Eubanks is a small Unincorporated town in Orange County, North Carolina, just south of downtown Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and north of Blackwood Station, North Carolina. The town was developed around a retaining wall that the Army Corps of Engineers building. The area was once a thriving cotton and tobacco textile industry, but the town has struggled to reinvent itself with the decline of those industries. Visit this link for more information.

The town’s decline in manufacturing has caused many economic problems for the citizens, but they have retained their homes and business. The major problem has been related to the flooding of the Tennessee River, which has destroyed the town’s most of its bridges. This has caused the flooding of Eubanks’ sewer system, and the flooding of its sewage treatment plant has led to the closing of the town’s water and sewer plants and the removal of all remaining residents. The remaining residents have moved to the larger cities surrounding the Eubanks in search of jobs. About a dozen or so residential areas are constructed over the old citrus groves and hills surrounding Eubanks, North Carolina. Read more about Carrboro, North Carolina – Home to North Carolina’s Largest Fringe here.

This was one of the last remaining citrus groves in North Carolina, but vineyards and fruit orchards quickly replaced it. Today you will find restaurants that specialize in North Carolina cuisine as well as an assortment of hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, cabins, and condos. The attractions in Eubanks include the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Grandfather Mountain, and Pigeon Forge National Monuments. All these combine to make this an excellent place for a family vacation and honeymoon. If you want to learn more about Eubanks, North Carolina, and other nearby attractions like Pine Knoll Mountain and the Southern Hiking Trail, you can check out some of my other articles.