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Homeowner and Managers seek help immediately when foul mold odors sicken the people you love or depend upon. Because, before you realize it, mold growth multiplies exponentially: One day only a closet corner has mold growth; next day it’s half the closet wall.  Plus, as mold eats away interior building materials including merchandise, it destroys your investments and disturbs clients.  Protect people and your investments, call Hero Mold Company for a free Professional Mold Inspection.  We’ll respond quickly to schedule a free mold and moisture inspection. Afterwards, we can talk about costs of cleanup if necessary.

Hero Mold Company offers services to Residential and Commercial clients for Mold Remediation/Removal, Testing and Inspections.  Mold related services we offer are Water Disaster Recovery, Crawl Space Encapsulation and repairs to drywall, floors, plumbing and lighting. We are eager to help Homeowners, Businesses, Home Inspectors, Property Managers, and Real Estate Agents investigate mold growth and related problems.

Hero Mold Company follows successful industry methods developed for various cleaning and restoration services considered best for each situation.  We assure potential clients that your Remediation or Restoration will be handled in the most successful and affordable way possible.

Safeguarding your family and security of your belongings is our most important responsibility to secure:  Before an employee enters your home, their background has been checked for criminal activity and drug testing has been done.  Most of our clients develop from previous client referrals, consequently, excellent customer service is a necessity.

We are Licensed, bonded and insured including Workers Compensation in the state of NC.  

Greensboro, NC Expert Mold Inspections: FREE

Mold Inspection Hero Mold Company Greensboro NC

Mold Inspection

When high humidity or moisture collects in a dwelling, a mold colony is certain to follow.  Most species of mold can develop in 24 to 48 hours and opportune mold spores are always circling.  Mold looks like connected furry round patches of black, brown, yellow, pink or green growth. They spread throughout walls, crawl spaces, basements, ceilings, attics and bathrooms.  Many times, a mold odor will befoul a home but the growth remains hidden. Hero Mold Company quickly finds hidden mold with detection tools that sense differences in temperature and humidity.  These detection tools help find mold beneath flooring, inside heating/cooling ducts, wall cavities, basements and crawl spaces.  When you see mold or smell something musty or earthy, call Hero Mold Company to schedule a free mold inspection immediately.

Hero Mold Company Mold Inspectors understand building maintenance systems and are trained in mold investigation. They will conduct a thorough inspection of your home or office to provide the answers you seek. The Inspection steps are:

  • Inquire about the home’s history of recent repairs to the roof, plumbing leaks and previous flooding.
  • Observe buildings foundation for groundwater problems.  Standing water means faulty landscaping, roofing errors, and building maintenance issues.
  • An exhaustive visual interior inspection is done.  When mold remains hidden, though it’s clearly smelled, technicians will use moisture sensing tools to aid the search.   The tools most often used are infrared cameras and moisture meters.
  • Whole house ventilation is inspected to considered if humidity trapped indoors is the problem.

Please don’t worry over the financial or health cost of possible mold in your house, until we can investigate.  We can quickly provide an expert mold inspection without cost or obligation to you. Take comfort, usually, it’s never as bad as you imagine it to be. 

Regrettably, if mold is found in your home or business, we’ll point it out and discuss remedies.  Be assured, we are determined our services stay budget friendly- we want to serve as many neighbors as we can.

Our goal is to provide the information needed for you to decide what’s best for your property.  Our estimate of mold removal services describes the removal methods, cost and time needed.  Afterwards, we encourage questions as they arise but will step back and leaving you to decide without disturbance.

Honest Mold Testing: No Ambiguous Testing

Setting up Mold Sample Hero Mold Company Greensboro NC

Setting up Mold Sample

Many mold species look and produce similar odors which makes it impossible to tell the species with just a look or whiff.  A Mold expert must examine a sample under a microscope.  Mold needs to be always removed, regardless of species, due to its harmful health effects and damage to buildings.

Be Aware, the identification of mold species will not affect how mold is removed. Usually, you only need confirmation of mold growth to seek advice of a mold removal or remediation company.  Occasionally, mold testing is required to aid certain situations:

  • Your Property Closing needs proof mold treatment is not required.
  • Before- Treatment versus After Treatment- showing how effective the treatment was.
  • A loved family member or valued employee suffering mold sickness needs Species of mold identified to improve or implement a medical treatment plan.
  • Tenants with mold sickness, facing unresponsive landlords, often hire Professional Mold testing.  Mold testing identifying a dangerous species may prod a reluctant Landlord to act.  If your living situation does not improve, we suggest you consult an attorney to understand your full rights as a tenant.

Budget Accurate Mold Testing Methods

Hero Mold Company’s mold testers are trained in building science and cross contamination prevention.   Using testing materials accidentally or carelessly exposed at previous client locations is a common error we guard against.  Mold spore species differ per location throughout our environment so any contamination error may wrongly identify species.  Experts trained to protect against contamination provide the most accurate results.  Hero Mold Company technicians employ rigorous methods of sampling and safety packaging.

Mold samples are collected by:

  • Tape- Lift: Tape touched to the mold colony then lifted off and sealed into specialized packaging.

    Swab Mold Sample Hero Mold Company Greensboro NC

    Swab Mold Sample

  • A clean swab is rubbed across the molds surface then place into tamper proof packaging.
  • Metered Air samples are taken from several locations in the home or business for examination to discover what your breathing.

Hero Mold Testing Company will advise only those mold tests considered reliable to provide the necessary information- saving you from repetitive and ambiguous tests.  Hero Mold Company gladly offers honest professional advice for which mold tests apply to your unique situation.

Mold in Greensboro, NC What is it?

Mold has primordial beginnings.  It recycles dead organic material into its most basic elements for food leaving the leftover nutrient released to the soil. This is beneficial to life outdoors however, mold inside a home or business is destructive.  Mold in a home not only devours building materials and possessions but brings sickness to susceptible people under its influence.

How does Mold Spread?

Mold Spores Release Hero Mold Company Greensboro, NC

Mold Spores Release

Mold colonies reproduce through periodic releasing of incalculable mold spores to the atmosphere.   Spores float unseen on the weakest of air currents developing colonies wherever they land with favorable conditions. Our homes and businesses will always have mold spores floating about. They regularly pass through open doors, windows or are carried inside on someone or something.  Mold spores, also, hide dormant within original building materials waiting for generous sources of moisture to spark growth.  Consequently, Mold Removal technicians focus on removing the excessive water source to kill the colony.  Vigilance against high humidity and water leaks is the best way to keep mold growth away.

Mold Sickness of a loved one deserves fast mold removal to end their suffering.  You’ll get the quickest most successful results with Hero Mold Company professional mold remediation.   Mold Removal for the lone homeowner means facing an overwhelming task that is backbreaking and time consuming.

 Black Toxic Mold: Fear from the Past 

In the Bible, Toxic mold was described as a poisonous black growth on building stones.  Homeowners were directed by elders to remove affected stones far the community and buried deep.

In 1940’s Russia, a large number (34) of horses died of lung hemorrhage.  Investigators discovered that they had been fed wet grains infected with black toxic mold.  It was a very wet harvest that year and the grain stores were polluted throughout with Toxic Black Mold.  Also noted, farmers or handlers who came in contact with the moldy grain developed skin irritation and respiratory infections. Those who unfortunately consumed the grain experienced nausea, diarrhea and occasionally death from lung hemorrhage.  Lessons from this outbreak drifted into a cautionary tale for agricultural farmers and prevention methods continue today.

It wasn’t until the early 1990’s, that homeowners in the states begin to fear black toxic mold.  In 1992, 30 Ohio babies became very ill exhibiting symptoms of lung hemorrhage that rapidly became deadly with 12 of the babies dying.  Panicked Parents across the nation needed investigators to figured out why fast. The Hunt was on for what had sickened these babies.  It was discovered that each baby lived in a formerly flooded home where black toxic mold was growing.  One of the investigators remembered lung hemorrhage details of dead Russian horses, in the 1940’s, making the connection to the babies.   In the following years, more sensational news of deaths or life altering illness attributed to Black Toxic Mold has been routinely heard from coast to coast. Now, most of us have a universal dread, just at the thought, toxic mold could be growing in our home.

Characteristics of Black Toxic Mold 

Black Toxic Mold in Closet Hero Mold Company Greensboro, NC

Black Toxic Mold in Closet

Black Toxic Mold (Stachybotry chartarum) is greenish black in color and appears slimy with moisture.  It generally, travels out from a dark corner in circular patch fashion. Since this mold is heavy with moisture, it is less likely to release pieces into the atmosphere unless disturbed.  Dried up Black Toxic mold resembles a thick ash which is easily disturbed to launch about the atmosphere. Toxic Black Mold thrives in dark hidden areas behind walls, beneath floors, crawl spaces and in basements.  It doesn’t do well in bright sunlight or in breezy locations.

Black Toxic Mold Worries in Greensboro, NC

Potential clients upset at the possibility of black toxic mold (Stachybotry chartarum) growing in their home or business have many reasons to worry:

  • Family member becoming severely ill.
  • How to pay the high probable cost of professional mold removal.  Be assured, Hero Mold Company is determined to stay affordable to people in need.
  • Worried that a future property sale will take a hit because buyers will have to be told about the previous mold.  However, documentation of a successful mold remediation will show a buyer there is nothing to fear.

Knowledge can be comforting:  Stachybotry chartarum mold though common outdoors decomposing dead vegetation is uncommon in an occupied house. This mold needs 8 to 12 days being soaking wet to develop.  Its enemies are strong sunlight, ruffling air currents and professional mold remediation.  Previously flooded vacant homes are the most common place to find Black Toxic Mold.

We can assure you that for most of our clients it didn’t turn out as bad as they imagined.  Save yourself some worry and find out for sure.  Contact Hero Mold Company for a free Mold inspection- no conditions apply.

Where Does Toxic Black Mold Hide or Grow?

Stachybotrys chartarum will thrive somewhere dark and out of active environments (hidden) fed by a long active water leak. Unnoticed plumbing leaks under sinks, behind walls, beneath floors, and within ceilings, are prime development locations. 

 Health Costs of Black Toxic Mold 

We’ve known for many years that Stachybotrys chartarum mold is poisonous to people and their pets. It causes health effects such as headaches, respiratory infections, nausea, lung hemorrhage and in worst-case death.  It produces a higher concentration of mycotoxins than other mold species and will even repel other species from growing near it.  Mycotoxin poison spreads through the air and poisons by a touch, consuming or inhaling the spores as they float by.

A less well-known health cost of mold infestation is loss of smell due the strong odor mold releases.  Our ability to taste complex flavors within a meal depends a great deal on our sense of smell.  When we scent food, odor molecules move up our nose to commingle with the 5 types of taste receptors.  Our taste buds’ sense salty, sweet, bitter, sour and savory.  These two senses combine to deliver our enjoyment of a complex favorable dinner.  Science claims that as much as 90 % of what we taste is due to smell.  Families in a mold infested home are unlikely to fully enjoy once favorite meals.

Without any financial cost to you, contact Hero Mold Company for a mold inspection and find out if mold is making your kids sick. 

Greensboro, NC Mold Removal: Steps for Success

We follow a well-established successful treatment plan developed primarily by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration).  Our safe professional Black Toxic Mold Remediation process returns a healthy atmosphere to you and your family.

Mold HEPA Vacuum Cleanup Hero Mold Company Greensboro, NC

Mold HEPA Vacuum Cleanup

The type of mold species will not change the steps of mold removal, cleanup or remediation. We proceed with well-rehearsed procedures they are:

  • Stop the water source feeding the mold colony and it will die.
  • Build a barrier of disposal vinyl walls to contain mold infected areas and seal all seams with special tape.  Doors, windows and HVAC duct-work will be sealed leaving one sliding seam door for technicians to come and go.
  • Negative air pressure will be implemented within the chamber to capture air currents teaming with mold spores from scattering to mold free areas in the house.
  • Technicians use commercial HEPA Vacuums to remove mold growth including entrapping the disturbed mold spores.
  • Pours building materials (drywall, carpet, wood…) massively damaged by mold are removed, sealed in thick bags, to the dump.  Solid building materials (steel, glass, tile…) will be scrubbed cleaned with a mold killing solution.

After Mold Removal in Greensboro, NC

Afterwards, areas damp from solutions will be dried with industrial heaters.  Lastly, all areas are left ready for remodeling and worry-free habitation.

The extensive training our technicians receive has translated into success for previous clients and we look forward to helping others.   We promise to keep clients informed- this displays our respect, generates goodwill and takes little effort.

Greensboro, NC Home Repairs Afterwards

Hero Mold Company are building repair experts for wood framing, drywall, insulation, electrical break and plumbing leaks.  Don’t go through the hassle and often frustrating process of contacting several other contractors to make repairs. Also, by hiring us you’ll have no worries about allowing someone else into your home.

When Insurance Covers Mold Costs? 

Homeowners may find Insurance covering their mold damage if it was caused by what is called a “covered Peril”.  Covered Perils are best described as accidental some examples are:

  • A burst water pipe releases a large amount of water into your living room while you’re at work soaking the carpet, drywall and before you can call the insurance agency mold develops.
  • dishwasher, clothes washer or water heater.  Stop the flow of water as soon as it’s found then call the Insurance Agent.
  • A good quality washer hose (not old or worn) starts leaking but you don’t notice it before you began smelling mold.

The import action to take as soon as you notice a leak is to stop the water flow to reduce the water damage in the home before you call the Insurance Agent.

Why Insurance won’t Cover Mold Removal?

Insurance agencies expect that you will perform regular maintenance.   Such as, using the exhaust fan in the bathrooms to vent humidity, periodically checking the basement, crawl space, attic.  Maintenance doesn’t end with the interior the outside must also be checked regularly including Roof repair or replacement.

Damage due to poor or no maintenance is not covered some examples are:

  • The 30-year-old roof has been leaking into the attic and you don’t really know how long but decide to check on it later.  Next week you see mold covering the attic rafters and are worried about toxic mold.  Insurance may not help because the roof should have been repaired when the leak was found.  Roofs last 20 to 30 years, depending on quality and the Insurance agency will consider its age before paying claims.
  • You spy a small amount of Mold in a corner down in the basement and then forget about it. Then one day you smell mold and after checking the basement you see that the mold has bloomed across a wall.  Be aware, mold growth, very quickly, picks up exponentially because as a colony increases so does its ability to produce more members.
  • Flood damage is not covered, unless, you have a separate flood disaster policy.

We don’t intend to provide Legal advice. Contact your Homeowners Insurance Agent to be sure about coverage.

DIY Black Toxic Mold Test Kit- Worthwhile?

Mold has been with us since primordial times and is essential to the well-being of our environment.  Mold exist in colonies that spread out in circular fashion and are found nearly everywhere on earth except the arctic. They thrive in moisture rich environments decomposing dead things for food.  Colored fuzzy patches of black, white, orange, green or purple are common, but often depends on food source. They reproduce by releasing spores, not visible to the naked eye, to coast with passing breezes. People are exposed to mold spores everyday while outside or occasionally indoors – you really can’t escape inhaling mold spores. The problem arises when a large amount of mold spores is inhaled inside a home with a mold infestation.

Black Toxic Mold test kits promise to let the consumer know if there is mold in their home.  Generally, it’s a small tray (petri-dish) containing a nourishing compound that feeds mold.  Theory is that if you have a problem with mold it will in a short period show up as growth in the tray. Homeowners are desperate to discover if toxic mold is growing in their homes. However, you should be aware these kits have many errors and no good answers.

Errors of DIY Mold Testing Kits

  • Incalculable Mold spores of many species float about our world indoors and out.  It should be no surprise that a small tray with moist food grows mold in a day or two- even in a non-infested home.

    Mold in Tray Hero Mold Company Greensboro NC

    Mold in Tray

  • The mold spore growing in the tray may not have anything to do with the mold growth in the home.  Species of mold spores are different sizes and weights. Presumably, the lightest mold spore lands first but it may not be the species causing trouble.
  • When the mold kit doesn’t develop growth, it doesn’t mean your’re in the clear because, the kit could have been stored in extreme temperatures or for so long that the nutrient went bad.
  • Species of mold growth can’t be determined by looking because many species share characteristics- it must be examined by an expert under a microscope.
  • The extent of the mold infection can’t be understood by how long it took mold to form in the petri-dish.  Mold Species grow at different rates so a growth can only tell you a mold spore found it.
  • Many times, the Mold test kit company will offer further testing for an additional charge but these labs seldom provide information beyond species which may not be the actual species causing the problem.

Real life is complicated and it really takes an expert to evaluate mold growth in a home not a DIY mold test kit.

Fair Cost Crawl Space Encapsulation

Crawl Space Encapsulation encloses the home from the soil under the home and the outside environment to prevent harmful gases such as radon, methane (decomposing organic matter) and nasty odors from invading the living space.  Building an envelope will also prevent Energy loss from the home to the great outdoors.

Standing Water in Crawl Space Hero Mold Company Greensboro NC

Standing Water in Crawl Space

Crawl Spaces, in most homes, generally have fiberglass insulation fitted between the floor joists and several ventilation vents situated around the perimeter that can be opened or closed to control humidity.  Generally, a thick poly sheeting is laid across the earth but purposely falling short of reaching the edges of the crawl space this is done so that any water that may gather could escape to the earth without flooding the crawl space, however, it also allows gases a path from the soil to the home.

During hot weather, vents are opened to remove the humid air in the crawl space.  Real-world experience has shown that venting the crawl space will only be effective if the humidity outside is lower than the inside which in Greensboro, NC almost never happens. During cold weather, vents are closed to prevent energy loss to the cold outside, however, a crawl space that is cold pulls heat from the home above because the insulation placed between the floor joists under the house is in most cases inadequate, damaged or missing.

Why is Good Air Important?

 University Studies have shown 50% or more of the air in our homes originates in the crawl space.  These studies have shown a Crawl space atmosphere is often swarming with mold spores, odors, radon gas and bacteria from dead and living critters. This polluted air is drawn upwards into the home not only bringing foul odors but sickness to susceptible family members.  For a quick understanding of what your family is breathing, ask Hero Mold Company to check the quality of the air in your crawl space.  We can evaluate it for mold, mildew, insects, excessive moisture and rodents- this is all done free of charge or expectation.  Should you need cleaner air, Hero Mold Company can make a fast-affordable fix.

Crawl Space Encapsulation Steps to Better Health 

The Crawl Space will be swept cleaned and the ground leveled.

  • Ground Water problems are investigated and solved with proper grading of the land surrounding the home, building drain tile around the crawl space and installing a sump-pump.
  • Insulation that is wet, moldy and damaged is removed from between the floor joists.
  • Wood Framing with irreparable moisture damage will be replaced.

    Crawl Space Encapsulation Hero Mold Company Greensboro NC

    Crawl Space Encapsulation

  • A monolithic poly membrane that is puncture resistant that will be installed to cover the ground and to ride up the interior perimeter walls of the crawl space about 8 inches.
  • All Seams and edges are sealed with tape to prevent rising gasses and humidity from the soil into the homes interior space.
  • Vents will be covered to prevent air or energy loss.
  • Insulation applied on the interior perimeter of the crawlspace walls to control energy loss.
  • A dehumidifier or air-exchange system will remove Residual Humidity.

Hero Mold Company offers the best cost locally for Crawl Space Encapsulation services troubled with mold infestation or standing water. Expert crawl space encapsulation generally accompanied with a dehumidifier or air exchange will repel Mold, Rot and prevent Energy loss.  Critters and insects looking for food and shelter will be prevented access to the crawl space. 

Greensboro Water Disaster Cleanup: Reasonable Cost

Burst Pipe in Shower Hero Mold Company Greensboro NC

Burst Pipe in Shower

There are a multitude of reasons for a deluge of water inside home such as roof damage, busted plumbing pipe, water heater break, overflowing tubs, backup of sewage, flood and others.  Water disasters in homes are important to clean up quickly because wet carpet, wallboard, wooden floors… will develop mold in as little as 24 to 48 hours. A family is not ready to battle against an incredible force of water suddenly dropping into their homes- it’s quite unexpected.  For a family to move quickly with water removal equipment is nearly impossible. Most families don’t maintain high speed water removal pumps and will have to rent them and you can bet many others need to rent the same equipment.  Thus, most families suffer further misery when the water damage is followed by a massive mold growth.

Even a small volume of water can be overwhelming for example, a second story toilet overflow can send water into the ceiling of the room below maybe causing a partial collapse of the drywall.   Depending where it is (could be next to electrical lights) and what building materials are involved, it would lead to faster and better results to hire Hero Mold Company specialists.  Our Specialists with the help our commercial high-volume vacuum pumps will rapidly pull out the water and then using commercial heaters dry out the building materials quickly.  Spectacularly Fast action is needed to protect the house from the further destruction caused by the likely coming mold.

Greensboro, NC Budget Friendly Flood Repairs

When flood waters recede, Hero Mold Company will act fast to extract the water, dry out the building materials, remove building material too damaged to be fixed and restore all as it should be.

Water carves mountains- its force is unparalleled on our planet. Floods will take down buildings within mere moments and leave nothing untouched. However, the dangers don’t end when the water is calm and in retreat.  Flood waters are swirling with bacteria, weed killers, dead animals, raw sewage and dangerous chemicals from vehicles (fuel, battery acid and oil).  Stay safe, don’t slog through flood waters except to find your way out of danger.  The lone Business Manager or homeowner may quickly find it beyond their abilities to quickly extract the water left behind after the flooding.  Please give us an opportunity to show you how we can help.  Contact us- we won’t disappoint.

Flood Disaster Help: Hero Mold Company

Hero Mold Company Maintains a Rapid Response Team for any water disaster you may be suffering. When floodwaters recede and it’s safe to return, it’s important to act fast to extract the water from your home or business: get expert help from Greensboro NC Hero Mold Company.

Quality Water disaster Restoration Steps

  • Stop the water Flow
  • Use industrial Rapid volume pumps to extract the water.  Trying to use a shop vac like the kind found at your home store just won’t do the job quick enough before you face the follow up disaster of MOLD. 
  • We use Large specialized heaters and Turbo Fans to rapidly dry soggy building materials to prevent mold or bacteria.  Note, be careful who you hire: Hero Mold Company Water Disaster technicians have the experience to properly operate industrial heaters- improper usage of these machines have burned down several homes.
  • We will sanitize all building materials and personal belongings to encourage worry free usage.
  • Hero Mold Removal Water Damage Restoration Technicians are taught to recheck procedures to make sure nothing is missed.

Hero Mold Company disaster cleanup promise is to rapidly remove water from the client’s property and restore as if it never happen. Talk to us!  We’re eager to provide the absolute best water damage restoration in Greensboro, NC.

Other Mold Testing Locations:


Greensboro, NC Hero Mold Company

Greensboro, NC

Greensboro, North Carolina

Greensboro, NC is a city located in the central Piedmont region midway between the Blue Ridge and The Great Smoky Mountains. The Cape Fear River travels for 200 miles through North Carolina till it empties into the Deep and Haw River then onward past Greensboro on their journey to the Atlantic Ocean.  Transportation for the movement of goods and supplies is made easy by three interstate highways. The  interstates 40, 85 and 73 were designed to intersect at Greensboro to advantage manufacturing in the area. Like much of the southeastern part of the country Greensboro climate is humid subtropical with 4 distinct seasons.  Residents say summers are hot and humid with frequent thunderstorms and winters are brief and mild.

Greensboro Rail Depot Hero Mold Company Greensboro, NC

Greensboro Rail Depot

History of Greensboro, North Carolina

The Native Americans tribe called Saura who settled along the waterways just as the European settlers did to build strong trading transportation routes.  Land for city was purchased from the Saura for $98 in the early 1800’s. The town had grown to 370 members by 1821.

Quakers spreading out from Pennsylvania in 1751 started a religious community in Greensboro that in 3 years later grew to 40 Quaker families. This community became so important that it added members from as far away as Nantuck and then went on to establish other religious communities in the state and the Appalachians.

Governor John Morehead in 1840 requested that Greensboro be one of the stops on a new railroad line which was a little self-dealing because he owned the plantation Blandwood located in Greensboro. The increased rail traffic opened massive access to markets that the city grew rapidly becoming known as “Gate City” a transportation hub for the Piedmont area.

Honda Jet Hero Mold Company Greensboro, NC

Honda Jet


Starting in the 1960 the Tabaco and Textile industries began to move manufacturing to China to take advantage of the lower production cost and less regulations.  Since then it has become a central hub for the Transportation industry because of its central location.

FedEx built a $300 million air-cargo and sorting hub at Piedmont airport that opened its doors in 2009.  The Company added to the great economic advantage to the business in the town and accounts for roughly 1500 local employees. Time brought change of economic industry as the desire for Tabaco lessen the location became linked to higher education and the tremendous amount of Medical Research development in the area.

HondaJet built an 80 million customer service facility at the Piedmont Triad International Airport in Greensboro and added 400 jobs to the city. This is where the prototype HondaJet define as a very light business Jet was developed and tested.

Two research universities, North Carolina A&T State (Black College established in the late 19th century) and North Carolina at Greensboro have become leaders in high tech and science ventures.

Greensboro, NC Hero Mold Company

Greensboro, NC Neighborhood

Popular Neighborhoods in Greensboro, North Carolina

Greensboro is comprised of 76 neighborhoods with a population in 2017 of 267,743 and is identified as a mixed workforce of white and blue-collar jobs as neither dominate the local economy.  College students arriving in the fall positively impacts the service industries by providing thousands of fast food and entertainment customers.

The Cardinal Community with single family homes and townhomes just outside of the city proper is a family friendly community. Residents enjoy nice parks, pools, lots of trees and a few ponds. The Cardinal neighborhood was developed around an 18-hole golf course and Country Club. Club house with exercise equipment, large outdoor pool, play area for kids and green spaces for walking, jogging, hiking.  The community board brings a wealth of community activities for people and families to enjoy through the year.

The Green Valley neighborhood features include, swim and tennis club (The Swamp), The Bog Garden and Bicentennial Garden.  Green Valley is diamond shaped and covers a little over a square mile traveling through hills and valleys from Westridge in the northwest corner to Green Valley in the southeast. Most of the homes were built in the 1960 and 1970’s lending an air of maturity.

University Neighborhoods like College Hill, Green Valley and Westerwood gives staff and students a place to live without a lot of commute time.  Many of the homes near the college were built in the 1920 in the favorite style of the day Bungalow a smaller generally single-story home with a wide front porch.

Other neighborhoods are Tamannary Forest, Starmount, Reedy Fork Ranch, Quaker Run, Pleasant Garden, Irving Park, Fisher Park and on.

Greensboro, North Carolina Attractions:

Tanger Family Bicentennial Garden Hero Mold Company Greensboro, NC

Tanger Family Bicentennial Garden

Tanger Family Bicentennial Garden

The Tanger Family Bicentennial Garden is 7.5 acres of planned gardens, well-kept grounds, bronze sculptures and a wedding gazebo for your memories. Your friends and family gain a unique perspective exploring the Sensory Garden which provides an interactive landscape experience. A manmade recirculating stream add its noise rounding out the visual experience and providing a peaceful rest stop.

Greensboro Science Center Hero Mold Company Greensboro, NC

Greensboro Science Center

Greensboro Natural Science Center

The center is science museum, zoo, aquarium and 3D Theater in 3 levels. The dinosaur exhibits are high tech using holographic videos and models in motion bringing excitement for learning excitement for the entire family.  The well-stocked Aquarium contains a sting ray petting tank which is a big hit for adults and children. The small zoo boasts penguins and a petting enclosure. There is also sky wild an obstacle course located in the trees geared for young teens and is so popular it requires an advance sign up.

Owl Taking Bath in Bog Hero Mold Company Greensboro, NC

Owl Taking Bath in Bog

Bog Garden in Benjamin Park

The Bog Garden is 7 acres of pathways into wetlands. You and your family can enjoy wandering through a bog forest along beds of roes and strands of wild bamboo. An elevated boardwalk allows for a mud free nature hike so no worries over wet dogs and kids. Surprising rushing creek waters tricked out with a man-made waterfall you can discover among the forest creatures brings a new life perspective.

Guilford Courthouse Hero Mold Company Guilford Courthouse

Guilford Courthouse

Guilford Courthouse National Military Park

The park lies on the location of the Revolutionary War Battle of Guilford Courthouse between Maj. General Greene’s militia versus Lord Cornwallis army of brits and paid German soldiers.  This is a protected battlefield where presumably many soldiers lie in unmarked graves therefore metal detecting is not allowed. The park should be treated with the same respect afforded to a national cemetery.  The tours through the park battlefield are self-guided with markers at special locations. There is also a historic 18th century colonial farm enriched with a Cell Phone Audio Tour to explore.  Special events such as the Battle Anniversary and Living History programs engage people from surrounding states as well as locals.