There is no denying crawlspaces are a nuisance. They’re dark, cluttered, and they can be an eyesore. But crawlspaces don’t have to be that way! Crawlspace encapsulation is the perfect solution for crawlspace problems. Our company in Fayetteville, NC, crawlspace encapsulation has been one of our most popular services introduced years ago. We will help you identify your crawlspace problem and provide you with a free quote on what it would take to solve it! Crawlspace encapsulation is an option to protect crawl spaces from moisture, pests, and mold. Learn more here.

Crawlspaces can experience high humidity levels due to groundwater seeping into the area through small cracks or holes in the foundation. If crawl space ventilation is poor, this excess humidity will become trapped under your home, causing potential dangerous conditions such as Mold growth, Structural deterioration, Fungal spores. How Does crawl space Encapsulation work? There are several crawl space insulation options, but we typically recommend spray foam insulation because it provides superior air sealing and an adequate R rating for indoor air quality. The sprayed polyurethane foam forms a vapor barrier on top of concrete flooring that keeps out any humidity or moisture that may have seeped through. This creates a crawl space area that is dry, clean, and safe for your family to enjoy. Learn more about Best Crawlspace Encapsulation Solutions in Fayetteville NC.