The Greensboro Botanical Gardens are one of the most beautiful and inspiring locations in North Carolina. Situated in the heart of downtown Greensboro, the botanical gardens provide thirty-four acres of natural beauty for visitors to explore and enjoy. Visitors will find a variety of native plants and flowers, lush lawns, and works of garden art that provide the perfect setting for photography and reflection. The gardens are home to a number of educational programs, festivals, and events as well, making them a popular destination for locals and visitors alike. Learn more here.

The Gardens feature a range of beautiful gardens, including the Japanese Garden, the Mary’s Garden, the Stonewall Garden, and the Hamilton Garden. The Japanese Garden is one of the most admired gardens at the Botanical Gardens and features a variety of native plants and flowers, waterfalls, and meticulously trimmed hedges. This garden was established in 1965 and is one of the first in the United States to include a Zen Garden. Stonewall Garden is another popular garden that showcases native plants, a sundial, and a pond filled with water lilies and other aquatic life. The Hamilton Garden is a wonderfully designed space, showcasing many of the plants found in the Mediterranean region. This garden is filled with fragrant plants such as lavender, oregano, and thyme, as well as colorful flowers and shrubs. Along with the gorgeous landscape, the garden also features a Venus de Milo and a replica of the Farnese Hercules. Learn more about Unlock the Secrets Hidden Inside Breakout Games – Greensboro, NC.