Top-notch Museums 

Martinsville is a host to the best museums any museum lover would give a finger of approval to because you will never regret visiting them. The following are the museums you will not want to miss seeing. Information can be found here.

Virginia Museum of Natural History

This top-listed museum represents the state’s natural history that has preserved the history of Martinsville since 1984. The museum has several award-winning publications and is a shelter for more than a 22million items. This museum houses the first intact stromatolite head ever found in Virginia. The museum also hosts a variety of transient exhibits focusing on different topics throughout the year. The Harvest Foundation Hall of Ancient Life will welcome you as you enter the museum. The enormous skeleton of an Allosaurus dinosaur is a sight to behold, while a structure of a 14million-year-old baleen whale hangs beneath a vaulted ceiling of skylights. The museum also has an interactive online exhibit that showcases the cultures of three North American tribes: the Pueblo, Powhattan, and Lakota. See here for information about Martinsville, VA is an Eventful City.

FAHI African American Museum and Cultural Centre

Martinsville gives you the Fayette Area Historical Initiative African American Museum and Cultural Centre, created to collect, preserve, and interpret African American experiences and community life. The various exhibits and displays will give you complete information on what you seek to know. The museum allows you to see black history on the local as well as the national level.