Gorman has a population of 1,145 as a census-designated and suburban of Durham. Gorman has one of the best destinations in Durham, including parks, gardens, stadiums, and other outdoor activities. If you are in Gorman, here are a few things you can do. See more here.

Duke Lemur Center

If you are a fan of nature and wildlife, you will like visiting Duke Lemur Center. The center offers a live tour where you can learn a great deal about the local research efforts, the lemurs in residence, and the Center’s Madagascar conservation efforts. You can even see the nocturnal lemurs. Ensure that you make a reservation ahead and call to be sure. You will surely have a great time learning about lemurs in this center. See here for information about Popular Hotels in Braggtown, North Carolina.

DPAC – Durham Performing Arts Center

DPAC has served the entire North Carolina with its live entertainment since its establishment in 2008. Featuring state-of-the-art sound and video, intimate sightlines, and 2,700 seats, many recognize DPAC for its contemporary design. The center is located at 123 Vivian Street American Tobacco District, Durham.

Cameron Indoor Stadium

Cameron Indoor Stadium is at 301 Whitford DR, Durham, and you will find it legendary and a place worth visiting when you go there. While the ticket is affordable, it is such an intimate setting that will make you feel entirely involved in the game. You will surely have a nostalgic feeling after your visit.