Mold is everywhere – it’s on a wide array of surfaces and in the air. You can count on mold being present anywhere there is moisture.

What this means is if your basement is wet, you have mold, even if it isn’t yet noticeable to the eye. The question is, what can you do about it? After all, over time, mold can continue to develop and cause health issues, structural problems, and mold.

The good news is, there are several steps and tips you can use to ensure your efforts for getting rid of mold in basements is successful. Keep reading to learn more.

Getting to Know the Cause of Mold in Your Basement

Every type of mold requires specific living conditions to grow and stay alive. However, for mold to begin growing, the right conditions must be present.

In the basement, there are some common causes that will result in mold growth. These include:

Excessive Moisture

To grow, mold needs oxygen, organic material, and moisture. Sometimes, basements have moisture present because of condensation. In other cases, there may be a foundation leak.

Basement Piping Leaks

Basements are home to many leaks. It’s important to understand, even a quality foundation can leak eventually, one of the main causes is a damaged or faulty foundation.

Basement Windows

If basement windows are in the picture, water may accumulate in the window wells. This may occur because of a drain being clogged, which results in leaks.

Flash Floods

As mentioned before, hydro-static pressure may cause flooding or basement leaks. This can lead to rapid mold growth.

Poor Ventilation

Another common cause of moisture in your basement is poor ventilation. When this happens, the condensation creates the buildup of moisture and humidity that causes mold in your basement. In fact, this is a situation that can occur anywhere air isn’t allowed to circulate or vent properly.

Effective Methods for Getting Rid of Mold in Basements

Now that you know what is causing mold in your basement, it’s time to figure out what you can do about it. There are several ways you can get rid of mold, with some options found here.

Use Vinegar

Vinegar is a multi-purpose household cleaner. It is also extremely effective at getting rid of mold. White vinegar provides the best results.

If you choose white vinegar to get rid of mold, you don’t have to dilute it with anything. You can just pour it over the mold.

Pour the vinegar over the mold and wait for two to five minutes. At this point, you can remove it using a sponge or a cloth.

Use Tea Tree Oil

Another natural solution for mold is to use tea-tree oil. This is a natural fungicide and a great way to get rid of mold for good. All you have to do is mix the oil with water and spray it where the mold has started to grow.

Once applied, use a scrub brush to scrub the surface until the mold begins to disappear.


For a more aggressive approach to getting rid of mold, consider using bleach. One of the biggest benefits offered by this is that bleach is going to kill all current mold, mold spores, and it’s more affordable than most of the other solutions.

The only downside to bleach is that it’s only good to use on smooth surfaces, such as bathtubs, showers, glass, and tile. You should not use it on carpets or fabrics.

Negative Air Pressure

The machine that results in negative air pressure can be used to help prevent the mold from spreading to other parts of your home. It uses a process that’s called ducting to suck all the air out of a room and filter it outside the area where the mold is located. This machine makes sure that all mold spores are gone for good.

HEPA Vacuuming

HEPA vacuum can be used to make sure all mold particles and spores are gone. Usually, this is a method used by professionals.

Hire the Professionals

If you aren’t sure you can handle the mold problem on your own, or if you don’t want to deal with it, hire a professional mold removal service. With this service, you can feel confident the mold will be removed and most service providers offer a guarantee. This peace of mind isn’t provided with a DIY mold removal process.

Preventing Mold from Coming Back

Once you have gotten rid of the mold, the last thing you want is for it to come back. The good news is, there are several ways you can prevent this from happening.

Mold and Mildew Inhibitors

After you have eliminated the mold in your basement, a mold inhibitor is a smart investment. This product will prevent mold from growing again in the future.

Mold Fogging Products

There are several foggers on the market today that help to remove mold. In addition to removing the mold, these foggers also help to reduce mold odors and prevent the mold from coming back.

Enjoy Your Mold Free Basement

When it is time to find a method for getting rid of mold in basements, you have more than a few options. Keep the information here in mind, which will help you find a mold removal method that works for you.

If you don’t want to handle the process alone or just want peace of mind it is handled right, contact us. We provide you high-quality mold removal services at affordable prices.

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