Artivity on the Green, located in the vibrant city of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, is a dynamic arts district that celebrates creativity, culture, and community. This unique outdoor space serves as a hub for artists, performers, and art enthusiasts, fostering an environment that encourages exploration, collaboration, and artistic expression. Let’s delve into the diverse offerings of Artivity on the Green and discover why it has become a cherished destination for locals and visitors alike. Information concerning Winston-Salem, NC can be discovered here.

A Vibrant Arts District:

Artivity on the Green is a thriving arts district that showcases the diverse artistic talents of the community. The district features a variety of art installations, sculptures, and murals created by local and regional artists. These captivating works of art enhance the visual landscape of the district, creating an immersive experience for visitors as they explore the open-air gallery. The ever-evolving nature of the art displays ensures that each visit to Artivity on the Green is a unique encounter with creativity. Discover facts about The Winston Cup Museum Special Event Center: Celebrating Racing History in Winston-Salem, NC.

Public Art and Interactive Spaces:

One of the defining features of Artivity on the Green is its emphasis on interactive art experiences. Visitors are encouraged to actively engage with the art through interactive installations and participatory activities. These interactive spaces provide an opportunity for individuals to immerse themselves in the artistic process, fostering a sense of connection and creativity. From interactive sculptures to temporary art installations, there is always something new to discover and experience at Artivity on the Green.

Community Events and Performances:

Artivity on the Green serves as a vibrant gathering place for the community, hosting a wide range of events and performances throughout the year. From live music concerts and theater performances to art festivals and educational workshops, the district offers a diverse array of cultural experiences. These events not only provide entertainment but also foster a sense of community and promote local talent, enriching the cultural fabric of Winston-Salem.

Engaging the Community:

Artivity on the Green is deeply committed to engaging the local community in the arts. The district collaborates with local schools, community organizations, and artists to provide educational programs, workshops, and artist residencies. These initiatives aim to inspire creativity, provide access to art education, and nurture emerging talents. By actively involving the community, Artivity on the Green strives to create an inclusive and accessible arts environment for all.


Artivity on the Green is a vibrant arts district that celebrates creativity, community, and culture in Winston-Salem, NC. With its diverse array of art installations, interactive spaces, community events, and educational initiatives, the district has become a thriving hub for artistic expression and engagement. Whether you’re an art enthusiast, a curious visitor, or a local looking to immerse yourself in the creative spirit of Winston-Salem, a visit to Artivity on the Green is sure to inspire and captivate.