Oak Grove real estate is more expensive than about 37 percent of US neighborhoods and 50 percent of the communities in North Carolina, with the price of $180.168. Based on some expert analysis, Oak Grove’s average rental price is around $1,426, which is higher than about 77 percent of communities in North Carolina.

Located in Durham, North Carolina, Oak Grove is a suburban community based on population density. Its real estate includes mobile homes, single-family homes, and medium-sized or four-bedroom homes. Further facts about Durham, NC can be found here.

Unique and Notable Neighborhood Characteristics

The way Oak Grove looks, its setting and homes, is the most important thing you notice when you visit this neighborhood for the first time. While you will see the similarity in some places, you will only see their true character when you start living in them for some time. They have a unique blend of cultural and occupational groups. Information about Heather Glen, North Carolina Real Estate can be found here.


Oak Grove’s residents have been able to shape their characters through their types of occupations. As a group, they can shape the culture of this place with their collective occupations. The working population of about 36.5 percent works in management, executive, and professional occupations. Laborer occupations and manufacturing are the second most important occupational group in this community. Others are in services and sales jobs.