Mold and Your Health

Woman cleaning mold from her North Carolina home after a flood

Mold removal is one of the most complicated home maintenance tasks you need to do for the home. This is because you have to take in various factors such as health and safety risks as well as make sure that you using the right techniques to remove this infestation.

We at Hero Mold Company know that only a professional crew can ensure that your home is mold-free after a treatment. Read on to know why it pays to work with professionals to fix a mold infestation so you can live in a clean, safe and mold-free home.

Mold and Your Health: Facts about Mold

Mold is a type of fungus that thrives in damp, dark, moisture-rich places. It comes in various colors, but the most common types are black, green, orange, white or purple mold. Molds play an important part in decomposition, breaking down organic matter that is then incorporated back into the soil.

The problem arises when mold grows in large numbers in your house. Molds can cause a variety of health problems such as airway irritation, nausea, asthma, and other problems when inhaled. Toxic molds can produce more serious health effects. Common black mold symptoms include coughing, wheezing, stuffy, runny nose, runny eyes, itchy skin, and nosebleeds. All these are ample reasons why it is important to have mold and its source removed immediately once you notice that it’s there.

Services We Offer

We offer complete service packages for mold removal and restoration for businesses and residential homes all across North Carolina, from Wilson, Eden, Martinsville VA, to Rocky Mount NC and surrounding areas. If you live in these areas, we are just a phone call away!

Services we offer include:

  • mold inspections
  • mold cleanup, removal, and remediation
  • black/green mold treatment
  • free quotes on inspections and treatment services

We start by getting primary information during the first interview so we can determine the scope of the work, what techniques and equipment to use, and the like. This is followed by inspection and damage assessment before we move on to mold containment. Go here to understand Mold Inspections.  During mold containment, we isolate contaminated areas and prevent spreading mold spores. At the same time, we may start air filtration to remove mold spores from the air. This is followed by removing all infested materials and belongings so they can be cleaned, ensuring that your home is spotless and mold-free by the time the entire process is done.

Why Work with Us

Mold problems don’t go away unless the right treatment and products are used. You can only be assured of this when working with pros like us. As industry leaders with years of experience and loyal customer feedback, we know how to solve various mold problems that many homeowners and businesses face. Our teams are professional, punctual and ready to answer any questions you have about your mold problem.

Whether you are fighting a mold outbreak after a flood or want to remove rampant mold growth that is eating away at the foundations of your home, we have the treatments that can stop mold damage and remove mold for good. We also work with you to ensure that potential sources of mold, like water leaks, are fixed to prevent mold from rearing its ugly head a second time around. Our crew will gladly recommend ways for preventing moisture and mold so that you can permanently eliminate spaces where mold can flourish.

Worried about a mold infestation in your home? Stick with the pros and call Hero Mold Company to know how we can help. Call today and get a free quote so you can get started towards reclaiming your home.   All of the Locations we service can be found here