Whenever mold goes unattended, it weakens the structural integrity of a house and leads to health complications. Fortunately, before it reaches that point, you can control it by frequent cleaning using simple home products. Make sure you concentrate on higher-risk regions of the house. These include the attic, bathroom, kitchen, and basement. The basic method of removing mold that has started to grow is to clean with detergent and warm water. Nevertheless, if it’s spreading, strict measures should be applied. More about¬† Winston-Salem, NC can be seen here.

Scrub with Cleaners

Scrub the affected surfaces with soft fabric or brush gently using a mixture of a cleaner and water. There are numerous effective DIY home treatments that contain antifungal properties fit for killing mold. Click here to read about Why Mold Removal is Important to Your Health.

Use Essential Oils

Tea tree oil is the best essential oil to use. Also called insect repellent, antiseptic, or deodorant. Use one teaspoon of his oil and mix it with water to make a spray.

Use Household Remedies

Besides the essential oils, most household products that contain antimicrobial properties will work. They include fresh lemon juice, hydrogen peroxide, and vinegar.