Mold starts in dark, sheltered areas of the house. That is why more often, people discover it once it has spread. Unfortunately, the attic is one such area due to the nature of its architecture. Prevention of mold is always better than removal. Here are Hero Mold’s suggestions for keeping the attic mold-free. More about Chapel Hill, NC can be seen here.


Conduct Regular Inspection

It is common in most homes to neglect the attic if it serves as a storage room. The neglect leads to dust and moisture build-up, which is inviting to mold in the first place. The first step to prevention is to inspect for leaks and clean out regularly. Click here to read about The Real Cause of Mold in the House.

Maintain Proper Ventilation 

Proper air circulation in a room is a natural way of dealing with humidity and moisture. Ensure the attic has a free flow of air daily to reduce the dampness.


Pay Attention to Insulation

When it comes to fighting mold, insulation is not a plus. Take it easy on the insulation in this area of the house to allow the roof to dry out the moisture in the air. Also, ensure proper insulation in the lower areas as this will prevent warm air from getting into the colder attic.