Garner, North Carolina, is a thriving suburb of Raleigh situated in Wake County. Garner has grown steadily in recent years, with the population increasing by more than 90 percent since 2000. As such, it is an ideal location to explore the history and culture of a thriving small town. With its beautiful landscape, historic attractions, and dynamic lifestyle, Garner offers a captivating glimpse into the past, present, and future of North Carolina life. Historically, Garner was founded in 1887 as a railway town, quickly becoming the hub of commerce connecting Raleigh and the then-booming port city of Wilmington. Initially, Garner was comprised of three distinct downtown areas and multiple neighborhoods, each of which contained its own shops, churches, and other businesses. Today, the city’s core downtown area has been transformed into a lively downtown district filled with boutiques, restaurants, and entertainment options. Information concerning Raleigh, NC can be discovered here.

The town’s rich history can still be seen throughout Garner today. The new downtown area is just steps away from the original train depot, now home to the Garner Historic District and its many attractions. In the historic district, visitors will find the historic Garner train caboose, a museum dedicated to the city’s history, and other landmarks. Additionally, the historic center of town is home to several historic homes and buildings, including two power plants built in the early 1900s and the Eschersheimer family farmhouse, which was built in 1871. Along with its historical attractions, Garner also offers plenty of entertainment and culture. The downtown district is home to the Garner Performing Arts Center, where visitors can catch a variety of performances from local and national artists throughout the year. Additionally, the district features a host of family-friendly activities, such as an outdoor movie theater, a mini golf course, and much more. Discovering the Charming Small Town of Clayton, North Carolina.