As a homeowner, most of the projects you undertake must work for the ultimate best. And that case isn’t different from encapsulating your crawlspace. Learn more here.

Generally, investing in such kinds of activities will benefit you in the following ways. 

Lower utility costs

Since encapsulated crawl spaces have insulation and conditioning, they’re more energy-efficient than they were before. Energy savings range from 15-20% when rim joists are insulated and closed-cell foam used. You will find yourself running the HVAC far less than your neighbor, who does not have an encapsulated crawl space. Learn more about Choosing the Best Crawlspace Encapsulation Material.

Fewer pest incursions

A wet and dark crawl space almost always attracts pests and crawling insects. When they come in, they multiply quickly and take over the home. Both can damage wood joists and other belongings. But even more worrying is that they can be difficult and costly to eradicate. A polyethylene barrier will keep out moisture and make the area less desirable to pests.

Mold-free home

Like pests, mold thrives in damp floors and walls, which results from an exposed and non-conditioned crawl space. Mold is a health hazard. Exposure to mold spores can trigger allergies and other respiratory problems such as asthma. Encapsulation ensures your crawl space remains dry, denying mold the opportunity to grow and colonize your living space.