Art Galleries in Durham NC

Art, in a way, cools our minds and nerves when stressed. Whether it’s through performance, hands-on, or visuals, you will find endless art spots that you can enjoy. With the many options of art spots, it may be quite challenging to select the best location. With the following narrowed options, you can be able to choose the favorite place of your choice. More can be found here.

The Glass and Art Gallery

The Glass and Art Gallery allows local artists to exhibit their work here. You can also find unique jewelry, bags, paintings, and other fantastic items you can buy. If you are looking for an incredible gift for your loved one, you can find a special one in The Glass and Art Gallery. You will be supporting the local area by buying things from The Glass and Art Gallery. Learn more about Durham, NC is an Indoor Fun Den.

No. 42

No. 42 exhibits new emerging artists by creating a platform for them to showcase their art. They also give them a chance to sell their work as it has retail space. They promote local creative businesses by hosting creative events and a wide range of heritage craft skill sessions. You can also see snapshots of the work carried out by the Auckland Project.