It is impossible to keep mold out of the home. That’s because they reproduce very fast within 24 to 48 hours and can get in the home through open spaces, humans, and pets. 

Continuous exposure to mold can lead to health problems and complications.  Researchers have shown that all molds fall into one of the three categories below.  These are in terms of their effect on humans. Further facts about Chapel Hill, NC can be found here.

Categories of Harmful Mold 


These molds are not dangerous but can affect people with weak immune systems or have a grave ailment. Information about Tips for DIY Mold Removal can be found here. 


Allergenic molds are those that cause allergic reactions. It is especially true for people with existing allergies and asthmatic conditions.


Or Toxigenic

Toxigenic molds are poisonous and dangerous. They can cause real health problems to healthy people as well.

Symptoms And Ailments Related to Exposure

Mold spores are usually airborne. They, therefore, travel to the body through the respiratory tract. The clear signs of mold infection are similar to that of the flu and allergies. These include a chesty cough, sore throat, eczema, watery eyes, and running nose.

The medical experts say that ten out of mold types can cause serious health problems like sinuses, bronchitis, and pneumonia.


The people at high risk of mold-related illnesses are children, the elderly, sick, or those with underlying conditions. That does not mean healthy people should not take precautions as toxigenic molds are poisonous.