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Hero Mold Company complete services offered to Homeowners, Landlords and Commercial Managers are Mold Remediation, Mildew Cleaning, Mold Testing and Mold and Moisture Inspections. Also offered, accompanying repair services of Water Disaster Recovery and Crawl Space Encapsulation. If building repairs are needed after the mold remediation, we are expert contractors working with woodwork, drywall, plumbing and electrical. The hassle of locating, checking credentials and trusting another contractor in your home can be missed by engaging us. We also want to help Business Owners, Home Inspectors, Building Managers, and Real Estate Agents who have questions about our Services and encourage contact.

Hero Mold Company of Reidsville, North Carolina employees are educated by the very-respected IICRC and RSA organizations who provide training organizations for all situations faced in the cleaning and Flood restoration Industry.  IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration) programs are based on years of commercial mold, water disaster and mildew remediation.  RSA (Restoration Sciences Academy) a professional body purposed for successful training methods for mold remediation, water disaster restoration and biological high-risk cleanup.

Hero Mold Company offers a 100% free and without commitment for mold and moisture inspection. Our Inspectors provide the information a potential client needs to understand the extent the mold growth and how it can be removed.  The assessment and if necessary, an estimate for mold removal will explain exactly what was found and what we advise.  Potential Clients are encouraged to contact Hero Mold Company for further questions but otherwise we leave you alone to decide.  Once we have an agreement, expenses do not change except when further services are requested.

We are Licensed, bonded and insured including Workers Compensation in the state of NC.

Hero Mold Company Protects Clients 

The safety of your loved ones and the protection of your property is a grave responsibility we take steps to ensure. All employees have a criminal background check before entering your home and submitted to random drug testing. A major portion of our business comes from former clients giving us a favorable recommendation to their friends so making sure our clients get what they expected is a big priority.
Hero Mold Company follows documented successful steps considered best for each situation. We assure potential clients that our Mold Treatment service are accomplished in the most affordable way possible.

Free Professional Mold Inspections

Infrared Camera Leak Reidsville NC

Infrared Camera finds Plumbing Leak

Panic over just the thought that Black Toxic Mold is growing in your home can be quickly answered with a free mold and moisture investigation by Hero Mold Company: you have nothing to lose except maybe panic.  Regrettably, should mold growth be found you’ll be advised about the methods and cost required to remove it.

Mold growth, by its nature, is a visible scourge which Hero Mold Company Inspectors will show you if they find it.   Hero Mold Company also has a way to find hidden mold quickly. We employ electronic tools that sense temperature shifts and excessive humidity to help detect mold growth. Temperature differences indicate a possible plumbing leak within a wall and a high moisture level.  These sensitive tools help find mold beneath flooring, inside heating/cooling ducts, wall cavities, basements and crawl spaces.

Be assured, we are determined to keep our professional services affordable- to help as many neighbors as we can.

Reidsivlle, NC: What is Mold?

Basement Carpet Mold Hero Mold Company Reidsville NC

Basement Carpet Mold

Mold an ancient fungal organism that acts to decay dead things into its elementary components.  Some of these components it uses as energy for growth and leave the excess to the soil to provide food for developing plant growth.  This is helps to recycle dead life into new life outdoors but in the home or business it’s dangerous to our health and damages building materials.

Most of us recognize while walking through wet woods strong earthy smells and spotty patches of fuzzy growth colored black, blue, green, yellow and others as signaling mold at work.  For mold to develop a colony, it needs moisture, warm temperatures and dead organic material for food- all of which are ample in forests and oftentimes homes.  Many common species of mold, found indoors, grow quickly- requiring only 24 to 48 hours.  Most health providers agree that no matter what species of mold is in your home it should always be removed just for the sake of your family’s health.

Trustworthy Mold Testing: No Useless Tests

The species of mold will not affect how it is remediated universal successful removal methods are the same.  Several Species of Black Mold share characteristics so the only way to determine its species a sample must be examined under a microscope by experts.

Mostly, Clients need mold testing to answer a purpose such as:

  • A mold inspection before closing on a suspect property.
  • At the end of Mold Remediation to show how effective it was.
  • Doctors treating a mold sick family member want to identify Species to determine the best cure.
  • Renters suffering mold sickness and presented with an unresponsive Landlord will sometimes provide results of Mold testing to strengthen their case.
  • For a Parents piece of Mind who worry about toxic repercussions on their family.

Hero Mold Testing Company will suggest only those mold tests necessary to provide accurate information. We promise to protect you from repetitive and unreliable tests.  

We are determined to stay budget-friendly and provide expert help within the financial reach of families.

Reidsville, NC Mold Testing Methods

Mold Testers for Hero Mold Company are trained to take samples that are free of contaminates and the proper test to decide each purpose.  Many times, untrained testers often accidentally mishandle and contaminate testing materials before their intended use resulting in testing errors. Inaccuracy in mold testing can cause serious dire problems for clients needing direction.

Hero Mold Company Mold testers practice contaminate free sampling, safety packaging and we only use labs that have been inspected and certified for mold testing.

Sticky Tape Mold Sample Reidsville NC

Sticky Tape Mold Sample

Mold samples are taken in several ways:

  • Sticky Tape pressed to the mold growth then taken off and sealed into safety packaging.
  • A sterilized swab is rubbed across the mold growth then sealed into tamper proof packaging and mailed to examining lab.
  • Measured Air samples are gathered from several locations throughout the home or business then sent to the lab for examination to determine the quality of the air.

How did Mold Get in my Reidsville Home?


Floating Mold Spores Hero Mold Company Reidsville NC

Floating Mold Spores

When a Mold colony is triggered to reproduce (what starts it is unknown), it’ll release countless mold spores into the atmosphere to float with air currents. Mold spores get in homes through open doors, windows, carried in or often hiding dormant within original building materials.  A mold spore is a self-contained organism only needing that generous source of moisture and access to dead plant life to develop and devour.  The most effective way to prevent mold growth in home or business is to control high humidity and sources of water leaks.

Toxic Mold: Strange Deaths in Years Past

In 10th century France, people were terrified when Religious visitors to the Saint Anthony shrine who shortly afterwards died in a horrific way- as described by a contemporary …”Wailing and writhing men collapsed in the street: others fell over and foamed in epileptic fits whilst some vomited and showed signs of insanity. Many of them shouted “Fire! I’m burning”. It was an invisible fire that separated the flesh from the bones and consumed it. Men, women and children died in unbearable agonizing pain.”…  The disease was aptly named “St. Anthony Fire”.

The phenomenon of St. Anthony Fire remained a mystery for centuries but we now know visitors to the Saint Anthony shrine ate rye bread contaminated with a black toxic mold/fungus that caused them to perish.  Subsequent toxic mold poisoned grain outbreaks popping up regularly across time and various locations have sicken and caused the deaths of thousands- at times destroying whole villages.  We have learned from these outbreaks to follow safe agricultural toxic mold/fungus procedures- that are still used today.  In the following years, people viewed Toxic mold deaths as a rare occurrence caused by contaminated grain.  Mostly, people felt safe inside their homes but this was to change…

The Energy Crisis & Indoor Mold

After WW2 (1945), there was a population explosion that pushed America to find a faster and less expensive way to build homes.  Building interior Plaster walls upon a wooden lath was a time-consuming process in home building.  First the wooden lath which is like a basket weave of wooden boards had to be built then Plaster had to be hand smoothed over it for the flat wall surface. The development of a gypsum board sandwich between paper backings introduced a prefabricated wall (drywall).  Drywall that could be nailed in seconds to the studs was explosive in the building industry- vastly speeding the process.  However, gypsum walls are porous as they readily soak up moisture during humid conditions and then dry very slowly. This holding of moisture is favorable to mold growth on the paper backings.  It’s long been known, that Black Toxic Mold finds drywall very edible and given a high moisture content will crumble it quickly.

The 1970’s Energy crises compounding the problem of building with porous materials susceptible to mold.  The energy crises resulted in tighter homes reducing air flow to the outside to save energy costs but at the same time it trapped humidity inside.  Several sources produce humidity in a home bathing, respiration from the living (3 to 4 cups exhaled a day per adult), clothes dryer and others.  Mold can develop in as little as 24 to 48 hours in a humid tight airless home.

When Parents Learned to Fear Black Toxic Mold

Ohio in 1994, 30 infants were hospitalized showing symptoms of weakness, oxygen poor- blue tinged and some were hemorrhaging the lungs. Some babies got better under hospital care and were sent home only to return a few days later.  In a short number of days, 12 out of the 30 infants sadly passed on.  Panic parents across the city anxiously awaited authorities’ investigations into the agent of sickness and death- some families even moved into relatives’ homes outside of the city.  Mystified Doctors requested help from CDC investigators.  Inspectors found the homes of these children were in a recently flooded part of the city and inside each home, black mold was growing close to where the babies slept.  

One of the doctors treating the infants remembered reading about 50 to 60 horses in 1940’s Russia dying of lung hemorrhage had been poison with black moldy grain. This seemed to suggest that Black Toxic Mold was the killer and indeed when the children were removed most got better. The passing years brought more instances of death or debilitating life altering illness that were attributed to Black Toxic Mold.  Homeowners now a days stress out at just at the thought black toxic mold could be poisoning their homes.

It might help to know that Black Toxic Mold is mainly found in abandoned previously flooded homes that are still holding some water.  Mold without water has no life.  

Recognizing Black Toxic Mold in Reidsville, NC 

There are over 20,000 species of black mold out of a million or more species of mold. Several black molds look and smell very similar. However, we know that generally the deadly Black Toxic Mold (Stachybotry chartarum) growth appears as a dense deep black with a greenish sheen that appears wet.  This mold needs to be soaking wet and takes a longer time to develop than other common molds 8 to 12 days versus a day or two.

Mold growth spreads in a spotty chain like pattern.  Black Toxic Mold holds such high moisture level that its less able to send pieces into the air unless roughly disrupted.  Dry Black Toxic mold looks like soot; easily blown about the atmosphere when slightly disturbed.   

Reidsville, NC: Where is Black Toxic Mold Found?

Black Toxic mold is normally found outdoors in dark damp depressions- recycling dead vegetation into energy for food.  Indoors, Stachybotrys chartarum will flourish in dark seldom visited areas fed by an active source of water.  For Example, the mold could lie hidden in an unseen plumbing leak under a sink, inside a wall cavity, beneath flooring, and inside crawl space.

Don’t automatically think a black mold is toxic as it may help to know: All molds can produce toxins but they don’t do so all of the time.  It’s been observed that when mold is eating and troubled by competing bacteria or other species it’ll be triggered to produce mycotoxins presumably to kill competitors but the process is not totally understood.  

Hero Mold Company focus is to provide you information needed to decide what’s best for your property. The estimate of mold removal services will detail what we’ll do, how long it will take and at the most affordable cost locally (we are always improving our costs).  We encourage questions at any time they arise but other than that we will not disturb you.

Reidsville, NC: Reducing Humidity Indoors:

Some steps homeowners can take to reduce the possibility of mold growth:

Let the sun shine in and dry up some of the room’s humidity.

Leave closet doors open to encourage air movement and alleviate still pockets of humidity.

Turn on the bathroom exhaust fans during bathing and leave on for about 30 minutes afterwards.

Use the exhaust fan while cooking on the stovetop to remove water vapor. Other pollutants are carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and nitrogen dioxide with carbon monoxide being deadly in high concentrations.

Make sure the clothes dryer is vented outdoors- not in attic or crawl space.

If you see moisture on window panes, install a dehumidifier.

Keeping up home maintenance with frequent inspections will catch problems early on.

Health Effects of Mold Hero Mold Company Reidsville NC

Health Effects of Mold

Reidsville, NC: Black Toxic Mold Worries

Just the possibility that Black Toxic Mold could be growing in your home or business can cause anxiety.  Some frightening reasons are:

  • Kids or other family members getting sick.
  • Afraid your home could be labeled a health hazard by the EPA and it’ll cost thousands to reform it.  The EPA does not currently regulate mold concentration levels. However, they strongly recommend all mold growth be removed for the health of affected individuals.
  • Fearful that your property value will fall and it’ll be hard to sell.  However, if you provide proof of a successful mold remediation it will show a buyer there is nothing to fear.
  • Heard that the mold removal business is a racket and that a mold inspector will just say anything to get business.  Be aware that mold is a visible scourge and Hero Mold Inspectors will always show clients the mold infestation they’re facing before suggesting mold remediation. 

Mold Sickness of a loved one needs quick mold removal action to end their suffering and start their recovery.  Mold Removal for the lone homeowner is often overwhelming and tedious. Many clients call us after trying to clean the mold up themselves only to be dismayed when it quickly came back- contact us soon we’ll work fast to a successful fix. 

Black Toxic Mold- Symptoms

Stachybotrys chartarum mold, when producing mycotoxins, is poisonous to people and their pets. Its causes sinus infections, headaches, vomiting, lungs hemorrhage and rarely death.  This mold produces one of the higher concentrations of deadly mycotoxins than other species. Mycotoxins are transferred through the air and upon contact poisons people and animals.

A lesser known health cost of Mold growth in the home is damage it does to our sense of taste. When we sit for dinner, Food Odor molecules travel up our nose to mingle with our taste receptors to deliver a complex sense of flavor. Our taste buds recognize 5 taste impressions salty, sweet, bitter, sour and savory and our sense of smell discerns around 400 types.  Obviously, smell is quite important to enjoying a tasty meal.  Scientists theorize sense of smell accounts for 70 to 80 percent of what we taste.  Imagine all the cranky families living in mold troubled homes unable to fully enjoy once favorite meals.

Without any cost to you, Hero Mold Company can perform a mold inspection and determine what’s the extent of your mold growth. Don’t ignore mold growth- once started it must be stopped otherwise it just grows.

Cost Free Mold Inspections: Reidsville, NC 

Hero Mold Company Mold and Moisture Inspectors are expertly educated in conditions necessary for mold growth. They also understand building mechanical system and ventilation faults to help them perform an expert exhaustive inspection.  Importantly, our Inspections are strongly visual because mold growth is always visible even when not in plain sight.

Hero Mold Company of Reidsville, NC will follow the process below:

  • Discover the history of: roof repairs, plumbing leaks, age of problem and former water disasters.
  • Walk around the building’s foundation looking for water infiltration problems.  These are often caused by improper landscaping, gutter problems and window breaks.
  • Walk through the inside paying attention to moisture spikes and odors.  When you smell an odor but can’t find the cause, inspectors will use an Infrared Camera temperature and Humidity Meter sensing tools to find hidden moisture problems.   
  • High mold growth spots Attic, basement and crawlspace will be checked for proper ventilation to consider if trapped humidity is the problem.

Hero Mold Company purpose during our mold and moisture inspection is to provide the information you need to make an educated decision about your property.

Reidsville, NC Mold Removal Steps to Success

Mold Spores Vented Outside Hero Mold Company Reidsville NC

Mold Spores Vented Outside

Our methods to successfully remove mold growth a cleaning protocol that is field tested (actual cleanups) proven successful.  We are determined to provide our clients the most affordable and successful methods known.

 Hero Mold Company’s successful steps are:

  • Dry up the mold’s necessary water source.
  • Seal off the mold growth sites with temporary disposable walls including sealing off doors, windows and HVAC vents.  A special doorway will be fitted to allow safe passage. This stops mold spores or mold pieces in the active site from drifting to other clean areas.
  • Implement negative air pressure within the barrier to hold captive air currents teaming with mold spores and then release them to the outdoors by way of a disposable vent.
  • Vacuums are used to suck up the mold growth and trap it within the HEPA filter.
  • Mold Susceptible building materials porous drywall, carpet, wood… evaluated as beyond repair are sealed in tough plastic bags and removed to the disposal site.
  • Solid building materials Steel, glass and plastic usually have surface oils, dust and dirt feeding mold growth will be scrubbed cleaned with a mold killing solution.

Hero Mold Company’s Final Act in Reidsville, NC

Specialized Industrial heaters are used to dry all damp areas left after mold removal leaving the home ready for remolding, repainting and worry-free habitation.

We promise to always keep clients informed- this shows our respect and generates goodwill.

Home Repairs after Removal in Reidsville, NC

Hero Mold Company are experts at repairing wood framing, drywall, flooring, electrical break and plumbing faults.  No need to deal with the hassle of investigating and contacting several other contractors to repair damaged building material.  When you engage us for repairs, no need to worry about trusting other contractors with your family or home.

 We keep clients informed every step of the way- keeping clients informed displays our respect, generates goodwill and takes little effort.

 Mold Cost Insurance Help: Reidsville, NC 

Homeowners insurance may cover mold damage if it was caused by an “covered Peril”.  Covered Peril examples are:

  • A burst plumbing pipe surges a large amount of water into your home while you’re on vacation soaking carpet and walls. When you make it home not only do you see the water damage but you smell mold.
  • Appliances that use sizable amounts of water such as dishwasher, washing machine, air conditioner and water tank heaters leak water causing mold growth somewhere on the walls, carpet or crawl space.
  • Impact damage to the Roof during a storm dumps a stream of water into your home which was the beginning of mold problems.

Insurance Denial of Mold Removal Costs

Insurance agencies expect you to be a good steward of your property by conducting regular maintenance and common sense.  For example, regularly checking basement, crawl space and attic for excessive moisture problems.

Examples of Poor Stewardship:

  • Your 30-year-old roof has leaked into the attic for an unknown period of time and you discover mold growing on the rafters.  Its likely Insurance will decline to help pay for mold removal because the roof should have been repaired or replaced years ago.  Lifespan of a shingled roof is 20 to 30 years, depending on quality of the shingles and installation.
  • A small amount of Mold has been growing in the basement for several days and you ignored it because it wasn’t bothering you.  A short time later, you began to smell mold, remember the basement and go check it.  Unfortunately, the small amount of mold has bloomed across an entire wall.  The Insurance Agency will want to know how old the mold growth is and why you didn’t take care of when it was a smaller problem.
  • Flood damage requires an added flood disaster rider to provide assistance.

We do not intend to provide Legal advice- contact your Homeowners Insurance Agent to be sure about coverage.

Mail Order Black Toxic Mold Test Kit?

DIY Mold Testing Kit Hero Mold Company Reidsville NC

DIY Mold Testing Kit

Mail order black toxic mold test kits such as Petri-dishes have a terrible reputation for accuracy and the governmental agency CDC does not recommend them.  Mold spores are an ancient fungus riding air currents throughout our environment in countless numbers.

Without a doubt, every home or business have some mold spores floating around. They only need to land in a moist place to grow; eventually bringing sickness to loved ones and damaging property.

Consumers of Toxic Mold test kits hope the kit will tell them what species of mold and level of infestation.  Homeowners especially are desperate to learn if the mold growing in their home is toxic.  However, according to many independent studies like those conducted by Consumer Reports these kits have an accuracy problem.

DIY Mold Testing Kits Errors 

  • Mold spores coast on the breeze everywhere- we can’t stop them.  It should be no surprise that a mold test kit (small tray with nutrient) grows mold within hours even in a home without a mold growth problem.
  • On the other hand, if a Petri-dish mold test stays mold free, it won’t necessarily mean your home is problem free because the nutrient in the mold kit could be expired.
  • Kit inaccuracies, due to previous contamination, are often reported by consumer watch groups.  For example, Consumers have been warned of high mold counts when they were actually low and visa versa.
  • The severity of mold growth can’t be determined by the time it took mold to grow in the petri-dish.   Mold Species grow at different rates so the growth must be examined by a specialist to determine age.

It’s critically important to have the site inspected visually by a knowledgeable mold inspector to understand the severity of mold growth.

Reidsville, NC: Why Crawl Space Encapsulation?

Mold in Wet Crawlspace Hero Mold Company Reidsville NC

Before Crawl Space Encapsulation

Excessive Crawl Space Moisture causes mold growth, odors, wood decay, falling insulation. insect and rodent infestations and high energy prices.  Water vapor comes from the earth below and the world outside. Crawl Space Encapsulation is done to prevent the buildup of moisture and all the nasty problems that come with it.

A Crawl Space Encapsulation builds a protective envelope around the home, protecting it from the ground beneath and the world outside. Professional encapsulation stops water vapor, radon and Methane from polluting the living space. Plus, it prevents critters and insects from entering and thriving under your home.

Reidsville, NC Conventional Crawl Space Failings 

Conventional crawl spaces have operational vents situated around the foundational wall that are opened during summer to control humidity and closed during winter to prevent energy loss.  A vapor barrier is laid across the ground usually thin Plastic sheeting.  Fiberglass insulation sandwiched between paper backings is pushed between the floor joists to prevent energy loss. However, it acts like a giant sponge soaking up excessive Humidity, dries very slowly and when heavy with moisture it’s often found fallen.  This wet insulation is the ideal shelter and breeding ground for mold and insects.  Crawl Space Encapsulation is the most successful treatment aimed at preventing mold, mildew, insect infestations and energy savings.

Crawl Space vents in the summer are opened to remove humid air and expose the space to cross breezes.  Humidity will only lessen in the crawl space if the humidity outside is lower- which hardly ever happens in southern climes like North Carolina.  Crawl Space vents in cold weather are closed to prevent energy loss but these spaces are often so full of holes from plumbing and cabling that it’s a wash. Plus, in addition the insulation pushed between the floor joists is in most cases inadequate, damaged or missing and really doesn’t contribute to energy savings.

The conventional crawl space in the south needs constant upkeep to stop mold.  Normally, it needs regular replacement of fallen wet insulation, repetitive pest removal treatments, and trapping of wildlife for relocation. This makes the conventional crawl space a money pit.

Crawl Space Encapsulation Health Benefits

After Crawl Space Encapsulation Hero Mold Company Reidsville NC

After Crawl Space Encapsulation

Industrial studies have shown that 50 to 70% of air in our homes comes from the crawl space.  The Crawl space air is teaming with mold spores, nasty odors, dangerous gases and bacteria from insect and dead creatures. Contaminated air is pulled upwards into the home travelling with the movement of air out the attic vents.

Without costing you a penny, Hero Mold Company will check the air quality in your home.  Hero Mold Company, if necessary, will offer an affordable way to clean up the air in your home.

Crawl Space Encapsulation Process

  • Inspect the crawl space for ground water troubles and solve with re-grading of the surrounding landscape, incorporating a French drain and possibly a sump-pump.
  • Crawl Space Cleanout” of garbage, old building materials, old vapor barrier, and all sharp items.
  • Level the ground inside the crawl space.
  • Remove damaged Bat Insulation from the floor joists.
  • Repair all damaged building materials.
  • A flexible puncture resistant barrier membrane laid to cover the ground and run partly up the crawl space foundation.
  • To seal out water vapor and gasses from the earth, special tape will be used to seal the edges and seams of the barrier membrane.
  • Crawl Space foundation vents and holes are sealed to prevent energy loss to the great outdoors.
  • The Crawl Space foundation walls are insulated to prevent energy transfers through the concrete.
  • A dehumidifier fitted to the Crawl Space is installed to remove Residual Humidity.

Hero Mold Company of Reidsville, NC will quickly answer any calls, emails, or texts. Give us an opportunity to prove we can fix the mold issues in your home at a fair budget value price.   

Reidsville Water Disaster Cleanup Fair Cost 

A large release of water inside home needs rapid water extraction from all building materials to stop the probable coming mold.  Water disasters cause by a storm, broken plumbing, toilet or sink overflow, sewage backup… warp walls and flooring and short out electrical outlets. The danger continues with possible mold growth on damp carpet, wallboard, wooden floors… Mold can develop in as little as 24 to 48 hours. But, if the water in the home can be extracted quickly and then the building materials dried with industrial heaters could prevent mold showing up later.

Hero Mold Company also repairs wood framing, drywall and electrical- no need to stress over a search for other contractors.  

Reidsville Fair Cost Flood Cleanup

Dangers are still in play even when still waters are in retreat.  Waters in a flood are known to be dirty full of viruses and bacteria, lawn fertilizers, dead animals, raw sewage and gasoline.  The water may seem calm but you don’t know what lies hidden.

Accountable costs for water removal: how much water, where the water is (crawl space, garage, lower floor…), repair work needed.  We assure potential clients our prices, by design, are affordable to the average family.  Lastly, don’t pay too much for water removal- compare estimates.  Pay attention to the companies experience levels and if the successful treatment they promise has a track record. 

Contact us!  We’re eager to provide our neighbors the most cost-effective water damage restoration in Reidsville, NC.

Other Mold Testing Locations:


Reidsville Market Square North Carolina

Reidsville Market Square North Carolina

Reidsville, North Carolina

Reidsville, NC a mid-sized city of about 15,000 is located in the Piedmont region near the center of Rockingham. Rockingham County lies in Northwest Central North Carolina. The primary state highway is North Carolina Highway 14 (NC 14) which links with US 29 and US 158 near Reidsville. The Virginia state boarder is a mere 30 miles north. The South Railway passes through the center of the city on its way to cities deeper south or up towards Virginia. Transportation for the independent movement of people and goods is made easy by the interstates 14, 29 and 158. A great advantage to faster travel is the 3 Amtrak Train station and 1 airport within 30 miles.

Downtown Reidsville North Carolina

Downtown Reidsville North Carolina

History of Reidsville, North Carolina

The North Carolina state Legislature incorporated Reidsville in 1873 but its roots go further back to the early 1800’s.  This time period was notable for a popular Tavern and store located on the road to Danville, VA and Salem. The tavern was owned by William Wright of the Little Troublesome Creek area and was eventually known as Wright’s Cross Roads the earliest settlement.

Reidsville got its name from its founding most successful Farmer Reuben Reid who also served the county as a constable and justice of the peace. Out of his private home he operated a store and Inn. The family helped obtain a post office location in 1829 and 16-year-old David Reid was its first postmaster. David would later go on to become a State Senator, Congressman and Governor.

Like much of the southeastern states the climate is defined as humid subtropical with 4 distinct seasons.  Residents say summers are hot and humid with thunderstorms and winters are brief and mild because the mountain barrier modifies the harsh weather.

Keystone Foods Reidsville North Carolina

Keystone Foods Reidsville North Carolina

Industry of Reidsville North Carolina

Tobacco was the major industry in Reidsville for many years and the second was textiles. Like the rest of the textile industry of the South the many mills of Reidsville move operations to China.  Reidsville mainstay industry tobacco wellbeing mirrored the success of the city.  Then In 1994, the sale of American Tobacco Company forced the city to diversify and focus on encouraging new businesses.

Transportation necessary for the movement of goods maintains a very successful Distribution and Logistics business in Reidsville because of the excellent transportation system in place. Interstates 14, 29 and 158. The city also boasts 3 nearby train stations linked to many other major cities.

Manufacturing Industry is alive and well with companies:

Keystone Foods, a poultry company who is part of the Tyson Foods family provides poultry for popular companies like Mcdonalds.

Israeli Albaad USA Wet-wipes and feminine hygiene products Manufacturer makes private-label and branded products that are sold in more than 35 countries.

Global Textile Alliance a bedding and upholstery fabrics manufacturer.  Their upholstery fabrics are sold to many major furniture brands.

The diversity of business provides tremendous business opportunities to the local area and many public activities that are financially supported by them.

River Run Neighborhood in Reidsville North Carolina

River Run Neighborhood in Reidsville North Carolina

Popular Neighborhoods in Reidsville

Benaja is a rural neighborhood with real estate primarily of medium sized (3 to 4 bedrooms) to small studio home and mobile homes. The schools are considered good quality public schools which encourages families along with a lower real estate price of 206,707.

Stony Creek Community is a rural neighborhood with real estate primarily of medium sized (3 to 4 bedrooms) to small studio home and mobile homes. The medium real estate price is 120,997 which is less expensive than 73% of other North Carolina Neighborhoods.

Other neighborhoods are Forest Hills, Ruffin, Williamsburg, Freeway DR, City Center…

Chinqua Penn Trail Reidsville North Carolina

Chinqua Penn Trail Reidsville North Carolina

Reidsville, North Carolina Attractions:

Chinqua Penn Trail-  a easy walking trail that meanders through woods, meadows, creek and lake. The woods and meadows are home to many species of wildlife. Benches and Stone structures pop up regularly along the gravel and dirt path.  You can view the privately owned mansion from the grounds.

Reidsville Lake Park

Reidsville Lake Park Dock

Reidsville Lake Park

The City Lake Park offers many activities a visitor could hope for.  Some are picnic sites, playgrounds, boating, fishing, camping and disc golf.  Camping offers 48 sites with water and electric hookup. There are hot water showers and restrooms. There is enough here to bring hours of excitement for the entire family.