Some brands are so well-known that they have a history. Calvander is one of those brands, and it has had a long history in North Carolina. Originally known for their “bird’s eye” patterns, the company began as an importer and wholesaler of textiles. Today, you can find Calvander products across North America: from Canada to California and even up into the northern United States! Calvander is a rich name in North Carolina. Here, it means courage and character that all world-famous brands should have – even if they were established last year.! In North Carolina alone, the local people love to tell their stories about this famous American brand from America’s southland. Learn information about Cherry Hill, NJ.

Let us learn together what makes Calvander so special as we take you through an exciting history of this already famous American brand in North Carolina! The history of Calvander is a story worth telling. It all started when the founders, Bob and Mary Jane Wilkinson from Tennessee, decided to move to North Carolina with their three children to impact this state’s emerging market for world-famous brands. Today, Calvander is a worldwide brand with an international team working on the development of its designs. They have expanded into clothing, shoes, and many other accessories available to buy online or in various stores across America. The first store was opened by Michael Deveraux in North Carolina – his home state where he started out as a small independent business before being approached about expanding further due to his popularity within the area. Discover facts about Carrboro Town in North Carolina: The City of Kindness.