Joyous Events in Durham, NC

Whether you are a local person staying in Durham, a passerby, or a visitor, you will be sure to find full life events in Durham City that you and your loved ones could participate in during your stay in Durham. Durham is home to natural talents, and you don’t have to wait until the weekend to enjoy the events in Durham. Some of these events are as discussed. Information can be found here.

Hayti Heritage Film Festival

Hayti Heritage Film Festival is a historic Hayti festival that celebrates Durham’s African American heritage. The film showcases diverse works of African descent that feature-length films from an international cast of directors. See here for information about Durham, NC Bubbles with Parks.

Bull City Food & Beer Experience

It aims to stimulate and educate your palate. The Bull City Food $ Beer Experience features beer tastings from 50 breweries and food samples from 30 Durham restaurants. It provides an excellent opportunity to sample drinks and food from different vendors and meet them in person. The event is joyous since it has live music.

NC Juneteenth Celebration

It is an annual celebration sponsored by Triangle Cultural Awareness and the Spectacular Magazine to celebrate African American independence. It is an outdoor affair that most people attend. There is also a presence of lively entertainment from musicians and exhibitors. There are also incredible types of foods.