Research shows that at least 50 percent of homes are affected by mold. The mold causes a musty smell, discoloration, and damages the surfaces. However, if it’s just starting to grow, household cleaners can easily remove it. But if the mold spreads over 10 square feet, you need to seek professional assistance. If you want the cleaners to do the work, it’s important to know the products they should use. They include: Learn information about Winston-Salem, NC here.

Hydrogen Peroxide

It’s a medical solution that works like an antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial. It’s easy to find hydrogen peroxide in many homes and can be used to get rid of mold on surfaces, kitchen appliances, floors, bathrooms, and walls. Discover facts about the Process of mold removal.

Chlorine Bleach

Household bleach is an effective chemical that works perfectly in getting rid of mold and removing discoloration. Because of its harsh impacts, it’s important to dilute before application.


 Vinegar contains accident components that can remove molds. It works on non-porous and porous surfaces. Because vinegar is a mild cleaner, make sure you add scrubbing.

Baking Soda

A mixture of water and baking soda produces a mild alkaline solution that can kill mold. It also averts further mold growth.