Garner, North Carolina, is a small town of fewer than 10,000 people located in the heart of the Research Triangle. The city was founded in 1849 and named after General Nathan Bedford Garner, who fought for the Confederacy during the Civil War. Today, Garner is known for its strong community spirit and close-knit neighborhoods. It’s been a little over a year since I moved to Garner, North Carolina. I’m originally from New York, and while I loved living there, I needed a change of pace. Garner has been the perfect place for me to reset and recharge. There are so many things that I love about this town. Learn information about Raleigh, NC.

For starters, it’s incredibly picturesque. The rolling hills and green pastures are far from NYC’s concrete jungle. And even though it’s a small town, there’s still plenty to do. There are great restaurants, shops, and parks within walking distance of my house. But the best part of living in Garner is the people. Everyone here is so friendly and welcoming. I’ve made so many great friends in the short time that I’ve been here, and I can’t imagine living anywhere else. So if you’re looking for a charming small town to call home, Garner is the place for you! Discover facts about White Oak in North Carolina.