Old Salem Museums & Gardens is an organization dedicated to preserving the rich history of Winston-Salem and North Carolina’s Moravian settlement. From its offices in Winston-Salem and from around the world, the organization helps the community understand and appreciate the history of this important and influential group. Old Salem began in 1947 when Dr. Henry J. MacMillan, a local attorney, recognized the importance of the long history associated with Salem. He realized that the lives and contributions of both the indigenous people and the Moravian settlers could play an essential role in the growth and appreciation of the town. He was also aware that the physical and cultural artifacts associated with this history were in danger of being lost or destroyed if not properly cared for and preserved. Taking a great leap of faith, Dr. MacMillan and others founded the Old Salem Corporation, a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving this important history and creating and maintaining educational activities that could bring the stories of Salem’s past to life and make them more relevant to today’s audiences. Learn more here.

Today, Old Salem’s Administrative Offices are an integral part of the organization’s mission of preservation, education, and celebration of the historic town and landscape of Winston-Salem. Here, historians, researchers, educators, and volunteers come together to plan, organize, and coordinate the various activities that makeup Old Salem’s programs and events. From there, they can direct and support the work of the five entities that comprise the entire organization: Old Salem Historic District, Old Salem Museum & Gardens, Old Salem Historic Town and District, Old Salem Historic Park and Gardens, and Old Salem Cemetery. These sites and attractions are essential to the history of the city and North Carolina in general. The Administrative Office, housed in a building located at the corner of South Trade Street and East Second Street in Winston-Salem, provides a vital link between the organization’s five entities and the outside world. The office, which also serves as the public face of Old Salem, houses the organization’s public relations, marketing, and communications departments. From here, Old Salem’s outreach reaches far beyond the borders of Winston-Salem and North Carolina. Here, members of the local community and the greater public can learn more about the rich history and culture of the Salem settlement and take part in various programs, activities, and events that honor the past and its inhabitants. Learn more about Winston-Salem’s Hidden Gem – Camel City BBQ Factory.