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Hero Mold Company has been certified by IICRC and RSA certifications which means we have been trained by those organizations for Industry established mold and moisture inspections and effective mold removal or remediation procedures.  IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration) is the non-profit certifying, teaching and resource center for the cleaning and restoration industry. All of their certifying programs are based on modern science and years of industry experience. RSA (Restoration Sciences Academy) an institute developed to training real-world application of cleaning or restoration practices for mold remediation, water restoration- drying out building materials and hazardous biological cleanup.

Your family’s safety and the protection of your property is a priority of ours and we take every step we can to ensure it. Any employee who enters your home undergoes a background check for criminal behavior and undergoes random drug testing. We are Licensed, bonded and insured including Workers Compensation in the state of NC.  

Accurate Free Mold Inspections

At your request, Hero Mold Company will quickly schedule a free mold and moisture investigation in your home or business. Without a financial cost, your fears of possible toxic mold in your house could be alleviated or if unhappily mold has taken hold, you’ll be advised what will be required to remove the mold. We will provide within a short time a detailed estimate for service that is devised to be budget-friendly with strong client approval guarantees.

Mold Testing

You can’t identify a mold’s species just by looking but Visible mold does come with the certainty that it must be removed and sometimes that’s all that needed to move forward. However, when you need more information to aid decision such as:

Proof your home or office is free of mold because of an important real estate sale.

In cases of severe mold infestation and an unresponsive Landlord, tenants can take legal action against their Landlord and seek help in the Courts.  However, be aware North Carolina Rental Laws do not allow tenants to holdback rent or repair costs without the approval of a Judge or Magistrate. Professional Mold testing may provide proof of a terrible mold infestation which could help a court to act. However, these cases are very complex and we don’t intend to provide legal advice. We suggest you seek a lawyer’s counsel to understand full ramifications of any action.

Species of mold identified to improve or implement a medical treatment plan.

Statistics of Pre- mold removal versus Post- removal conditions- sometimes done to show successful treatment.

We will only use accredited independent third-party labs. The cost of the testing will be based on how many samples are needed which is determined by how large an area is affected. Contact us for a free estimate for mold testing specific to your house.

Hero Mold Testing Company will advise only those mold tests all concerned parties have agreed upon as necessary- protecting you from redundant and ambiguous tests.   Hero Mold Company will readily offer free advice on what mold testing we believe is necessary for your situation. We are determined to stay affordable with your bottom line to ensure you get the professional needed help.

Budget-Friendly Mold Removal Services

Mold has been a common permanent biological process in our ecosystem since life began. It functions as the primary process of decomposition of dead vegetable and animal matter.  Decomposition gives mold energy to reproduce with the excess nutrients released into the soil where it aids new plant growth. Decomposition by mold is necessary and good when it happens outdoors, completing the circle of life, but indoor mold is destructive to the health of humans and their companion pets. Plus, mold along with its ever-present component of water will rot and devour building materials.

Mold growth requires 4 elements to develop and thrive: mold spore, nutrients in the form of dead organic matter (wood, carpet, and drywall), temperatures close to 70 degrees or higher and water.  Mold Colonies appear as unsightly swollen patches of black, brown, yellow, pink or green stinky growth on walls, basements, bathrooms… wherever excessive moisture gathers. Mold could also be out of view in heating/cooling ducts, inside wall cavities, wet floors or carpets- all possibly due to an unknown plumbing leak, roof leak, or groundwater runoff.

Most experts agree that all mold and mold spores cannot be totally eliminated in your house, no matter the species, because they can be carried back in from the great outdoors.  The most practical way to defeat mold in the home or office is to control the excess moisture and then remove the mold remnants so everyone can breathe again.

Should We Fear Black Toxic Mold?

Black Mold on Basement Wall Hero Mold Company Wilson NC

Black Mold on Basement Wall

The feared black toxic mold called Stachybotrys chartarum is common in our outdoor environment thriving in soil and on dead plant and animal debris. Black Toxic Mold easily grows on wet sheetrock or gypsum ceiling boards.

Most property owners fear being told their house has black toxic mold because they’ve heard the horrible press reports that such a home is dangerous to live in and will require huge fees to remove it. Plus, when they try and sell the property, they are required by law to divulge the presence of mold suggesting a tough sale.

A slight dose of reality- Stachybotrys chartarum mold growth is, for the most part, a rare occurrence in an occupied house. This slimy dense black toxic mold is somewhat fragile, doesn’t like air currents, requires a lot of water and a substantial amount of time to develop- 8 to 12 days instead of the 24 to 48 hours it takes for several other mold species. Mostly it’s found in previously flooded homes that continue to contain a very high rate of humidity to continuously feed the mold.

Characteristics of Black Toxic Mold  

Stachybotrys chartarum mold is dark black-green in color and appears dense with a covering layer of moisture. This means it’s less likely to release spores into the atmosphere unless disturbed.  When its water source has dried up, it will appear like a thick layer of soot that is easily disturbed to send pieces of itself soaring.

Where Does Toxic Black Mold Hide or Grow?

Black Mold Under Sink Hero Mold Company Wilson NC

Black Mold Under Sink

Generally, Stachybotrys chartarum will be located somewhere hidden- it doesn’t thrive in direct sunlight or in places disturbed by ruffling breezes. Most often Stachybotrys chartarum is found in places with a very active leak that has been there awhile. Continuous plumbing Leaks behind walls, under floors above ceilings, are the usual places it’s found. 

When we became Fearful of Black Toxic Mold?

Although toxic mold has been found in homes since we started living in them it wasn’t 1990’s that we begin to connect health repercussions of exposure to one of the most toxic species of mold- Stachybotrys chartarum. In the early 1990s, 30 babies living in Ohio became ill with a deadly pulmonary disease frightening the authorities and many parents at the time. During the consequent medical investigation, it was found that each infant lived in a previously flooded home in which black toxic mold was growing. From this point forward Black Toxic Mold became very well known- something learned to be feared by all property owners.

Symptoms of Black Toxic Mold

We know Stachybotrys chartarum mold produces a higher concentration of mycotoxins than other mold species and is a strong enough poison to stop competing mold species and is sadly responsible for the long-term illness of many people and worse yet some deaths.

Mycotoxin is a poisonous chemical produced by fungi that will cause disease and sometimes a miserable death to exposed animals and humans. Adverse health effects of toxic mold sickness might include headache, fatigue, respiratory infections, damage to internal organs, nausea, hemorrhage in lungs, hallucinations, and inflammation of eyes, throat, or skin.

Contact Hero Mold Company when unexplained illness in the family looks like it shares the same symptoms of toxic mold sickness, we can check to see if mold is the culprit.

Safe Removal of Toxic Black House Mold

You are here because in some fashion mold is disrupting your life. Airborne mold spores cause allergic symptoms when breathed in which is why when removing an indoor infestation, the Hero Mold Company, will follow guidelines from the IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration). They have determined that using a combination of air scrubbers, negative air pressure within an area containment and HEPA vacuuming is the most successful way to ensnare the mold during cleanup- reducing further exposure to our clients this mold irritant.

We will give you the tools you need to decide what’s best for your property. The written assessment and estimate of mold removal services will detail what needs to be done, what materials will be required for repairs and guarantees for client approval. We encourage contact for questions that may arise, but other than that we will not hound you.

No Danger Black Mold Removal Steps

Mold species does not change the procedures of mold removal, cleanup or remediation procedures. Industry accepted procedures are:

No water no life. End the moisture source feeding the mold colony.

Containment of infected areas with the use of walls made of plastic sheeting and tape.  Doorways and vents will be sealed with the exception of a controlled entrance in one doorway for mold technicians to come and go. This special treatment contains within the dirty area most of the mold spores stirred up while cleaning.

Negative air pressure is set up in the containment chamber to stop the flow of air currents within the room from moving outside.

Technicians use industrial HEPA Vacuums on the mold’s surface remove and ensnare most of the mold spores during cleanup.

Porous building material that can’t be salvaged from advanced decomposition will be sealed in bags and removed to the Dump. Porous Building material deemed salvageable will be cleaned and repaired.  Non- porous building material such as steel, glass, tile and stone building material will be scrubbed clean with a mold killing solution and dried with industrial heaters.

Containment areas will be scrubbed cleaned of all dust and left ready for necessary repairs, remodeling or occupancy.

During Mold Removal, technicians will use protective gear to keep from inhaling mold spores and may look a bit frightening. However, they are necessary safety precautions and not meant to heighten concerns.

Repairs to the House after Mold Removal

Household Repairs Hero Mold Company Wilson, NC

Household Repairs

Unlike many other mold remediation companies, Hero Mold Removal Company repairs wood framing, Sheetrock, insulation and also takes care of any electrical and plumbing needs.  No need to go through the hassle of finding several other contractors to make necessary repair nor is there need to trust another company with access to your home and family.

Insurance Covered Costs of Mold Removal

Please talk to your Homes Insurance Agent if it’s suspected that the mold outbreak started from a sudden plumbing leak- like a burst pipe.  After the discovered leak, if you can show customary repairs to protect the property from further damage were made insurance agencies, in many cases, will cover all costs incurred as the result of the leak. However, if the damage is due to poor maintenance such as the roof should have been fixed or replaced or you knew about a leaky pipe yet failed to fix it, they will not cover it.  Also, construction mistakes and storm damage leading to standing or surface water are also exempt- unless you purchased separate flood insurance.

Pro Free Mold Inspections in Wilson, NC

When you suspect Mold in your Home or Business, the way to a cure can start with a Free, no-obligation, Mold and Moisture Inspection by Hero Mold Company. You need only contact us and we’ll schedule an inspection quickly.

Once the mold and its water source are located, a written detailed estimate for mold remediation and its costs will be provided. We will provide just the demonstrable facts- absolutely No scare tactics.  We understand that most clients will consult with 2 or 3 other Mold Remediation Companies. We intend to stand out from the others with greater technical skills and an obviously more affordable plan to restore a healthy atmosphere within your home.

Hero’s Mold Company Free Mold Inspection Procedure

Infrared Scanner Hero Mold Company Wilson NC

Infrared Scanner for Moisture Detection

Hero Mold Company Mold Inspectors (who are trained in building sciences as well as mold investigations) will make an exhaustive mold and moisture damage investigation- some of what they do follows:

First, we’ll talk about why you called. They will listen to your suspicion of where the mold is located.

History of the building concerning storm damage, recent repairs, flooding, and roof or plumbing leaks will be discussed.

The perimeter of the property will be checked for drainage problems– commonly caused by landscaping, roofing or building maintenance issues.

An exhaustive visual inspection of the interior will be made and in the case of hidden mold, they will use technical tools to aid the search from crawl space up to the Attic. 

Focused areas of high probability for excessive moisture are attics, crawl spaces, bathrooms, seldom-used rooms and basements they will be examined first. The building’s ventilation will also be evaluated to considered if humidity trapped indoors is the problem.

Hidden Mold Inside Wall

Hidden Mold Hero Mold Company Wilson, NC

Hidden Mold Inside a Wall

Many times, the distinctive odor of mold will lead us to it.   Mold, quite often, will be visible on the lower portion of a wall, under wallpaper, under a sink, behind a toilet, beneath the carpet… Sometimes the Mold is out of sight, hidden, then calibrated tools are used to find the excessive moisture a necessary element of mold. For example:

Camera Infrared Technology will use the difference in temperature to show cold spots that can suggest a roof or plumbing leak.

Scanner reading of moisture levels can be taken throughout the home to find areas of excessive humidity- a troubled location.

Camera on a Stick:  When a suspicious location is behind a wall, a small hole will be opened through the wallboard in which a small camera attached to a thin bendable cable with light. The camera can then be maneuvered around the wall cavity while being viewed on a remote screen. This is a way to see if mold is growing within the wall cavity without causing a lot of damage to the wall.

You will never be held up by us for costly mistakes attributed to ignorance; we have been well trained by IICRC and RSA and have received all necessary certifications. Plus, we perform maintenance at regular intervals on our fleet of industrial air-scrubbing machines and service trucks so no worries over equipment failures to cause holdups. We will keep clients informed every step of the way- keeping clients informed displays our respect, generates goodwill and takes little effort.

Wilson, NC Accurate, Affordable Mold Testing

Swab Mold Test Sample Hero Mold Company Wilson, NC

Swab Mold Test Sample

Post Remediation Testing compared to Pre-Remediation Testing, Property Closing Requirements and Testing Ordered by a Court in Apartments or Rentals Personal Liability Law Suits

Visible mold will mostly mean Mold Testing is not needed because mold removal or remediation proceeds the same regardless of mold species.  The situations when mold testing is pertinent happens when a property closing demands it, a medical treatment plan needs it or when a property owner needs to know one way or another.

Mold testing is highly suspect if performed by an inexperienced or ill-trained mold tester. Mold Samples are contaminated if testing materials are exposed to other locations through improper handling. Mold spores are common throughout our environment and different locations harbor different species. When it’s important to get accurate mold testing, hiring experts is the safest way.

Air Sampling Hero Mold Company Wilson, NC

Air Sample Catch for Mold

Pre-remediation testing, when compared with Post-remediation testing, can prove a successful remediation- very important in Real Estate Closings or insurance-related concerns.  Hero Mold Company is certified in mold testing. They obtain samples in a clean catch manner and carefully seal in tamper-proof packaging in the client’s presence. The samples are sent to only non- affiliated accredited Labs for mold analysis. For those clients that desire us to perform both mold testing and, if necessary, its remediation, we will do everything possible to assure them of our honesty.

Mold samples can be collected in several ways:

Physical samples are taken with sticky tape pushed on top of the visible mold then lifted off or a swab wiped across it then place into tamper-proof packaging. Mold samples are evaluated by a mold specialist who can determine species and age of colony- important in legal cases and medical diagnosis.

Airborne mold spores level can be determined with air samples taken throughout the home or business. Caution- a control sample taken outdoors should also be part of the examination to understand what’s in the surrounding environment and highlight any unusual mold in the building. However, an atmosphere-controlled lab needs to do the analysis or any significant results could be lost to contamination.

DIY Mold Test Kits

DIY Mold Test Kit Hero Mold Company Wilson, NC

DIY Mold Test Kit

Be Aware: Home mail-order test kits like Petri-dishes have a less than useful reputation. Mold spores exist everywhere so your test kit will probably develop mold because it’s the perfect environment for them.  Just one mold spore floating through an open door or window and landing on the dish could in 24 to 48 hours produce a colony- in your non-infested home. Call a professional Hero Mold Company, it will cost nothing and you’ll have more success finding the mold problem in your home with expert help.

Positive Mold Test Results will regrettably mean you’ll need mold removal. It would be best to engage a professional mold remediation company and get it done right from the start so you won’t have to worry about a relapse. Don’t overpay! Compare estimates- we are certain you’ll find Hero Mold Company in Wilson, NC the best in price and expertise locally.

Wilson, NC Crawl Space Encapsulation

Hero Mold Company Professional Encapsulation accompanied with a dehumidifier or air exchange system STOPS Mold, Rot, Mildew, Insects, Pests and Improves Energy Efficiency.

Houses have Crawl spaces designed with several cross-ventilation vents to remove humidity and freshen the air traveling upwards into the home.  During spring, summer, and fall we leave the vents open to hopefully move moisture from under the home out to the great outdoors. During winter, we close the vents to keep out the cold in an attempt to conserve energy.  However, it really becomes a cold sink that draws heat or energy from the building above because in most situations the insulation placed between the floor joists under the house is inadequate or ill-maintained.

Wet Crawl Space Hero Mold Company Wilson, NC

Wet Nasty Crawl Space

The humidity coming from the great outdoors or from the dwelling above into the open crawl space, in most cases, will be trapped causing mold, mildew and becoming a draw for insects- termites and cockroaches require moist conditions so it becomes an ideal home. Unlike the great outdoors that has wind and sunlight to disperse heavy air humidity, in a crawl space, it tends to hover next to the ground.  Pests, like mice, drawn to the moist conditions will most likely get inside your home through the crawl space and from there use the wall cavities to travel throughout the home. Crawl Space Encapsulation would put an end to these problems.

Much has changed in the understanding of building science within the last few decades- we now understand that 50% of the air in our homes comes from the crawl space. This means the air in the crawl space should be clean not teeming with mold spores, mildew odors, radon gas and bacteria from pest waste all of which travels upwards bringing foul odors and perhaps sickness to loved ones. Ask Hero Mold Removal to test your Crawl Space for mold and humid laden air, at no charge or expected obligation.

Benefits of Encapsulation

Encapsulated Crawl Space Hero Mold Company Wilson, NC

Encapsulated Crawl Space

A Healthy Solution to a home’s Crawl Space troubled with high humidity and mold will require mold removal, Repair or replacement of damaged building materials and the afterward continuous dehumidification of the crawl space.  Taking these steps have been shown to help repair the following issues:

Soft or rotting floor joists (needs to be repaired during encapsulation)

High Heating and Cooling Costs

Wet Insulation (removed during encapsulation)

High Humidity   

Pests and Insect Infestations

Modern Homeowners have the ability to provide their families with healthy air and enjoy substantial energy savings by sealing or encapsulating their crawl space. Whenever you smell that musky smell of mold or mildew, Seek the help of a Budget-Friendly Encapsulation Specialist: Hero Mold Company.

Wilson, NC Water Damage Restoration Company

Broken Pipe Hero Mold Company Wilson, NC

Broken Pipe Water Disaster

Many Homeowners face disasters when heavy rains fall through a hole in the roof, a plumbing pipe burst, sewage backup, rising floodwaters and other acts of God. Depending on the volume of water released, the Homeowner using a shop vac and fans to dry it up can implement the restoration. However, if the task seems overwhelming its best to hire specialists to move quickly and protect the house from further damage by rapidly removing the water and drying everything out.

Hero Mold Company is a Water Damage Restoration Specialist who has the technical knowledge, specialized industrial equipment, and several trained employees for fast action water removal.

Affordable Water Damage Restoration: Hero Mold Company

Flood Waters Damage Restoration Hero Mold Company Wilson, NC

Flood Waters Damage Restoration

Hero Mold Removal Maintains a Rapid Response Team for fast action concerning Water Damage Restoration.

It’s important to act fast whenever floodwater flows into your home or business because it only takes 24 to 48 hours for mold to develop in a moisture-rich environment and bacteria are always thriving, in floodwaters, ready to find a live nutritious host.

Floodwaters are dangerous swirling cauldrons of bacteria, pesticides, biological compounds, raw sewage and hazardous chemicals such as fuel, battery acid, and oil. A home that has been flooded needs a professional cleanup crew for the best success and it usually, regrettably, requires partial removal of sheetrock and carpet.  Sheetrock wallboard acts as a giant sponge so it should be taken out a few feet above the waterline.  Wall to wall carpet that has been flooded in floodwaters or sewage is really beyond the point of no return to get ever get clean because bacteria that can cause hideous diseases will get stuck between small fibers and await new hosts.

Top Quality Water Damage Restoration Procedures

  • Industrial Rapid volume pumps and HEPA vacuums need to be used to remove water from your home anything a homeowner owns just won’t be able to cope. The size of pumps or even how many machines depends on the volume of water. The company you consult and eventually hire should have access to modern equipment that will work fast and well.
  • Absolutely fast drying of all building materials is required after all standing water is removed to prevent mold or bacteria from growing. Large industrial heaters and Fans are necessary to quickly dry damp building materials. Disaster technicians need the experience to work with these heaters because improper usage of these machines has burned down homes.
  • All previously wet building materials and personal belongings need to be sanitized to stop probable bacteria and mold growth this requires specialized procedures. Air scrubbers or cleaners are employed to make sure most drifting mold spores or wandering bacteria left behind are captured and removed. Disaster cleaning technicians need to be very attentive during their work anything missed will foul the whole successful mission. Hero Mold Removal Water Damage Restoration Technicians do not take short cuts to move procedures along faster and easier- Faster and easier is seldom adequate or better.

Hero Mold Company disaster water restoration commitment to our clients is to quickly restore their property before other damage settles in. Our equipment is well maintained and our Technicians are well trained in the procedure: not to miss a step.

Wilson, North Carolina

Wilson, NC Hero Mold Company

Wilson, NC

Wilson, North Carolina is the county seat city of Wilson County contains a total area of 23.4 square miles and sits on the border of the Piedmont and Coastal Plain- rolling hills to the west and flatlands to the east. The interstates 95 and US 264 are the main thoroughfares linking this city to others such as a 45-minute drive by car west to Raleigh. The climate is hot muggy summers with short moderately cold winters.

History of Wilson NC

The town formed around built in the early 1800s. Before then the area had been inhabitant by wealthy planters that brought African slaves to produce turpentine and pitch from the large pine forests in the landscape.

Train Station Wilson, NC Hero Mold Company

Train Station

Then in 1839, the railroad reached the town bringing an economic boom to the area and by 1840 Toisnot had service to both north and south which brought people other than Baptists into the community. This was wonderful for the easy shipment of Tobacco and it opened market shares as far away as Europe.

The North Carolina General Assembly chartered the town in 1849 naming it Wilson after the state senator Colonel Louis D. Wilson (a soldier) who had died the year before of fever during the Mexican-American war.

Public utilities were established in the decade of 1890 – 1900 which added excitement to the industry already there and also positively influenced the wealth and growth of the town. The electric lights were turned on in 1893 with water and gas soon to follow.

Economic Development

The mild humid climate in Wilson County along with its sandy loamy soil, a mix of sand, silt and clay that allows for good drainage, is an excellent environment for sustained bumper Tobacco crops. By 1920, Tobacco had mostly replaced cotton as the main cash crop in the county and remained as its largest economical successful industry in the county into the late 1900s.

Tobacco Crops Wilson, NC Hero Mold Company

Tobacco Crops

Once the nationwide interstate highway systems reached completion in Wilson County sometime after World War 2 the area was able to attract new industries like furniture building, pharmaceuticals, automotive parts, building supplies and educational institutions. Also, agricultural products have continued strong into the 21st century. Although farmers have added crops like sweet potatoes, soybeans, corn, and cotton, Tobacco is still the top-grossing crop for the state.

Wilson, NC is the birthplace of Branch Banking and Trust Corporation (BB&T) which continues with its success today though they have relocated their headquarters in nearby Winston-Salem North Carolina.

Bridggestone Tires Hero Mold Company Wilson, NC

Bridgestone Tires

Other important industries:

  • Bridgestone Americas employs more than 1800 employees making tires for cars and trucks in Wilson.
  • Smithfield Packing Company packing Pork products.
  • UTC Aerospace Systems supplies aerospace and defense products, such as aircraft fire protection systems.
  • Sandoz manufacturer of generic prescription drugs.
  • Merck manufacturer of pharmaceutical drugs.

The Wilson economy has diversified enough by the 21 Century that any single industry slowdown won’t cause terrible chaos in the city.

Popular Neighborhoods in Eden:

  • West End Park has many upper-quality homes, newer hotels, and many nice shops
  • Broad-Kenan Historic District is recognized as a national historic district comprised of about 293 buildings in a mostly residential section of Wilson. The neighborhood developed between 1890 to 1940 and architecture various with buildings in the styles of Colonial Revival, Bungalow/ American Craftsman, and Queen Anne.
  • New Hope Business is an upper-middle-income neighborhood in suburban Wilson. Most homes are 3- or 4-bedroom single-family homes with a few small apartment buildings throughout. The homes are newer; built in 2000 or later.

Other neighborhoods are Farmington Heights, West End Park, Wiggins Mill, Farrior-fleming Farm, Newton Industrial Park, Pender Place, and Morgans Ridge.

Wilson, NC Attractions are for those who enjoy the Outdoors, Whimsical Art and History

Whirligig Sculptures Wilson, NC Hero Mold Company

Whirligig Sculptures of a Farm machinery Wilson, NC

Whirligig Park

Located in the center of Old Downtown Wilson established to preserve the massive Whirligig sculptures of a Farm machinery repairman, Vollis Simpson who started creating sculptures made from recycled industrial parts that were designed to be a moving work of art. It soon became a delight for locals to see the giant kinetic artistic works located on his family’s farm.

As the years flew by, his fame and number of sculptures grew. However, at the same time his health decline while he advanced in age and he could no longer perform the maintenance required to keep them running well. They needed to be greased often and repainted to survive the North Carolina environment of sun, rain, snow, and hurricanes. Rather than let these creative whimsical sculptures fall into ruin money was obtained from art grants to bring the sculptures downtown, display them in a park and provide the proper maintenance.

Before the city stepped in to preserve the sculptures, he had become quite famous as a visionary folk artist. Some of the sculptures he fashioned are quite large. One titled “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness” is 55 feet tall by 45-foot-wide (now on display at the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore). By the time all of his sculptures are restored, they will number 30 lovingly displayed in the downtown park.

Wilson Botanical Gardens Wilson, NC Hero Mold Company

Wilson Botanical Gardens

Wilson Botanical Gardens

Wilson Botanical Gardens developed with funds from public grants as a place to encourage understanding of the vast botanical garden the earth has to share with a primary focus of hands-on education. Visitors are instructed how to care for specific plants they may have an interest in to be able to take suggestions home and implement to a beautiful success. Visits are free and available 365 days a year from dawn to dusk. The Gardens have 18 special garden centers some are:

  • Mixed Planting Garden is used for training of landscapers to visualize how to use over 200 plant species with a landscape. And it is also used to demonstrate to homeowners how to use native plants to beautify their home gardens.
  • The Medicinal and Culinary Herb Garden is used to educate visitors about the many herbs that were used for their medicinal value, culinary uses and fragrance applications.
  • The Arboretum is the representation of the many species of trees and shrubs planted throughout the Wilson area.
  • The Native Plants Garden displays the native plants that thrive in the Wilson climate.
  • The Ornamental Grasses and Daylilies are displayed here in this small garden
  • Flower Garden is planted with many popular annual and perennial flowering plants.
  • The Pondside Garden is a setting for plants that thrive around a small ponds water’s edge and hardy shallow water plants.

Many other special interest garden spots are planted and will delight all who have an interest in Botany.

Other Mold Testing Locations: