Winston Salem is a beautiful town with many things to do like museums, gardens, and parks. That gives you many reasons to visit this vibrant city. Here are some of the great things you can do whenever you visit Winston Salem. See more here.

Visit Old Salem

Winston Salem wouldn’t exist without Old Salem. Established by Moravians, this small city offers you a glimmer into life in the 18th century. Since the church owned the land and property, the majority of townspeople of old Salem fine crafted trades to earn a living. You can walk through Old Salem or buy a ticket that offers you access to the workshop and to craftsmen robed in period garb. The craftspeople specialize in baking pottery, quilting, and blacksmith.  See here for information about Things to Do in Winston Salem.

The AR Workshop in Reynolda Village

Reynold Village is one of the best shopping centers with the outlying buildings from the ancient Reynold estate. Dine, shop, and even craft. This is one of the places you can spend a whole day exploring.