Burst Pipe in Attic Hero Mold Company

Burst Pipe in Attic

Water Disaster Expert Budget Repair

Every homeowner knows water and humidity is the most destructive force they face in the home.  Roof leaks can cause major damage to a home’s wooden framing, finish wood flooring and molding because they are often hidden from view.  Water leaks can run down exterior fascia Boards, beams, down chimneys and end up pooling far away from where they started. The wood damage is easily overlooked until serious wood rot has occurred and your facing a tear-out.

Water Damaged wood also comes from a sudden release of water inside home burst plumbing pipe, tank water heater, overflow of tub or sink, toilet backup, flood and others. Water catastrophe in homes are important to clean up quickly because wet carpet, wallboard, wooden floors… will develop mold in as little as 24 to 48 hours. The family caught in this battle against an incredible force of water suddenly dropping into their homes is often further sent into misery when the water damage is followed by a massive mold growth.

A faster and more successful fix after a water disaster in the house would be achieved by Hero Mold Company specialists than you trying to use a shop vac.  Our disaster technicians use industrial high-volume vacuum pumps to remove water fast then high-speed fans and industrial heaters to completely dry out building materials and textiles.  This type of Fast action to remove the water will more successfully protect the house from mold.

When Wood Gets Wet

The rate at which Wood absorbs water depends on wood type.  For example, Balsa wood readily absorbs water followed by Redwood then Pine.  Engineered Plywood subflooring is made of several thin layers of wood glued together and when wet the layers will eventually separate causing the flooring to feel spongy.  Oak which is considered a very hard wood is one of the least absorbent.  The harder the wood is the more success you’ll have at saving it when it gets wet.

High Humidity Window Pane Hero Mold Company

High Humidity Window Pane

High humidity causes condensation which creates wet wood around the home or business.  Doorways, Cabinet doors and window casements will swell and warp causing trouble when opening and closing.   Wooden floors when saturated with water over time will warp and buckle as they swell with absorbed water.  Visible Mold or the odor itself will alert homeowners to the moisture problem before serious structural damage occurs.

Water Damaged Wooden Floor Repair

Speed of water removal is the key to saving most of your home or business wooden flooring- maybe even all of it.  After the visible water is removed, the hidden water needs to go.  How to Dry underneath Hardwood Floors:

Injectdry Plates with Water Removal Hoses Hero Mold Company

Injectdry Plates with Water Removal Hoses

  • Injectidry plates (large rubber mats with conduits) are laid and sealed across the entire floor.
  • Suction conduits- small hoses attached to the plates every few inches and connected to the main equipment hose.
  • The Giant humidifier will process out the moisture with a continuous vacuum action.
  • The exhaust hose for the excess moisture is pushed down a sink drain where it will empty till all moisture is gone.

Using heaters and high-speed fans to rapidly dry out any remaining airborne moisture is also done to ward off mold problems.  Minor warped wooded flooring when dried out completely will most likely to return to normal.  If the water has been on the surface long enough to blister the finish, you’ll need to refinish the wood floor.  However, the main goal is to avoid the trouble and cost of ripping it out and replacing it and we have the best process for it.

Hero Mold Company Fixes all Water Damage

Fire Suppression Sprinkler Head Hero Mold Company

Fire Suppression Sprinkler Head

Water disasters just don’t come from mother nature, roof leaks or plumbing issues they can come from the least expected sources.  For example, a fire suppression water system saves lives when they operate as designed and stop the fire from spreading and the water cleanup can take place without the added stress of serious injury of death.  However, fire suppression sprinklers shouldn’t be used to hang plants from as one local bank employee demonstrated.  The Company figured that before the water could be shut off an estimated 1000 gallons was discharged- which pretty much flooded the main office room.   Fire Sprinkler heads have a fragile glass bulb fill with a solution triggered to boil and break releasing water when the temperature hits around 135 degrees.  Unfortunately for this employee, it also breaks with less than 3 lbs. of lateral force.  It’s important to get help fast with a water disaster in home or business to recover with the least amount of trouble and cost.  We have emergency crews that’ll get to you fast.

Flood Disaster Fast Cleanup

Floods will deluge buildings in seconds- there is no stopping it and the dangers don’t end when waters are in retreat.  Polluted muddy water teaming with bacteria, weed killers, dead animals, raw sewage and dangerous chemicals (fuel, battery acid and oil) are left behind on everything.  Caution:  muddy water left behind in low spots may look calm but you don’t know what lies beneath- maybe stinging crustaceans or snakes.  Homeowners or Business Managers facing a flooded home or business needs a professional cleanup crew for the safest recovery.  Saving soaked wood is often beyond the abilities of the property owner without the proper training and water removal equipment.  The longer water sits on wooden floors or carpets, the worse the damage will be- Speedy water removal is the path to success.  We leave all building materials sterilized: no worries over getting sick.  Please give Hero Mold Company an opportunity to serve and keep you safe- we won’t disappoint.  Worried about Foundation Cracks learn about our Foundation Repair Services

Hero Mold Company Water Cleanup Process

  • Stop Water Flow.
  • Rapid volume pumps are used to remove the water deluge.  A retail shop vac is unable to remove the water completely and takes time because of its small volume removal.
  • Hero Mold Company uses industrial heaters and huge Turbo Fans to rapidly dry damp building materials. Getting everything dry is important because it only takes a day or two for mold to bloom. Caution! many homes have been set on fire by ill trained employees improperly handling industrial heaters.  Hero Mold Company Water Disaster technicians have been extensively trained to carefully operate industrial heaters.
  • Hero Mold Company Water Damage Restoration Technicians progress is reviewed by a crew leader to make sure nothing is missed.

The world being beset by the plague Covid-19 has prompted us to do all we can to leave our clients safe and worry free- all affected building materials will be left sanitized. Hero Mold Company disaster cleanup promises to quickly remove water from your property- as if it never happened. Contact us!  We’re eager to provide the most affordable water damage restoration.  Service Locations