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Complete Hero Mold Company removal services offered to homeowners and property managers are Mold Remediation, Mildew Cleaning, Mold Testing and Inspections. We also offer related services Water Disaster Recovery, Crawl Space Encapsulation. After the cleanup, we can repair woodwork, drywall, plumbing and electrical- no need to call another contractor. We are pleased to offer expert mold removal advice to Homeowners, Businesses, Home Inspectors, Property Managers, and Real Estate Agents.

Hero Mold Company technicians have been trained and tested by the well respected IICRC and RSA organizations for the cleaning and restoration Industry that established mold and moisture inspections and effective mold removal or remediation procedures.  IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration) is a non-profit certifying, teaching and resource institute.  All of their programs are based on building science and years of industry experience.  RSA (Restoration Sciences Academy) an institute also dedicated to training for mold remediation, water disaster restoration and risky biological cleanup.

Our written inspection report and estimate (should mold removal services be necessary) will state exactly what we found and how much it’ll cost to fix it.  We encourage contact for further questions, but other than that we will not bother you.  

Hero Mold Company Safeguards Clients

The protection of your family and security of your property is a sacred responsibility that we take steps to insure.  Our employee’s backgrounds have been checked for criminal behavior before anyone enters your home. Also, Random drug testing is a requirement of employment.  Most of our clients come to us because of positive reviews, consequently, excellent customer service is a smart move.

Hero Mold Company follows a well-tested industry method that is considered best for each situation.  We want potential clients to know our Mold Treatment service are designed to match the needs of each situation and will be done in the most affordable way possible that stills guarantees success.

We are Licensed, bonded and insured including Workers Compensation in the state of NC. After the contract is signed, costs are firm except when changes are made.

Lexington, NC Expert Mold Inspections: FREE

Fears of Black Toxic Mold, possibly, in your home can be quickly resolved by contacting Hero Mold Company for a free mold and moisture investigation.  Unfortunately, if mold growth is found you’ll be advised what will be required to remove the mold.

Camera checking for Hidden Mold Hero Mold Company Winston Salem, NC

Camera checking for Hidden Mold

Many species of mold, found in our homes, can develop quickly- needing only 24 to 48 hours in a favorable location.  Mold is so common in our environment that most adults know what it looks and smells like but many don’t know how damaging it can be to our health and how it devours building materials. We usually find it spreading across walls, under sinks, window wells, crawl spaces, basements, ceilings, attics and shower stalls. Mold is a visible growth which can be shown to you if Hero Mold Company Inspectors find it.

Mold can also be hidden from view but Hero Mold Company quickly finds it with electronic tools that sense temperature shifts and levels of humidity.  Temperature changes often indicate a plumbing leak within a wall.  These sensitive tools help find mold beneath flooring, inside heating/cooling ducts, wall cavities, basements and crawl spaces.

Household mold is generally not the feared Black Toxic Mold and is easily controlled with our successful methods. Take comfort, usually, it’s never as bad as you think.  Be assured, we do everything we can to keep our services affordable to help as many neighbors as we can.

DIY Mold Removal- Should you?

Homeowners often remove mold growth themselves from small areas such as bathroom or under a sink when found at an early stage.  But, if the mold has made partial mush of drywall or other building material, it’s been growing for a while and has probably spread to other areas. The investigation of a large mold problem will be more successful with an experienced investigator to discover how far its traveled.

Honest Mold Testing: No Useless Testing

You can’t tell if black mold on your wall is toxic or not just by looking at it because many species look and smell alike. You must engage a mold expert to test and exam a sample under a microscope.  However, FYI the identification of mold species will not affect how mold is removed so testing is not needed in many cases. Occasionally, mold testing is required to answer a purpose such as:

  • Your home or property sale hinges on proof that mold is not a problem.
  • Post Treatment- determines how effective the treatment was.
  • Species of mold needs to be identified to improve a medical treatment plan for a sick family member.
  • Renters living in a moldy rental and unfortunately dealing with a Landlord reluctant to clean it up may hire Mold testing to strengthen their position.  But, if still faced with no response, we suggest you consult an attorney to determine how to go forward.

Hero Mold Company will gladly offer free professional advice on which mold tests we believe is needed for your situation. We don’t advise repetitive and unclear tests because we understand the serious mold testing limitations. We are resolved to stay budget-friendly to provide expert help within the financial reach of most families.

Mold Testing Methods: Lexington, NC

Mold Testers of Hero Mold Company are trained in contaminate free sample gathering and the correct test to use for each purpose. Testing materials are often exposed prior to use when handled by the inexperience. Contamination of test materials could incorrectly identify mold species causing the trouble- a bad thing if accuracy is needed for medical treatment.

Mold Testing Lab Hero Mold Company Winston Salem NC

Mold Testing Lab

Samples of mold are obtained in several ways:

  • Tape- Lift: Tape touched to the mold colony then lifted off and sealed into specialized packaging.
  • A clean swab is rubbed across the molds surface then place into tamper proof packaging.
  • Metered Air samples are taken from several locations in the home or business for examination to discover what your breathing.

Accurate results are best obtained by experienced mold testers.  Hero Mold Company Mold testers use clean catch sampling, safety packaging and labs that are qualified for mold testing.

Lexington, NC: What is Mold?

Mold is a ancient element of our world coming to us from, perhaps, even as far back as Primordial times.  Mold is a fungal growth that spreads out in different colored colonies covering the subject in a patchy circular pattern.  For mold to develop a colony, it It needs moisture, warm temperatures and dead organic material for food.  Mold reduces dead matter into basic elements to use for growth energy while leaving the leftover nutrient released to the soil for new plant life.  This is beneficial to new plant life in the great outdoors but mold inside a home or business is always destructive.  Mold in a home not only devours carbon based building materials and possessions but brings sickness to susceptible people under its influence.

How does Mold Spread?

Mold Reproduces Hero Mold Company Winston Salem NC

Mold Reproduces

Mold colonies reproduce through periodic releasing of incalculable mold spores to the atmosphere.  Spores float unseen on the weakest of air currents developing colonies wherever they land with favorable conditions.  Our homes and businesses will always have some mold spores floating about. They regularly pass through open doors, windows or are carried inside on someone or something.  Mold spores, also, hide dormant within original building materials waiting for generous sources of moisture to spark growth.  Consequently, Mold Removal technicians focus on removing the excessive water source to kill the colony.  Vigilance against high humidity and water leaks is the best way to keep mold growth away.

Black Toxic Mold: Panic from our Past

…”Wailing and writhing men collapsed in the street: others fell over and foamed in epileptic fits whilst some vomited and showed signs of insanity. Many of them shouted “Fire! I’m burning”. It was an invisible fire that separated the flesh from the bones and consumed it. Men, women and children died in unbearable agonizing pain.”… Words from an observer in the 10-century talking about illness that struck down the faithful who visited the shrine of St. Anthony in France. The disease became known as “St. Anthony Fire” because the victims felt on fire.

We now understand St. Anthony Fire was caused when people ate rye bread contaminated with a black Toxic Fungus/Mold that was growing on the rye grain stalk before harvesting.   Since then, other poison grain outbreaks occurring across the time line of history at different locations have killed thousands- sometimes destroying whole villages.  Lessons learned from these outbreaks advanced agricultural mold prevention methods that are still used today.  Still, since Toxic mold deaths mainly occurred from tainted grain, people generally felt safe inside their homes… this was to change.

Humid Moldy Homes: The Energy Crisis Effect

After WW2 (1945), America needed a way to build homes faster and cheaper to answer the housing boom.  The development of gypsum board (drywall) was a faster wall building method then the time-consuming expensive labor for plaster walls so it rapidly replaced the older method. The problem with gypsum is that it acts as a sponge readily sucking up moisture and dries out very slowly encouraging mold growth. Black Toxic Mold is very attracted to this material and given the right circumstances will devour it quickly.

Compounding the problem of building with weak materials susceptible to mold was the 1970’s Energy crises. The energy crisis gave rise to tighter homes resulting in less air flow and trapping humidity inside. Moisture in a home comes from many sources, bathing, respiration (nearly 4 cups a day per adult), appliances that use water, clothes dryer and others- all without a way out.   Mold needs a moisture abundance to develop in as little as 24 to 48 hours and tight airless homes can provide that.

When Fear of Black Toxic Mold Worsened?

Fear of black toxic mold became fever pitched, in 1994, when 30 babies in Ohio were admitted to the hospital weak, blue and some with a Lung hemorrhage. Sadly, 12 of these babies died and Parents across the nation were in a panic to find out why so the CDC became involved.   Investigators discovered that each baby lived in a previously flooded homes and inspection of the home found black toxic mold growing.  One of the investigators remembered reading about lung hemorrhage details of Russian horses’ poison with moldy grain, in the 1940’s, and made the connection to the babies.  The passing years, brought more bad news of terrible life altering illness attributed to Black Toxic Mold.  Now, most homeowners nearly panic just at the thought toxic mold could be growing in their home.

Take comfort, this slimy dense black toxic mold is more fragile than other species. It doesn’t like ruffling breezes, needs to stay soaking wet and requires 8 to 12 days to develop instead of the 24 to 48 hours it takes for other common mold species. When found indoors, Black Toxic Mold is mostly found in unoccupied previously flooded homes that continue to maintain a very high rate of humidity.  Moisture keeps mold alive- no water no life.

How to Recognize Black Toxic Mold?

Though many black molds share characteristics Black Toxic Mold (Stachybotry chartarum) is a fuzzy black growth with dark greenish black hue that looks wet.   It spreads in a circular patch fashion.  This mold is heavy with moisture which means it’s less likely to send pieces into the air unless ruffled.  Black Toxic mold when dry looks like fire pit ash which will easily blow about the atmosphere with a puff of wind.

Lexington NC: Where is Toxic Black Mold?

Mold behind Molding Hero Mold Company Winston Salem, NC

Mold behind Floor Board Molding

Stachybotry chartarum mold is mainly found outdoors recycling dead vegetation into food for itself and new plant life.  But, when found indoors, Stachybotrys chartarum will thrive somewhere dark and out of active environments (hidden) fed by a long active water leak. Unnoticed plumbing leaks under sinks, behind walls, beneath floors, and within ceilings, are prime growth locations. 

It may help to calm your fears to know that this mold species needs a longer time of being dripping wet to spread- 8 to 12 days other species need 1 to 2 days.  Plus, strong sunlight and ruffling air currents hampers it growth so let the sun shine in and leave closet doors open.  Previously flooded long deserted homes are a common place to find Black Toxic Mold. However, there are many other species that readily grow in a home under favorable conditions.

Black Toxic Mold Worries: Lexington NC

There are many reasons people worry just at the possibility of black toxic mold (Stachybotry chartarum) growing in their home or business- some are:

  • Loved family members getting sick.
  • The high cost of Professional mold remediation and how to pay for it.  Please understand that Hero Mold Company is determined to stay affordable.
  • Loosing property value when you know future buyers will have to be told about a mold problem. However, if you provide proof of a successful mold remediation it will show a buyer there is nothing to fear.

Mold Sickness of a loved one deserves fast mold removal to end their suffering and start them on the road to recovery.  You’ll get the quickest most successful results with Hero Mold Company professional mold remediation.  Mold Removal for the lone homeowner means facing an overwhelming task that is often backbreaking and time consuming.

We give you the information needed for the proper course of action. The estimate of mold removal services will describe what methods will be used, repair materials needed and how long it will take. We encourage your questions at any time in the process but otherwise will not bother you.

Black Toxic Mold Harmful Health Effects

History has shown that Stachybotrys chartarum mold is poisonous to people and their pets. Its health effects are headaches, respiratory infections, nausea, lung hemorrhage and sometimes death.  It produces a more deadly concentration of mycotoxins than other mold species.  Plus, you will not find other species next to it in competition because its mycotoxin will stop other species from growing near it.  Mycotoxin poison spreads through the air and poisons through touch contact or inhaling the spores as they float by.

 Health Effect of any Mold- Loss of Taste

Another health cost of Mold infestation in the home is the loss of smell due the strong odor mold releases. How we taste the mingling of complex flavors during a dinner depends also on our sense of smell not just our taste buds. Our taste buds’ can discern 5 taste sensations salty, sweet, bitter, sour and savory.  Odor molecules from food travel up our nose to mix with the 5 types of taste receptors.  These two senses together deliver our enjoyment of a complex favorable dinner.  Science claims that as much as 90 % of what we taste is due to smell but when messed up by strong smells nothing taste right.  It’s a given that your family living in a mold infested home won’t fully enjoy once favorite meals.

Without any financial cost to you, contact Hero Mold Company for a mold inspection and take a first step toward healthy air.

Lexington, NC: Expert Cost Free Mold Inspections

Hero Mold Company Mold Inspectors understand your buildings mechanical systems concerning faults that may cause leaks and are trained in mold investigation. We offer a free mainly visual inspection of your property. If you have mold in your home, we’ll find it and show it to you.  What to expect when we come:

  • Conversation about the history of your property: recent roof repairs, plumbing leaks and previous water disasters.
  • Inspection of the building’s foundation for groundwater problems- many times due to improper landscaping.
  • Visual interior inspection is done.  When you smell mold but it remains hidden, technicians will use temperature and moisture sensing tools to aid the search.   
  • Attic, basement and crawlspace are checked for adequate ventilation to considered if humidity trapped indoors is the problem.

Hero Mold Company offers to conduct 100% free mold inspections- your first step toward better health for you and your family.

Hero Mold Company aims to provide the information you need for a decision about your property.  Our Cost estimate for mold removal services describes the necessary removal methods and time needed. 

Lexington, NC Mold Removal Path to Success

We follow a cleaning and restoration industry established treatment plan to successfully remove mold growth and steps taken to keep it from starting up again.  IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration) is an organization that educates members in cleaning protocol that is successful.  Hero Mold Company of Lexington promises quickly return a healthy atmosphere to you and your family.

 Our well-rehearsed methods are:

Mold Containment Chamber Hero Mold Company Winston Salem NC

Mold Containment Chamber

  • Determine the mold’s water source and dry it up.
  • Enclose the areas with mold growth by building disposal vinyl walls to stop any mold spores or mold pieces from drifting to other areas. Doors, windows and duct-work will be sealed off except for leaving one sliding seam door for technicians to come and go.
  • Within the barrier chamber a negative air pressure will be started to capture air currents teaming with mold spores from escaping to mold free areas in the house.
  • Mold Removal Technicians use specialized HEPA Vacuums to suck up as much mold growth as they can and trap within the vacuum’s filter.
  • Drywall, carpet, wood… considered too damaged by mold to be repaired are removed, sealed in thick bags and removed to the dump.
  • Steel, glass, tile that often have surface oils and dirt feeding the mold will be scrubbed cleaned with a mold killing solution.

Lexington, NC: After Mold Removal

All cleaned areas will be dried with industrial heaters leaving the home ready for re-decorating and worry-free residence.

The practical training our technicians get has proven successful for our past clients and we look forward to helping new ones.   We always keep clients in the loop- this shows our respect, generates a good working relationship and takes minor effort.

Hero’s Mold Company Home Repairs

Hero Mold Company expertly repairs wood framing, drywall, insulation, electrical break and plumbing leaks.  No need to hassle with the often-frustrating process of contacting several other contractors after a serious mold removal to conduct repairs. When you hire us for repairs, you’ll have no worries about trusting others with access to your family and home.

Will Insurance Cover Mold Costs in Lexington?

Homeowner Insurance will generally cover mold damage if it was caused by an accident defined as “covered Peril”.  Accidental peril examples are:

  • A busted water pipe that loses a large amount of water into your home while your away soaking carpet, wallboard and though you cleaned up the water mold has taken hold.
  • Household appliances dishwasher, clothes washer, air conditioner or water heater malfunction and leak water causing a mold outbreak.
  • A washer hose in good condition (not ages old) springs a leak goes unnoticed till you began smelling mold.
  • When you notice a water leak, it’s your responsibility as a good steward of the property to stop the flow of water to mitigate damage before calling the Insurance Agent.

We do not intend to provide legal advice. The best way to find out about your mold removal coverage is to call your insurance agent.

 Why Insurance Denies Mold Removal Costs?

Insurance agencies assume you will take care of property maintenance and practice preventative care.  For example, turning on the exhaust fan in the bathroom when bathing to remove humid air, regularly inspecting basement, crawl space and attic for problems.  Also, periodically checking the building outside for groundwater problems, roof leaks and rodent building damage.

Examples of Poor Maintenance:

  • The aged roof has been leaking into the attic for an unknown amount of time and mold has been discovered growing on the attic rafters. Insurance could decline mold removal coverage because the roof should have been repaired or replaced years ago.  A Roofs lifespan is around 20 to 30 years, depending on shingle quality.
  • A few months back you discovered a small amount of Mold in a corner down in the basement and did nothing to stop it.  Now, the mold has bloomed across the entire wall and the Insurance Company wants to know the age of mold growth before processing a claim.
  • You need an additional flood disaster rider to cover mold damage from a Flood.

 This is not intended to be Legal advice- please contact your Homeowners Insurance Agent to be sure about coverage.

DIY Black Toxic Mold Test Kit- Useless or Not?

Home mail order mold test kits with Petri-dishes have a dismal reputation. Mold spores, an ancient fungus, are found readily throughout our environment both indoors and out. The problem arises when a large amount of mold spores, due to an active mold growth colony, gathers inside a home or business causing sickness in people, foul odor and damaging property.

DIY Mold Testing Hero Mold Company Winston Salem NC

DIY Mold Testing

Consumers often believe that Black Toxic Mold test kits can quantify and qualify the type of mold they have growing in their homes. Species of mold growth can’t be determined by looking at growth in a tray because many species share characteristics- it must be examined by an expert under a microscope. Also, the speed at which a mold spore colonizes a mold test Petri-dish really has no definitive answer as to how bad the mold growth is.

Homeowners are desperate to discover if toxic mold is growing in their homes and are often mislead by advertisers (read the small print labeled on these test products).  Be aware these kits have many errors:

DIY Mold Testing Kit Errors

  • Mold spores float with the air currents both indoors and out so it’s not a surprise that a mold test kit (small plastic tray with moist food) grows mold within hours- even in a non-infested home.
  • No Expiration Dates- When a mold kit doesn’t develop growth, it doesn’t mean your home doesn’t have a mold problem because, the kit could have been stored in extreme temperatures or for so long that the nutrient could no longer be food worthy.
  • Many Demonstrated Cases of Kit inaccuracies. Because of kit contamination, consumers have been told of high mold counts when they were actually low and visa versa.
  • The extent of the mold infection can’t be understood by how long it took mold to form in the petri-dish.  Mold Species grow at different rates so a growth can only tell you a mold spore found it.
  • Mold test kit company will often offer further testing for an additional charge but are unable to provide information beyond the species which may not even be the actual species causing the problem.

A critical component to understand the danger a mold infestation has brought to your home is the mold inspection process itself which often requires specialized tools hygrometers, infrared cameras and knowledgeable visual observation.

Lexington, NC: Crawl Space Encapsulation is?

Excessive moisture in the crawl space causes many problems like mold, bad odors, wood decay, insect and rodent infestations and high energy costs. The moisture vapor comes from the soil below, the outside environment and the home above.  A Crawl Space Encapsulation builds a protective envelope with thick vapor barrier membranes around the home, separating it from the dirt floor beneath and the outside environment.  Professional encapsulation stops water vapor and gases like radon (causes cancer) and methane (decomposing organic matter that robs oxygen) from rising up into the living space.  

 Traditionally Built Crawl Space Faults

Mold in Crawl Space Hero Mold Company Winston Salem NC

Mold in Crawl Space

Traditional crawl spaces have several ventilation vents situated around the perimeter that can be opened or closed to control humidity.  Generally in better applications, a poly barrier is laid on the ground to control water vapor.  Also, to prevent energy loss from the home above, fiberglass paper backed insulation fitted between the floor joists but also acts as a giant sponge for water vapor.  When this insulation is wet, it becomes an ideal breeding ground for mold and moisture loving insects like termites and ants.

During hot weather, we open vents in the crawl space to hopefully remove humid air, but that will only work if the humidity outside is lower- which hardly ever happens in North Carolina.  During cold weather, we close vents to prevent energy loss but crawl spaces are often full of holes from plumbing and cabling that its a moot point. Adding to that, the insulation placed between the floor joists under the house is in most cases inadequate, damaged or missing and barely contributes to energy savings.

Most traditional crawl spaces in southern climates need constant maintenance to prevent mold and pest problems. Regular maintenance to replace wet insulation, mold removal and pest removal treatments is expensive and time consuming- though necessary to keep a safe home.

Crawl Space Vapor Barrier Benefits?

Studies done by several Universities have shown that 50% or more of the air in our homes comes from the crawl space.  A Crawl space atmosphere is often teeming with mold spores, odors, gases and bacteria from dead and still living creatures. This harmful air is pulled upwards into the home (the air flowing out your roof is pulling air from the crawl space) bringing foul odors and possible sickness to prone family members.

For a quick evaluation of what’s in the air your breathing, ask Hero Mold Company to check the air quality in your home.  We’ll inspect your crawl space for mold, mildew, insects, excessive moisture and rodents- this is all done free of cost without conditions.  If necessary, Hero Mold Company will propose an affordable fix to clean up the air in your home.

Hero Mold Company offers Crawl Space Encapsulation services at a reasonable cost. For those of you, troubled with crawl space issues of mold, insects and/or standing water we are an expert team of professionals ready to fix all. Professional crawl space encapsulation is the premiere permanent solution to prevent Mold, Rot and Energy loss.  Rodents and insects looking for food and shelter will also be prevented from moving into the crawl space. We have the Winning solutions Call us.

Lexington, NC Crawl Space Encapsulation

The Crawl Space will be cleaned out, all sharp rocks removed and the ground leveled as best as can be.

Encapsulated Crawl Space Hero Mold Company Winston Salem NC

Encapsulated Crawl Space

  • Puddles of ground water within the crawl space are inspected and solved with re-grading of the landscape, installing a French drain and possibly a sump-pump.
  • Remove Bat Insulation that is wet or damaged from between the floor joists.
  • Repair decayed Wood Framing.
  • A thick puncture resistant poly membrane will be installed to cover the ground and to partly ride up the interior perimeter walls of the crawl space.
  • Special tape will be used to seal all seams and edges to prevent rising gasses and humidity from the soil slipping through into the homes interior space.
  • All holes and vents are sealed to prevent energy loss or the outdoor humidity from coming in.
  • Crawlspace walls are insulated to control energy loss through the concrete.
  • Residual Humidity will be removed with a dehumidifier.

Lexington, NC Water Disaster Restoration: Fair Cost

There are a multitude of reasons for a sudden burst of water inside home roof damage during a storm, broken plumbing pipe, water heater break, tub overflow, sewage backup, flood and others. Water disasters in homes are important to clean up quickly because wet carpet, wallboard, wooden floors… will develop mold in as little as 24 to 48 hours. The family caught in this battle against an incredible force of water suddenly dropping into their homes is often further sent into misery when the water damage is followed by a massive mold growth.

Water disasters in homes or business get Faster and more successful restoration when owners hire Hero Mold Company specialists. A homeowner using the usual shop vac just can’t do the job fast enough in a large release of water so be mindful of what you can handle. Our disaster technicians using our high-volume commercial vacuum pumps will speedily remove the water and then use commercial heaters to dry out the building materials quickly.   Fast action to remove the water will protect the house or business from further destruction caused by decay and mold.

Lexington, NC Flood Disaster Best Local Cost

Hero Mold Company offers a Rapid Response Team for any water disaster that hits you. When floodwaters fall back and it’s safe to return, get fast professional help from Lexington NC Hero Mold Company.  Hero Mold Company will act quickly to extract the water, remove damaged building materials that can’t be repaired, industrial heaters to dry everything and leave all ready for remodeling.

Floods will take down buildings in seconds leaving nothing unscathed. The dangers don’t end when calm waters are in retreat.  Flood waters are polluted with bacteria, weed killers, dead animals, raw sewage and dangerous chemicals (fuel, battery acid and oil).  The water may look calm but you don’t know what lies beneath.  Homeowners or Business Managers facing a flooded home or business needs a professional cleanup crew for the best success- it’s just often beyond the abilities of the property owner. – you need help.  Please give us an opportunity to serve- we won’t disappoint.

Cost Saving Water Damage Restoration Procedures

Professional Water disaster Restoration Steps

  • Stop the Water Flow
  • Industrial Vacuums equipped with Rapid volume pumps are used to extract the water.  A shop vac like the kind sold at your local home store just won’t do the job fast enough and soon MOLD growth could follow. 
  • We use industrial heaters and huge Turbo Fans to rapidly dry damp building materials to prevent mold or bacteria.  Be aware of who you hire- many homes have been set on fire with the improper handling of industrial heaters.  Hero Mold Company Water Disaster technicians have the experience to properly operate industrial heaters.
  • All affected building materials and personal belongings will be sanitized for worry free usage.
  • Hero Mold Removal Water Damage Restoration Technicians are taught to review their process to make sure nothing is missed.

Hero Mold Company disaster cleanup promises to quickly remove water from your property- as if it never happened.  Talk to us! We’re eager to provide the absolute best water damage restoration service in Lexington, NC.

Other Mold Testing Locations:

Lexington, North Carolina Attractions

Quarry Park Hero Mold Company Winston Salem NC

Quarry Park Downtown Winston-Salem

The Quarry Park offers a visual experience of examining the detail of the rock through the clear blue water in the quarry lake. Providing a peaceful rest stop to view the sunset at the heart of the city or a beautiful place to picnic, climb on boulders, hiking trails and take in the old quarry site. It appears to be the only place you can see the downtown skyline, Pilot Mountain and the Old Quarry- just take in the view on the observation deck.

Winston-Salem The Kaleideum Hero Mold Company

Winston-Salem The Kaleideum Children’s Climbing Fun

The Kaleideum Center is an interactive science museum, arts and interactive exploration designed to cultivate an understanding of the world that surrounds our children. The Kaleideum was formed by the merger of Children’s Museum and SciWorks in July of 2016. The two museums reorganize to re-imagine children’s learning abilities to encourage a better retention of lessons learned. The exhibits are unique learning models in motion hopefully bringing excitement for learning to the entire family.

Old Salem Historic District Living History Museum Hero Mold Company

Old Salem Historic District Living History Museum

The Old Salem Historic District features the culture of the early Moravian settlement during the 18th and 19th century.  The Moravian Church is one of the oldest German Protestant branches of the Christian faith dating back to the 15th century. This city features a living history museum that interprets the past Moravian community.  This brings a new life perspective to understand why these people left or were forced out of their homes to travel to the new world and reinvent society along their religious norms. It wasn’t until after the civil war that non members were allowed to settle in the town which was to increase the economic diversity of the city.

History & Haunts Historical Ghost Tour of Winston-Salem Hero Mold Company

History & Haunts Historical Ghost Tour of Winston-Salem

History & Haunts Historical Ghost Tour of Winston-Salem– A Candle Lit Tour along the historic streets of the West End Historic District looking at former haunts of eerie happenings.  Talented Tour Guides will tell the ghostly tails, superstitions and explain the origins of the city’s unique traditions.  This Special event is 90 minutes long and offered all year long through reservation.  This Living History Ghost story program engage people from surrounding states as well as locals in an enchanting manner.