adults know what it looks and smells like but many don’t know how damaging it can be to our health and how it devours building materials.

Hero Mold Company quickly finds hidden Mold with electronic tools that sense temperature shifts and levels of humidity. Temperature changes often indicate a plumbing leak within a wall.  These sensitive tools help find mold beneath flooring, inside heating/cooling ducts, wall cavities, basements and crawl spaces. No Worries- we always show clients the mold growth before we advise remediation.

Mold and Moisture Inspectors of Hero Mold Company are professionally trained in mold discovery and building ventilation faults to help them perform a complete exhaustive inspection.  Our inspections are, importantly, mostly visual because though some mold species produce an indistinct odor, they are always visible.

When we come Hero Mold Company will:

  • Discuss the background of your property: roof repairs, plumbing leaks, age of problem and former water disasters.
  • Visually inspect the building’s perimeter looking for water infiltration problems.  These are many times due to building maintenance such as gutter or roof faults or improper landscaping.
  • An interior inspection is done.  Occasionally, when you smell an odor but it remains hidden from view, inspectors will use an Infrared Camera temperature and Humidity Meter as moisture sensing tools to aid the search.   
  • Common mold growth spots Attic, basement and crawlspace are evaluated for proper ventilation to see if trapped humidity is the problem.

Household mold is generally not the feared Black Toxic Mold and is easily controlled with our successful methods. Take comfort, usually, it’s never as bad as you think.  Be assured, we do everything we can to keep our services affordable to help as many neighbors as we can.

High Point, NC: What is Mold?

Most of us recognize an overpowering earthy smell and seeing spotty patches of black, blue, green, yellow and others as signaling mold growth.  For mold to develop a colony, it needs moisture, warm temperatures and dead organic material for food- all of which are ample in homes.  Mold is an ancient fungal organism that reduces dead things into its elementary components.  Some of these components it uses as food for continued growth the rest is left to the soil to provide food for new plant growth.  This is beneficial to recycle new plant life outdoors but, inside the home or business it’s damaging to our health and building materials.  Mold inside a building will decompose building materials and possessions and can bring sickness to susceptible people under its influence.

Honest Mold Testing: No Useless Tests

All mold is damaging to a property, wrongly affects the health of susceptible people and should be promptly removed.  The mold species itself will not change how it is removed- our methods are the same regardless.  Many Species of Black Mold look and smell similar consequently a sample must be examined under a microscope by experts to determine species.  Sometimes, Clients need mold testing results to answer a purpose such as:

  • A property sale requires a mold inspection before conclusion.
  • After Mold Treatment Remediation to determine how effective it was.
  • Doctors treating a mold sick family member wants the Species identified to improve treatment.
  • Tenants with mold sickness, dealing with unresponsive Landlords, provides Mold testing to encourage action.  However, if mold problems are still ignored, we suggest consultation with a Lawyer.

High Point Hero Mold Testing Company will suggest only those mold tests considered necessary to provide the accurate information your seeking- protecting you from repetitive and ambiguous tests.  

Mold Testing Methods: High Point, NC

Air Sampling Hero Mold Company High Point NC

Air Sampling

Hero Mold Company Mold Testers trained to take samples that are free of contaminates and the correct test to answer each purpose.  Sadly, untrained testers often accidentally mishandle testing materials before their intended use causing any results inaccurate. Inaccuracy in mold testing bring dire consequences to clients needing direction. Consider the trouble caused if accuracy is needed for medical treatment.  Hero Mold Company Mold testers use error free sampling, safety packaging and only use labs that have been certified for mold testing.

Samples of mold are taken in several ways:

  • Tape- Lift: Sticky Tape pressed to the mold growth then pull off and sealed into specialized safety packaging.
  • A sterilized swab is swiped across the mold growth then placed into tamper proof packaging and mailed to examining lab.
  • Air samples are obtained from many locations throughout the home or business then examined to determine the quality of the air.

How Did Mold Get in my Home?

Floating Mold Spores Hero Mold Company High Point NC

Floating Mold Spores

When a Mold colony, lying in the wilderness somewhere, is triggered to reproduce it’ll spray countless mold spores into the atmosphere to float within the passing currents.  A mold spore is a self-contained cell that has all it needs to develop.  At some point, these spores will land in a favorable spot and grow into a new colony spreading out in all directions.  Mold spores get in homes through open doors, windows, carried in and are often hiding within original building materials only needing that generous source of moisture to develop.  In summation, protecting your home from high humidity and sources of accidental water leaks is the best way to repel mold growth.

 Toxic Mold: Misunderstood Deaths

10th century people were horrified when Pilgrims who visited the Saint Anthony shrine in France …”Wailing and writhing men collapsed in the street: others fell over and foamed in epileptic fits whilst some vomited and showed signs of insanity. Many of them shouted “Fire! I’m burning”. It was an invisible fire that separated the flesh from the bones and consumed it. Men, women and children died in unbearable agonizing pain.”…  as recorded by a contemporary. The disease was aptly named “St. Anthony Fire”.

For Century’s, the cause of St. Anthony Fire remained a mystery, but we now understand that the Pilgrims who ate rye bread contaminated with a black toxic mold/fungus perished in a horrible way. Since then, other mold poisoned grain outbreaks, occurring across history and location have killed thousands- at times annihilating whole villages.  Lessons learned from these outbreaks taught us safe agricultural mold prevention methods that are still in use today.  For many years since, people viewed Toxic mold deaths as resulting from contaminated grain so people still felt safe inside their homes… this changed.

High Point: Moldy Homes & The Energy Crisis

The building boom after WW2 (1945), pushed America to find a faster and less expensive way to build homes.  One of the most time-consuming process in home building was the construction of the inner walls with plaster.  Plaster had to be hand smoothed over a previously built wooden lath (series of small boards resembling a flat bridge).  The invention of drywall (gypsum board sandwich between paper) basically introduced a prefabricated wall.  The prefabricated walls could be nailed to the studs in minutes rather than hours it took to build them before.  However, porous gypsum walls readily soak up moisture during humid conditions and then dries very slowly encouraging mold growth on the paper backings.  Black Toxic Mold is very attracted drywall and given the right circumstances will devour it quickly.

Energy Crisis 1970's Hero Mold Company High Point NC

Energy Crisis 1970’s

Compounding the problem of building with weak materials susceptible to mold was the 1970’s Energy crises. The energy crises resulted in tighter energy efficient homes reducing air flow and trapping humidity inside.  Many sources produce moisture in a home bathing, respiration (3 to 4 cups a day per adult), clothes dryer and others.  Mold needs moisture (high humidity or plumbing leaks) to develop in as little as 24 to 48 hours and tight airless homes can provide that.

Parents Fear of Black Toxic Mold Begin

In 1994, 30 babies in Ohio were hospitalized because they were weak, blue tinged and some bleeding in the lungs. Some of the babies got better and were sent home only to returned a short time later.  Regrettably, out of the 30 babies 12 passed.  Doctors were mystified and requested CDC investigators.  Panic Parents across the states waited breathless for information about cause.  Investigations into the home life of these children found that each were from the area of the city that had experienced flooding a few months earlier.  In each home, black mold was discovered growing near to where the babies slept.  

One of the doctors treating the children remembered reading about dozens of horses in 1940’s Russia dying of lung hemorrhage. It was found that the horses had been poison with black moldy grain. This seemed to indicate that Black Toxic Mold was the killer. The passing decades more instances of death or life altering illness that were attributed to Black Toxic Mold. Now, most homeowners nearly panic just at the thought toxic mold could be growing in their home.

Take heart, Black Toxic Mold is mostly found in prior flooded homes that are still very wet.  Mold- no water no life.

Recognizing Black Toxic Mold in High Point NC

Black Toxic Mold Hero Mold Company High Point NC

Black Toxic Mold

Several black molds share features; they look and smell similar.  Black Toxic Mold (Stachybotry chartarum) growth is thick and furry and a deep black with a greenish sheen that looks wet. This mold needs to be soaking wet and takes a longer time to develop than other common molds 8 to 12 days versus a day or two.  It spreads in a spotty chain like pattern.  This mold carries a high moisture level making it less to send pieces into the air unless scrubbed.  When Black Toxic mold is dry it looks like fire place soot which easily blows about the atmosphere when disturbed.  

Where is Black Toxic Mold Found?

Black Toxic molds normal location is found outdoors in the wet lands recycling dead vegetation into food.  Indoors, Stachybotrys chartarum will flourish in dark and calm (no breezes) areas fed by a long active water leak.  For Example, the mold could lie hidden in an unseen plumbing leak under a sink, inside a wall cavity, beneath flooring, and inside crawl space.

 Don’t automatically think a black mold is toxic as it may help to know that this species needs 8 to 12 days of being sopping wet instead of 1 to 2 days that other common species needs.  Plus, bright sunlight and disturbing air currents repels growth.  Homeowners worried about high humidity should let the sun shine in and leave closet doors open to alleviate it.  Previously flooded long deserted homes are a common place to find Black Toxic Mold.  However, there are many other species that readily grow in a home under favorable conditions.

High Point, NC: Black Toxic Mold Anxiety

Just the thought that Black Toxic Mold could be growing in your home or business can send you into a panic.  Some frightening reasons are:

  • Kids or other family members getting sick.
  • Worried your home will be labeled a hazard and it’ll cost a fortune to fix it.  Please understand that Hero Mold Company is determined to stay affordable to help more clients.
  • Worried your property value will tank and it’ll be hard to sell when you know future buyers will have to be told about a mold problem. However, if you provide proof of a successful mold remediation it will show a buyer there is nothing to fear.
  • Worried a mold inspector will just say anything to get business.  Be aware that mold is a visible scourge and Hero Mold Inspectors will always show clients the mold infestation they’re facing before suggesting mold remediation.

Mold Sickness of a family member deserves fast mold removal to end their suffering and begin recovery.  Mostly, Mold Removal for the lone homeowner is a staggering task of backbreaking labor and loss of considerable time working toward success.  Many clients call us after attempting to clean the mold up themselves- contact us soon we’ll work fast to fix all. 

Black Toxic Mold Harmful Symptoms

Toxic Mold Spores Hero Mold Company High Point NC

Toxic Mold Spores

Scientific evidence has proven that Stachybotrys chartarum mold is poisonous to people and their pets. Its adverse health effects are sinus infections, headaches, vomiting, bleeding in the lungs and regrettably death. It produces a higher concentration of deadly mycotoxins than other mold species.  This mycotoxin is so potent it will stop other species from growing near it.  Mycotoxins are airborne and poisons when people or pets inhale the spores as they float by or by touching the mold growth.

A lesser known health cost of Mold infestation in the home is damage it does to our sense of taste. Meals we enjoy are due to our sense of smell and taste buds working together to decode combinations of complex flavors. Our taste buds recognize 5 taste impressions salty, sweet, bitter, sour and savory.  When we sit for dinner, Food Odor molecules travel up our nose to combine with our taste receptors.   Together these two senses deliver our ability to enjoy a complex delicious dinner.

Scientists have shown that 70 to 90 % of taste is due to our sense of smell which discerns around 400 types of sent receptors but when masked up by strong smells nothing will taste right.  We can imagine many cranky families living in a mold infested home unable to fully enjoy once favorite meals.

Take heart, without any financial cost to you Hero Mold Company can perform a mold inspection and determine what’s the extent of your mold growth. Don’t ignore mold growth- once started it must be stopped otherwise it just grows.

Mold Removal Steps to Success

Our methods to successfully remove mold growth is one that’s been established by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration) cleaning protocol that is field (actual cleanups) proven successful.  We follow the most affordable and successful methods known.

Medical Office Containment Hero Mold Company High Point NC

Medical Office Containment

 Hero Mold Company’s well-practiced methods are:

  • Dry up the mold’s necessary water source.
  • Build disposable walls to contain mold spores or mold pieces in the active site from drifting to other areas. This also includes sealing off any other sort of access doors, windows and HVAC vents.
  • Generate negative air pressure within the barrier chamber to capture air currents teaming with mold spores from escaping to mold free areas in the house.
  • Industrial HEPA Vacuums are used to capture mold spores and the mold growth – trap within the vacuum’s filter.
  • Building materials that are porous drywall, carpet, wood…  evaluated as too damaged by mold to be repaired are sealed in thick bags and taken to the dump to be processed.
  • Non-porous building materials Steel, glass, tile that often have surface oils and dirt feeding the mold will be scrubbed cleaned with a mold killing solution.

Hero Mold Company’s Removal Last Step

Industrial heaters will dry all damp areas left after mold removal leaving the home ready for perhaps remolding, repainting and worry-free habitation.

We always keep clients informed- this shows our respect and generates goodwill.

High Point, NC Repairs Afterwards

Hero Mold Company repairs wood framing, drywall, insulation, electrical break and plumbing leaks.  No need to mess with contacting several other contractors to conduct repairs.  Hire us for repairs and don’t worry about trusting others with your family or home.

High Point Insurance Mold Removal Cost Coverage

Insurance for Homeowners may cover mold damage if it was started by an accident “covered Peril”.  Covered Peril examples are:

  • A plumbing fault dumps a large amount of water into your home while you’re at work soaking carpet and walls. You cleaned up the water when you got home and thought all was well till you smelled mold.
  • Water using Appliances such as dishwasher, clothes washer, air conditioner or water heater develop a fault and unknown to you leak water causing a mold outbreak.
  • Storm damage from impact to the Roof during a storm should a tree land on it.

Why Insurance Denies Mold Removal Costs 

Insurance agencies expect you to practice property maintenance and good common sense.  Case in point, turning on the exhaust fan in the bathroom to remove water vapor when bathing, periodically checking basement, crawl space and attic for problems.  Just a side note: When cooking with a gas cooktop, you should turn on the exhaust fan vented to the outside because gas flame produces a Carbon Monoxide gas beyond 9 parts per million at which the EPA has determined as the top safe level.

Examples of Poor Maintenance:

  • Your 30-year-old roof has leaked into the attic for an unknown period of time and you discover mold growing on the rafters.  Its likely Insurance will decline to help pay for mold removal because the roof should have been repaired or replaced years ago.  Lifespan of a shingled roof is 20 to 30 years, depending on quality of the shingles and installation.
  • Several weeks ago, you discovered a small amount of Mold in the basement and figured it was nothing and forgot about it.  A while later you began to smell mold, remember the basement and go check it. Now, the mold has bloomed across an entire wall.  The Insurance Agency could be reluctant to help instead they want to know how long it’s been there.  Insurance companies expect you to be a good steward of your home and take care of problems before they worsen.
  • Flood damage requires an additional flood disaster rider to provide assistance.

We do not intend to provide absolute Legal advice- contact your Homeowners Insurance Agent to be sure about coverage.

DIY Black Toxic Mold Test Kit: Unreliable

Internet mail black toxic mold test kits normally Petri-dishes have a dismal reputation and the CDC does not recommend them. Mold spores are an ancient fungus abundant throughout our environment.  Anywhere people go mold spores can go too. Every home or business will have some mold spores floating around. The problem arises when a mold spores land and grows inside a home or business bringing sickness and damaging property.

Consumers often think that Black Toxic Mold test kits can define species of mold and level of infestation.  Homeowners are desperate to learn if the mold growing in their home is toxic and are often mislead by advertisers (read the small print labeled on these test products).  It’s widely acknowledged these kits have many errors:

High Point, NC DIY Mold test Kit Errors

  • Mold spores fly with air currents indoors and out so should be no surprise that a mold test kit (small tray with nutrient that mold likes) grows mold within hours or a few days- even in a home without mold growth.

    Mold Test Kit Hero Mold Company High Point NC

    Mold Test Kit

  • If a Petri-dish mold test doesn’t grow mold, it doesn’t mean your home is problem free because, the kit could have been stored improperly so the nutrient may no longer be food worthy.
  • Cases of Kit inaccuracies, due to kit contamination, are regularly reported by independent consumer watch groups. Consumers have been warned of high mold counts when they were actually low and visa versa.
  • The level or age of mold growth can’t be determined by the time it took mold to grow in the petri-dish.  Species of Mold Species develop at different rates so any growth proves only that a mold spore found it. Regarding mold species it can’t be determined by looking because many species share characteristics- it must be examined by an expert under a microscope.
  • Additional mold testing is offered by the testing kit company for an additional charge usually to check species. However, its accuracy is questionable because what you sent may not even be the actual species causing the problem. The sample could have been contaminated through inexperience handling.

A critical component to understand the how bad a mold infestation depends upon a knowledgeable visual observation.

High Point, NC Why Crawl Space Encapsulation?

Hero Mold Company offers affordable Encapsulation services in crawl space trouble with excessive moisture.

Excessive Humidity in a crawl space causes mold growth, bad odors, wood rot, insect and rodent infestations and high energy prices.  Water vapor comes from the soil below and the environment outside. A properly done Crawl Space Encapsulation builds a protective barrier around the home, separating it from the earthen floor beneath and the environment outside. Expert encapsulation stops water vapor and gases like radon (cancer causing) and methane (decomposing organic matter robs oxygen from the home) from invading living space.


 High Point, NC: Crawl Space Failings

Wet Crawl Space Hero Mold Company High Point NC

Wet Crawl Space

Traditional crawl spaces have vents situated around the Outerwall that will be opened during summer to control humidity and closed during winter to prevent energy loss.  Plastic sheeting is laid on the ground to hopefully prevent water vapor.  Paper backed fiberglass insulation is fitted between the floor joists to prevent energy loss but it’s a terrible choice because it acts like a giant sponge sucking up excessive moisture. This wet insulation dries very slowly and when heavy with moisture it’s often found hanging down or fallen.  This wet insulation is the ideal breeding ground for mold and insects especially termites, cockroaches and ants that need moisture to live.  Crawl Space Encapsulation is a premiere successful treatment preventing mold, mildew, insect infestations and energy savings.

During hot weather, we open vents in the crawl space to hopefully remove humid air, but that will only work if the humidity outside is lower which hardly ever happens in North Carolina.  During cold weather, we close vents to prevent energy loss but crawl spaces are often full of holes from plumbing and cabling. Adding to that, the insulation placed between the floor joists under the house is in most cases inadequate, damaged or missing and barely contributes to energy savings.

The common crawl space in southern climes needs constant upkeep to prevent problems. Regular replacement of fallen wet insulation, repetitive mold and pest removal treatments and trapping of wildlife in a crawl space is expensive and time consuming.

High Point, NC Crawl Space Encapsulation Benefits

University studies have shown that 50 to 70% of air in our homes originates from the crawl space.  The Crawl space air is often filled with mold spores, nasty odors, dangerous gases and bacteria from dead and live creatures. Contaminated air is suck upwards into the home because of the “Stack Effect”.

The Stack effect is temperature difference between the inside versus the outside environments that provides the pressure to pull air from the crawl space to be released out the chimneys.

Contact Hero Mold Company to check the air quality in your home.  If necessary, Hero Mold Company will advise an affordable way to clean up the air in your home.

High Point, NC Crawl Space Encapsulation Method

Crawl Space Encapsulation Hero Mold Company High Point NC

Crawl Space Encapsulation

The dirtiest task “Crawl Space Clean out” of all debris, old plastic sheeting and all sharp items (rocks, nails…). Then the most arduous task the ground leveled as best as can be considering it will be done by hand.

  • Inspect the crawl space for ground water (Puddles) and solve with re-grading of the landscape, incorporating a French drain and possibly a sump-pump.
  • Remove fiberglass Bat Insulation from between the floor joists.
  • Repair all damaged building frame-work.
  • A flexible tough barrier membrane will be placed to cover the ground and partly up the Outerwall’s of the crawl space.
  • Special tape will be used to seal all seams and edges this is done to keep water vapor and gasses rising from the earth into the home’s interior.
  • Perimeter crawl space Vents and holes are covered to stop energy loss to the outdoors. This also stops humidity from the outside atmosphere from invading the crawl space
  • Crawlspace Outerwall’s are insulated to control energy transfers through the concrete.
  • A crawl space designed dehumidifier is installed to remove Residual Humidity.

Hero Mold Company of High Point assures clients that Professional crawl space encapsulation is the premiere permanent solution to prevent Mold, wood decay and Energy loss.  Also, critters looking for food and shelter are prevented from moving into the crawl space. We have the Winning solutions Call us.

Fair Cost Rapid Water Disaster Cleanup in High Point, NC

A sudden release of water inside home is a disaster that doesn’t end with the water extraction all building materials must be dried to stop the coming mold.  The water damage from a storm, burst plumbing pipe, tub overflow, sewage backup and others will critically damage walls, carpet, flooring and electrical outlets. Water dumps in the home are important to clean up quickly because wet carpet, wallboard, wooden floors… will develop mold in as little as 24 to 48 hours. If the home can be cleaned and dried quickly, the building materials may be saved without fear of mold showing up later.  The family caught in this battle against an incredible force of water suddenly dropping into their homes is often further sent into misery when the water damage is followed by a massive mold growth.

A rush of water from a second story toilet overflow not only damages the ceiling below but possibly causes an electrical short to a ceiling fixture.  Hero Mold Company specialists not only cleanup the water but also repair drywall and electrical.  Technicians using high-volume industrial vacuum pumps will rapidly remove the water and then use industrial heaters to dry the building materials.  Our process is the best protection against further damage to your home and possessions.

Best Cost: Local Flood Cleanup

Danger! Danger don’t rush into flood water be it calm or not.  Rushing Water will take down buildings in seconds leaving nothing but rubble behind. Plus, the dangers don’t end when still waters retreat.  Flood waters are fouled with disease causing viruses and bacteria, lawn fertilizers, dead animals, raw sewage and others.  The water may look calm but you don’t know what lies beneath.

Accountable costs for mold removal are scope of mold growth, where the mold is (inside walls, crawl space…), repair work needed and then repainting if necessary.  We assure potential clients our prices, by design, are affordable to the average family.

Lastly, don’t pay too much for mold remediation- compare estimates.  Pay attention to the companies experience levels and if the successful treatment they promise has a track record.  Because, if the mold returns removing it again is not only doubly costly but brings health hazards back to still recovering family members.

Never are the costs of stopping mold growth equal to the cost of doing nothing.

Contact us!  We’re eager to provide our neighbors the most cost-effective water damage restoration in High Point, NC.

Top Quality Water Damage Restoration Procedures

  • First, stop the flow of water then use industrial Rapid volume pumps to extract the water from the home. A homeowner using the usual shop vac just won’t do the job fast enough in a large release of water so be mindful of what you can handle. Hero Mold Company has the capabilities to bring several industrial-sized pumps to move the water quickly.

    Drying out Hardwood Floors Hero Mold Company High Point NC

    Drying out Hardwood Floors

  • After the standing water is extracted huge specialized heaters and Fans are used to quickly dry damp building materials to prevent mold or bacteria from gaining a foothold. Note, be positive the Disaster technicians hired have the experience to work with industrial heaters because improper usage of these machines has burned down several homes.
  • All damp building materials and personal belongings need to be thoroughly sanitized to stop probable bacteria and mold growth. Air scrubbers are used to make sure most drifting mold spores left behind are entrapped. Hero Mold Removal Water Damage Restoration Technicians are taught to recheck procedures to make sure nothing is missed.

Hero Mold Company disaster water restoration promise is to quickly remove the excess water from their client’s property and restore it to pre-disaster condition. Our equipment receives periodic checkups to control any pause due to machine failure. Talk to us! We’re eager to provide the absolute best water damage restoration service in High Point, NC.

Other Mold Testing Locations:


High Point NC Hero Mold Company

High Point NC

High Point, North Carolina

High Point, NC is the ninth largest municipality in the Piedmont Triad region located at the highest point between the cities of Charlotte and Goldsboro along the North Carolina Railway. High Point is the only North Carolina city that resides in four counties Davidson, Forsyth, Guilford and Randolph.  Along its north border lies the city of Greensboro, Northeast lies Jamestown and Achdale to the Southeast.  Transportation for the independent movement of people and goods is made easy by the interstates 40, 74 and 85.  A great advantage to faster movement is Amtrak’s Crescent, Carolinian and Piedmont Trains that connect High Point with the cities of New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Richmond, New Orleans, Washington, Raleigh, Charlotte and Atlanta.

Ceremony of Warriors in North Carolina Hero Mold Company High Point NC

Ceremony of Warriors in North Carolina

History of High Point, North Carolina

Before the European settlement the Indian tribes of Keyauwee and Saura were its earlier residents. Sadly, The Saura tribe decimated by epidemic diseases (smallpox) moved south to join with Keyauwee.  The surviving members join with the Catawba and Lumbee Tribes and the Saura are now considered an extinct tribe.

High Point got its name from its founding purpose of being the highest point along the North Carolina Railroad during the mid- 1800’s. The High Point area was founded by English Quakers and German immigrants around 1750.  Over time this area developed wealthy manufacturing industries of tobacco, woodworking and textiles. The city was incorporated in 1859 and 30 years later the High Point Furniture Factory was opened. By the 1930’s High Point was home to 160 companies of which half produced furniture or woodwork.

Like much of the southeastern part of the country High Point’s climate is defined as humid subtropical with 4 distinct seasons.  Residents say summers are hot and humid with thunderstorms and winters are brief and mild because the mountain barrier modifies the harsh weather.

The High Point, North Carolina Furniture Industry Hero Mold Company High Point, NC

The High Point, North Carolina Furniture Industry

High Point North Carolina Industry

The furniture industry has a long standing in this city going back to the late 1700’s starting with English artisans who had settled in the area. The late 19th century brought great expansion due to the cheap labor after the Civil War, main train station- shipping hub to the southern market and location next to tremendous tracks of hardwood forests. As the industry grew, furniture manufactures decided they needed a large building with a more convenient southern location to display and sell product to the public.  A new “Southern Furniture Exhibition” building opened in 1921with 10 stories and 249,000 square feet at a 2-million-dollar price tag.  This opening morph over time into a bi-yearly event to display the new offerings.   Today the city continues manufacturing furniture and has more than 40 retail furniture outlets such as High Point Furniture Sales, Dynasty Furniture, Furnitureland South…

Transportation necessary for manufacturing maintains a very successful Distribution and Logistics business sector because of the excellent transportation system in place. Interstates 40, 85 and 85 Business including U.S. Routes and 4 North Carolina Highways. The city also boasts a train station linked to many other major cities.

Manufacturing Industry is alive and well with over 250 companies enjoying great success in High Point.  Some of the larger companies are Carolina Custom Booth, Carlton Manufacturing, Cox Manufacturing, Elite Manufacturing, Kushwood Manufacturing and Precision Design Machinery.

High Point city is graced by three universities are High Point University, John Wesley University and South University.  Liberal Arts High Point University has a robust 44 undergraduate majors, 10 graduate-degree programs and one doctoral program.  The Universities provide tremendous business opportunities to the local area and many public activities revolve around educational themes.

High Point Camden Park Neighborhood Hero Mold Company High Point NC

High Point Camden Park Neighborhood

Popular Neighborhoods in High Point, NC

High Point the ninth largest city in North Carolina with a population in 2017 of 109,849 at last census. It is a dense suburban collection of neighborhoods where most residents own their homes.   It is identified as a workforce of professional, sales, office workers living with families. Centrally located between the mountains and coastal beaches which allows for day trips to each.  The Schools are considered above average and is home to 3 Universities allowing the kids to live at home during college.

Uptowne High Point Community is creating an exciting change to encourage a revitalization populated with several dining and shopping options as well as outdoor concerts. The community hopes that new condos will be attracted along with remolding of older homes will provide a unique urban living experience to many of young professionals looking for a place to call home.

Delmar Neighborhood has single family homes that run approximately 150,000 to 250,000 making it a little more upscale. Residents enjoy nice parks, lots of trees and green spaces for walking, jogging, hiking. The community board supports many community activities for people and families to enjoy through the year.

North Elm offers a fun stroll by unique artistic shops such as designer-oriented and artisan tooled offerings. An older mixed population of residents blue-collar and service employment. This neighborhood provides residents with many opportunities for outside activity being located next recreational facilities such as playgrounds, parks and others.

Other neighborhoods are Hampton Park, Emerywood West, Laurel Oak Ranch, Sandy Ridge, Florence…

All-A-Flutter Butterfly Farm Hero Mold Company High Point NC

All-A-Flutter Butterfly Farm

High Point, North Carolina Attractions

The All-A-Flutter Butterfly Farm breeds thousands of Monarch butterflies to sell them to clients that desire a spectacular moment for guests to remember during their special event (weddings, Funerals..) At the farm, it offers a visual experience of examining the detail of a tame Monarch Butterfly by encouraging one with a sugar pod to land on your hand.  Providing a peaceful rest stop to view the lovely gardens planted with an aim to attract butterflies a place to picnic on tables throughout the farm

City Lake Park Train Hero Mold Company High Point NC

City Lake Park Train

The City Lake Park offers every activity a visitor could hope for.  Some are playgrounds, swimming pool with water slide, train ride, boat ride tour that can hold 30 passengers, mini golf and many others.  The park is unique to offer such a large variety of activities. The public swimming pool is the largest in the Southeast and to the joy of many children sports 2 exciting water slides.  The is enough here to bring hours of excitement for the entire family.

Greensboro Science Center Hero Mold Company High Point NC

Greensboro Science Center

The Greensboro Science Center in one fell swoop knocks 3 special family outings of your bucket list- aquarium, museum and zoo which makes for full day of fun. The aquarium exhibits penguins, otters, many species of colorful fish, sharks, rays and skates.  They offer a viewing opportunity schedule daily for the big tank dive, penguin playtime and feeding of the fish. The museum caters to exhibits that most children find exciting: dinosaurs, science of weather and an OmniSphere Theater show.  In the outside Zoo, are several exhibits that cater to a crocodile, meerkats, gibbons and a barn where you can pet goats and sheep.

Kersey Valley Attractions Hero Mold Company High Point NC

Kersey Valley Attractions

Kersey Valley activities are mostly geared toward teens and adults.  A closed course zipline crossing a large expanse that provides a beautiful view of the park.  Test you hunting skills at the outdoor laser tag course, balancing agility on the high ropes course. Also, a scary trip to the Spookywoods Haunted Attraction that is so entertaining it has nation-wide recognition.  Spookywoods covers nearly 60 acres exhibits dedicated to giving visitors a good fun scare. There is the Terror Trams that takes you deep into the frightening woods that include the Haunted Manor, The Morgue, Vampires Phantom Castle, and Slaughter House of Horrors- please this is not for the young kids.