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Hero Mold Company offers mold inspection and mold removal services for all of Raleigh NC. Our professional technicians serve both residential and commercial clients.

Raleigh Mold Inspection Services

If you are concerned about your indoor air quality or suspect you have a mold problem, get in touch about our mold inspection services. Our agents are happy to provide a quote, and send a qualified technician out to meet you. Every mold inspector undergoes training and is certified so you can get answers you trust.

Mold Remediation Services

If mold growth is discovered in your home or business, our professional mold remediation crew is here to help. Mold spreads rapidly and can quickly become a serious problem. Our remediation process will remove mold, improve air quality, and restore affected areas.

We Have Mold Inspectors for All Your Mold Problems

North Carolina’s high humidity can cause lots of indoor mold problems. Our mold removal specialists are here to help. If you are looking to buy a new home or property we can perform tests and inspections to check for mold, as well as provide recommendations for how to prevent mold.

We offer

  • Mold Inspection
  • Mold Testing
  • Mold Remediation
  • Water Disaster Recovery
  • Water Damage Inspection
  • Crawl Space Encapsulation
  • Repairs to drywall, floors, plumbing and lighting

We are happy to help all property owners – homeowners, business owners, property managers, and real estate agents. We will investigate mold growth and related problems for your home, company, or office. Hero Mold Company follows successful industry methods. We develop a mold remediation plan using various cleaning and restoration techniques based on what is best for each situation.  We assure potential clients that your remediation or restoration will be handled affordably and in a timely manner.

Raleigh NC Location

We serve all of Raleigh, NC and the surrounding areas.


Mold Inspections

Our qualified technicians can perform a mold inspection on any suspicious spots and stain samples to evaluate if they pose a danger to the health of your family.

Mold Removal

If the mold testing comes back positive, our licensed contractors are ready to provide mold removal and remediation. Because it is a living organism, mold cleanup is unique. We are ready to take on the challenge and make sure your building stays mold-free.

Green/Black Mold Treatment

When you suspect you have dangerous mold in your environment, give us a call. Our mold testing and mold remediation will stop the spread.

Basement & Crawlspace

Keeping your basement and crawlspace moisture and mold-free is important for your health and for the resale value of your home. Call us for a free estimate on a mold inspection today.

Attic Mold

Providing proper ventilation in your attic is important to preventing a home mold issue. Our experienced team can provide a consultation on the best strategies for your attic.

Attic mold found in a home in North Carolina
Mold Cleanup for Health

North Carolina’s beautiful lush & mild climate is also a great environment for mold growth. We provide mold inspections, consultations, and advice to ensure you can enjoy all the benefits of NC without the mold.

You found mold or a suspicious musty odor – What next?

When you want to determine if water damage has left behind mold spores, or if that musty odor you smell means mold is present, or when you see a worrisome stain, don’t hesitate to contact us.

We will take samples and perform mold testing. Our detailed report with complete test results will identify what mold is present and if further action is needed.

After the mold inspection, the next step in the process is to schedule mold remediation for your home or commercial buildings. We make sure to do a thorough evaluation to determine what materials and tools are needed for the job. Our skilled mold removal and mold remediation restores normal indoor air quality, and relieves any concerns about dangerous spores causing further damage.

Why Hire Us?

Our qualified, polite, and skilled technicians are familiar with Raleigh, and the unique challenges NC faces. We know how to identify mold on surfaces, control its spread, and alleviate concerns.

We know that mold is serious business, but we want to make the process of mold remediation as carefree as possible for you.

By providing both mold testing and mold remediation/restoration, we strive to make the process simple. Water damage, health issues, and bathroom leaks are concerning, but as your restoration company we will work hard to provide peace of mind.

Our professional company has experience providing inspections for homes and professional organizations throughout NC and look forward to helping you with your next mold issue.