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Hero Mold Company holds IICRC and RSA certifications which means we have been trained by those organizations for accurate mold and moisture inspections and successful mold removal or remediation procedures. IICRC which means Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration is the non-profit certifying, teaching and resource center for the cleaning and restoration industry. All of their standards are based on science and years of industry experience. RSA which means Restoration Sciences Academy is geared towards teaching the real-world application of cleaning practices for mold remediation, flood restoration- drying out building materials and biological cleanup.

The Safety and Protection of your family and property is a grave concern of ours and we take extreme care to ensure it. Any employee who enters your home is periodically background-checked for criminal behavior and undergoes random drug testing. We are Licensed, bonded and insured including Workers Compensation in the state of VA.

Professional Free Mold Inspections

Hero Mold Company will quickly provide, at your request, a free mold and moisture investigation into your home or business. Without any money down, your fear of Black mold could be put to rest or if regrettably, mold has taken hold, you’ll learn what it will take to remove any species of mold be it black, green or purple. When mold remediation is advised, we will immediately develop a detailed estimate for service that is budget-friendly and includes guarantees for client satisfaction.

Mold Testing Costs

Mold testing is necessary when you need proof your home or office is free of mold growth important in real estate transactions, medical diagnosis and comparing Pre- mold removal conditions versus Post- removal conditions. A visual test can easily identify mold but not the type of mold. To identify the species, you will need to get a lab test. We use an accredited independent third-party lab. The cost of the test will be based on how many samples are needed which is determined by how many areas affected. Contact us for a free estimate on mold testing. Hero Mold Company gladly offers advice on what mold testing is necessary for your situation: we are concerned with your bottom line and will protect it.

Mold on Wooden Flooring Hero Mold Company Martinsville, VA

Mold on Wooden Flooring

Expert Mold Removal Services

Mold Spores have been floating on currents since primordial times. They are decomposers of dead plant or animal-based organisms- the food that gives them the energy to reproduce. This is good and necessary for life when it happens outdoors but unhealthy when mold breaks out indoors.

Mold growth requires 4 elements to develop and thrive: mold spore, food in the form of dead organic matter (wood, carpet, and drywall), warmth- 70 degrees or higher and excessive moisture. Mold Colonies appear as ugly fuzzy patches of black, brown, yellow, pink, green, stinky growth on walls, basements, bathrooms… wherever moisture gathers. Mold could also be hidden in heating/cooling ducts, inside wall cavities, wet floors or carpets- all due to an unknown plumbing leak, roof leak, or groundwater infiltration. Mold growth and combination of the water that supplies it with life destroys the material it feeds on, such as building materials.

The musty unpleasant smell or the small airborne spores mold produces as it spreads makes many people ill, mostly respiratory, or even worse a form of Toxic Black mold could be growing that can make some people deathly ill usually the very young, seniors and those in fragile health.

Most people can agree that mold growth in your house, no matter even if you know it’s not the deadly toxic black mold should be removed or remediated for the health of the house’s occupants, quality of life without nasty odors and the continued structural integrity of its carbon-based materials of wood, carpet and drywall.

What is Dreaded Black Toxic Mold?

The dreaded black toxic mold with the scientific name of Stachybotrys chartarum is common in our natural environment thriving in soil and on dead plant debris. This species of mold will readily grow on soaked sheetrock or gypsum ceiling boards because these building materials carry a very high concentration of cellulose. Unlike other molds, Stachybotrys chartarum requires a lot of water and more time to develop- 8 to 12 days instead of the 24 to 48 hours it takes for many other mold species.

Drywall under Water with Mold Hero Mold Company Martinsville, VA

Waterlogged Black Toxic Mold on Drywall

What Does Dreaded Black Toxic Mold Look Like?

Since this mold requires a lot of water to thrive, it will look like a slimy blackish-green layer on a food source. When its water source has dried up it will appear like a thick layer of black powder.

Where Does Toxic Black Mold Hide or Grow?

Generally, Stachybotrys chartarum will be located somewhere hidden- it doesn’t thrive in the drying sunlight or when disturbed by ruffling breezes. Most often Stachybotrys chartarum is found in places with a very active leak that’s been there awhile. Leaks behind walls, under floors above ceilings, are the usual places it’s found.
Since the 1990s, it’s been understood that the black Stachybotrys mold produces a higher concentration of mycotoxins than other mold species. Mycotoxin is a poisonous chemical that becomes airborne when mold spores or pieces of the mold colony itself are released into the air when the mold is disturbed.

Symptoms of Black Toxic Mold

Adverse health effects of toxic mold sickness might include headache, fatigue, respiratory infections, damage to internal organs, nausea, hemorrhage in lungs, hallucinations, and inflammation of eyes, throat, or skin.

Black Toxic Mold is a type of Fungus that at its worst can cause death to some of our most vulnerable family members and at best make someone sick with cold-like symptoms. Rather than suffer either unfortunate outcome, contact Hero Mold Company when suspicions of mold in the house began.

Completely Safe Removal of Toxic Black House Mold

Unfortunately, you’re here because excessive moisture and the suspected resulting mold outbreak has put your family in upheaval over strong musty smells or even worse toxic Black mold may have brought wretched sickness to a loved family member.

Hero Mold Removal Company technicians are conscientious about taking safeguards to protect our clients and their families. Our containment curtains used to snare the bad mold spores during cleanup are double-checked by crew leaders. Industrial HEPA Vacuums are also a very important tool that we use because they gather the mold outbreak and whatever spores become airborne before they escape to clean areas of the house.

Professional Steps to Safe Black Mold Removal

The type or species of mold has no impact on mold removal, cleanup or remediation procedures. Universally accepted procedures are:

  • Stop the moisture source feeding the mold colony- no water no life.
  • Containment of infected areas with the use of a surrounding chamber made of plastic sheeting and tape. All doorways and vents will be sealed except for leaving a sliding seam in one doorway in which mold technicians can come and go. This treatment contains all mold spores stirred up while cleaning.
  • Negative air pressure is used inside the chamber to stop the flow of air currents moving out when the chamber is accessed.
  • Use of HEPA Vacuums inside the chamber to remove and ensnare the mold spores during cleanup.
  • Badly decayed porous building material will be sealed in bags and removed to the Dump. Building material deemed salvageable and Non- porous building material will be scrubbed clean with a mold killing solution and dried.
  • Containment areas will be scrupulously scoured, cleaned of all dust and debris and left ready for necessary repairs, remodeling or habitation.
  • Mold Remediation technicians will use protective gear to keep from inhaling the spores during cleanup so don’t be afraid of these safety precautions.

Just a side note, unlike many other mold remediation companies we repair or install wood framing, sheetrock, insulation, electrical and plumbing- no need to trust more than one company with access to your home and family.

Insurance Covered Costs of Mold Removal

Should the discovered moisture problem feeding the mold outbreak originate from a sudden leak, consult your Home Insurance Carrier because, in most cases, it is a covered expense. However, if the damage is due to poor maintenance (the roof should have been fixed or replaced) they will not cover it. Also, construction mistakes, storm surge leading to standing or surface water are also exempt (unless you purchased separate flood insurance).

Crawlspace Mold Spores Spreading Hero Mold Company Martinsville NC

Crawlspace Mold Spores Spreading

Free Expert Mold Inspections in Martinsville VA

How to know if you have Mold in your Home or Business:

Start with a Free, No Commitments, Mold and Moisture Inspection by Hero Mold Company scheduled at your convenience.

Mold spores are everywhere in our world, consequently, you can’t totally get rid of them forever in a home or business: every time you open a door or window, they will float back in. Since excessive water is the one element that it needs for life, it becomes the focus of a mold inspection.

Be Aware that Mold only takes 24 to 48 hours to develop a thriving colony, growing exponentially from that point on till Mold spores have overwhelmed a room or an entire building with their sickening stench and caused, sometimes expensive, property damage.

Hero Mold Company Free Inspection Procedure

Moisture Meter Hero Mold Company Martinsville, VA

Moisture Meter

At your request, Hero Mold Company Mold Inspectors (trained in building sciences and mold investigations) will arrive at your home or business to look for mold and moisture damage.

First, we’ll have a conversation about why you called. They will listen to suspicions of where you think mold is growing.

They will ask for a brief history of the building concerning storm damage, recent repairs, flooding, and roof or plumbing leaks.

They will walk around the outside of the property looking for drainage problems that may be sending rain or groundwater into the home or business- mostly caused by landscaping, roofing or building maintenance issues.

They will conduct a careful visual inspection of the interior and in the case of a hidden mold problem will use technical tools to aid the search from crawl space up to the Attic.

Some of the interior focus will be areas of high probability for excessive moisture such as attics, crawl spaces, bathrooms, seldom-used rooms, and basements. The building’s ventilation will be evaluated to see if humidity trapped indoors is the problem.

Hidden Mold Inside a Wall, Ceiling or under flooring

Mold in Wall Cavity Hero Mold Company Martinsville, VA

Hidden Mold in Wall Cavity

Many times, we will follow our nose to the outbreak. Most times the mold will be visible on a lower portion of a wall, behind wallpaper, under a sink, behind a toilet, under a carpet… Other times, the Mold outbreak is hidden, though sometimes clearly smelled, then modern technical aids (tools) are used to find that hidden necessary element of moisture. For example:

  • Infrared Camera Technology will be used to show cold spots that may indicate excessive moisture from a roof or plumbing leak.
  • Moisture Scanner readings can be taken throughout the home to find areas of excessive humidity- indicating a possible location of trouble.
  • Small Camera on a Stick: At a suspicious location, a small hole will be drilled into wallboard through which a small camera lens with light will be pushed and the scene viewed on a remote screen. This is a way to see if mold is growing within the wall cavity without causing a lot of damage.

If mold is found, cleanup procedures will be discussed and an estimate of costs provided.

We do follow our competitors to make sure we are offering the most affordable mold and moisture remediation services in Martinsville, VA. Plus, we follow a strict, industry acknowledged protocol to remove mold and moisture issues- no worries over a successful treatment.

Martinsville Budget Accurate Mold Testing

Mold up Close Hero Mold Company Martinsville, VA

Mold Up Close

Pre-Remediation, Post Remediation, Real Estate Closing Requirements, and Court Ordered Testing in Apartments or Rentals Personal Liability Law Suits

Visible mold will often render Mold Testing an unnecessary expense because mold removal or remediation is conducted the same regardless of species. After all, you may still have the expense of the mold and moisture cleanup. Only when a property closing demands it, a serious illness requires it for a treatment plan or just a need to know by the owner does mold testing become imperative.

Mold testing is an imperfect procedure when done by an inexperienced or ill-trained mold tester. Mold Samples could be contaminated if testing materials are exposed to other locations by improper handling- remember mold spores are common throughout our environment. When it’s important to get accurate mold testing, hiring experts is the safest way.

Pre-remediation testing, when compared with Post-remediation testing, can prove a successful remediation- very important in Real Estate Closings. Hero Mold Company is certified in mold testing and the carefully obtained samples are sealed in the client’s presence and sent to only 3rd party accredited Labs for mold analysis. We do everything we can to assure you of our honesty- for those clients that desire us to perform both the mold testing and, if necessary, its remediation.

The collection of mold samples can be taken in several ways:

Physical samples taken with a sticky tape lift from the visible mold or a swab wiped across it then place into tamper-proof packaging. Mold samples evaluated by a mold specialist under a microscope can determine species and age of colony- important in court cases and medical diagnosis.

Airborne mold spores can be analyzed when several air samples are taken throughout the home or business. Just a note- a control sample taken outdoors should also be part of the examination to give an idea of what’s in the surrounding environment that might indicate an unusual mold in the building. However, a very sophisticated lab needs to do the analysis or any significant results could be lost to contamination.

DIY (Do it Yourself) Mold test Kits

Caution: Home mail-order test kits have a dismal reputation. Yes, mold spores exist everywhere so that little petri dish sent with your test kit will probably develop mold because it’s the perfect environment for them. All it takes is one mold spore floating through an open door or window to land on the dish and in 24 to 48 hours you have a colony- in your non-infested home. Consider calling Hero Mold Company, it will cost nothing and you’ll have more success finding the problem with expert help.

Positive Mold Test Results will, unfortunately, mean you’ll have to take the next step and engage a professional mold remediation company. Don’t overpay for mold remediation services- compare estimates- we are certain you’ll find Hero Mold Company in Martinsville, VA favorable to your budget.

Martinsville, VA Crawl Space Encapsulation

Bad Crawl Space Hero Mold Company Martinsville, VA

Before Crawlspace Encapsulation

Hero Mold Company Professional Encapsulation Protects Against Mold, Rot, Mildew, and Pests and Improves Energy Efficiency.

Most Homeowners have Crawl spaces designed with several cross-ventilation vents in an attempt to compensate for the weather outdoors. During summer, we leave the vents open to hopefully encourage breezes to move the moisture from under the home out to the great outdoors. During the winter, we close the vents in an attempt to keep out the bitter cold- but it really becomes a cold sink for the building above drawing its heat because usually, the insulation placed between the floor joists is inadequate or ill-maintained.

Crawl Space Encapsulation Hero Mold Company Martinsville, VA

After Crawlspace Encapsulation

The humidity coming from the great outdoors or from the dwelling above tends to hang out in the crawl space causing mold, mildew and also becomes a draw for insects (termites and cockroaches require moist conditions). Plus, if mice are inside your home, they more than likely crawled up through the walls from the crawl space.

Much has changed in the understanding of building science within the last few decades- we understand now that 50% of air floating inside our homes comes from the crawl space. The air in the crawl space could be teeming with mold spores, mildew odors, radon gas and bacteria from pest waste all of which will be traveling upwards sending foul odors and sickness with it. Ask Hero Mold Removal to test your Crawl Space for Polluted air at no charge.

Benefits of Encapsulation

Encapsulation, repair or replacement of damaged building materials and the afterward continuous dehumidification of the house crawl space has been shown to repair or reverse the following issues:

  • Mold
  • Mildew
  • Soft or rotting floor joists (needs to be repaired during encapsulation)
  • High Heating and Cooling Costs
  • Wet Insulation (removed and replaced with dry insulation during encapsulation)
  • High Humidity in the home
  • Pests and Insect Infestations (Pests will be relocated or destroyed and Insects cleared out)

Modern Homeowners have the ability to provide their families with cleaner air and enjoy substantial energy savings by sealing or encapsulating their crawl space with the help of an Encapsulation specialist: the affordable Hero Mold Company.

Martinsville, VA Water Damage Restoration Company

Removing Water in Home Hero Mold Company Martinsville, VA

Water Extraction after Burst Water Pipe

Water damage not only happens when floodwaters rise. It also happens when rains fall heavy on a leaking roof, plumbing pipes break, sewage backs up, or when the kids overflow the tub. Depending on the amount of water released, water restoration can happen with the Homeowner using a shop vac and fans to dry it up or it requires specialists to move quickly and protect the house from further damage by rapidly drying up the water.

Groundwater flooding, sewage backup and unfortunate acts of God require a greater effort that is often beyond the abilities of the average homeowner. If your situation will require days of work to set right, it won’t be quick enough to forgo the worse outcome of rampant mold and bacteria growth. It only takes 24 to 48 hours for mold to develop and bacteria is always thriving, in floodwaters, ready to find a more nutritious host.

When water damage seems overwhelming, it’s best to contact a Water Damage Restoration Specialist who has the technical knowledge, specialized industrial equipment, and several trained employees required for fast action water removal.

Water Damage Restoration: Hero Mold Company

Hero Mold Removal Maintains a Rapid Response Team for Budget-Friendly Water Damage Restoration.

Whenever water flows into your home, it’s important to act fast. Floodwaters are full of bacteria, pesticides, biohazards, sewage and toxic chemicals such as fuel, battery acid, and oil. When a home has been flooded, proper successful cleanup usually requires partial removal of sheetrock and carpet. Sheetrock acts as a giant wick so it should be removed a few feet above the waterline. Wall to wall carpet that has been a deluge in filthy flood waters or sewage is quite beyond anybody’s ability to get completely clean because the filth will get stuck between small fibers and produce diseased bacteria forevermore.

Professional Water Damage Restoration Process?

  • Water Removal will require rapid volume pumps and vacuums to remove water from your home. The size of pumps or even how many machines depends on the level of water but the company you hire should have access to modern equipment that will work fast and well.
  • Drying is absolutely required after all standing water is removed to prevent mold or bacteria from growing. Large industrial heaters and Fans are used carefully to quickly dry damp building materials. You want someone experienced to work with these heaters because improper usage of these machines has burned down homes.
  • Specialized professional cleaning requires all building materials and personal belongings to be sanitized to stop possible bacteria and mold growth. Air scrubbers are used to make sure any floating mold spores or bacteria left behind are captured and removed. The cleaning technicians need to be very attentive and thorough during their work. Hero Mold Removal Water Damage Restoration Technicians are told not to take short cuts to move things along faster and easier- that’s when areas get missed and problems will later arise.

Hero Mold Company upholds the commitment we make to clients to quickly restore their property before other damage settles in. We make sure our equipment is well maintained so no worries over broken machines to slow our progress and our Technicians are well trained not to miss a step.

Martinsville, Virginia

Martinsville, VA Hero Mold Company

Martinsville, VA

Martinsville city is located midline of the state near the southern border in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. It is the county seat of Henry County It’s a picturesque city with miles of town-built trails to encourage outdoor recreation. It is bordered on one side by the trout-filled Smith River and the other by the rolling hills and valleys at the bottom of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

History of Martinsville:

Joseph Martin Jr. Hero Mold Company Martinsville, VA

Joseph Martin JR.

Martinsville was named after Joseph Martin, Jr. a brigadier general in the Virginia militia during the American Revolutionary War who through diplomacy help avert Indian attacks on the English settlers as well as keep the Indians from siding with the British troops during battles taking place nearby. He built his Plantation Scuffle Hill on the banks of the Smith River near the city’s southern boundary.

Industry of Martinsville:

Tobacco Plant Hero Mold Company Martinsville, VA

Tobacco Plant

In the beginning manufacture of plug chewing tobacco was the main economic activity until the early 1900s at which time 2 tobacco giants (Reynolds and James Buchanan) bought out most firms to control the product- many independent operators were closed down overnight. The government did file an anti-trust lawsuit against them.

The city then became a major manufacturer of Furniture for over 100 years. J.D. Bassett in 1901 converted his sawmill business into a furniture factory that lasted through good years and bad to a publicly-traded company with sales in 2008 topping 288 million. Other furniture giants that got started in Martinsville are Stanley, Hooker and Gravely. Today all but Gravely still manage furniture manufacturing plants.

Rounding out the city’s manufacturing industry is plastic, food processing, Polyester Fiber, and Textile.

Popular Neighborhoods in Martinsville:

Spruce St/Indian Trail: An older residential neighborhood with primarily medium-sized single-family homes and a few apartment complexes. Most homes were built between 1940 and 1999

Shannon Hills: Real Estate is mostly residential owner-occupied small to medium-sized single-family homes and mobile homes. The average home is selling for 105,856- a very affordable place to live. Carries a higher than normal percentage of government workers

Laurel Park/ Chatmoss: An established neighborhood with most residences built between 1940 and 1999. Housing is a mix of single-family homes and apartment with most owner-occupied.

The rest are Horse Pasture, Fieldale, City Center, Jones Creek, Commonwealth Blvd/W Market St and Memorial Blvd S/Starling Ave

Martinsville Attractions are many and varied:

Martinsville Speedway

Martinsville, VA Race Track Hero Mold Company

Martinsville, VA Race Track

H. Clay Earles built the first stock car racing track in 1947 and it was an immediate hit a year later on July 4 when a crowd of over 6,000 racing fans competed for 750 seats. In 1949 NASCAR was formed and Martinsville organized the 6th race in that first series that over the years turned into the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series.

The modern race track has been modernized over the years to over 60,000 stadium seats topped by VIP Suites and top-quality garages to tend to the race cars. There is also a top-flight care center at one end of the infield and updated media center in the middle of the infield.

Martinsville Speedway at a half-mile oval track is the shortest in the series but it’s one of the most exciting tracks because of the two 800- foot straightaways bounded by short almost flat turns at 11 degrees of banking makes for demanding race.

Philpott Lake Hero Mold Company Martinsville, VA

Pilpott Lake

Philpott Lake

The Philpott Lake is the largest lake in VA covering 2,900 acres boasting a 100-mile perimeter shoreline. What also elevates it as a magnificent outdoor vacation retreat is the surrounding 6, 424 of U.S. Army Corps of Engineers managed lands. The terrain meandering into hills and valleys crossed with miles of trails for hikers, runners, bikers and those that just want a slow woodland walk that the entire family can handle.

Philpott Dam Trout Hero Mold Company Martinsville, VA

Philpott Dam Trout

The Lake and Philpott dam project took 4 years to complete starting in 1948 and finishing in 1952. The project was implemented to control flooding along the Smith River and to generate hydroelectric power from the dam. The wonderful recreational attributes of the lake and surrounding woodlands have been added to through the years to cover activities from hiking, bird watching, camping and many other activities of sport or leisure.

Philpott Dam power generation through the turbines increases water flows and levels, creating a “tail-race” stream, affecting the 44 miles of Smith River which starts at the dam and flows to the Dan River in NC. Right below the dam, certain areas are stocked yearly with Trout. People fish just below the Dam for wild brown trout, Rainbow Trout and Brook Trout and this area are considered one of the most productive trout fisheries in the state.

Fairy Stone State Park

Fairy Stone Hero Mold Company Martinsville, VA

Fairy Stone

Take the kids or just yourselves on a quest to visit Fairy Stone State Park to search out your very own Fairy stone. Fairy Stone is a naturally formed staurolite crystal which forms itself into a typical cross-shape penetration embedded in larger rocks giving them the look that someone fashioned them. In fact, a legend has sprung up to explain their existence:

Many hundreds of years before Chief Powhatan’s reign, fairies were dancing around a spring of water, playing with naiads and wood nymphs, when an elfin messenger arrived from a city far away. He brought news of the death of Jesus Christ. When these creatures of the forest heard the story of the crucifixion, they wept. As their tears fell upon the earth, they crystallized to form beautiful crosses.”

Digging with shovels or pickaxes is not allowed so one must have an Eagle eye to find Fairy Stones easily gotten to.

Embedded Fairy Stones Hero Mold Company Martinsville, VA

Embedded Fairy Stones

Fairy Stone State Park is the largest (4,741 acres) of the 6 original parks to open in 1936. The Park boasts a 168-acre lake that delightfully supports the playful or sports activities of swimming, rowboats, canoes, paddleboats and kayaks. Attractions also include a campground, cabins, an equestrian campground, hiking trails and a conference center for large visiting groups.

Other Popular attractions in the area are the Smith River Artisan Trail, Martinsville-Henry County Heritage Center and Museum and Bassett Historical Center. All of which offer a historical perspective for a better understanding of the area.

Other Mold Testing Locations: