If you love North Carolina and the Coastal North Carolina area, then you should definitely check out Blands, North Carolina. In Hillsborough county in North Carolina, you will find Blends. You will be able to take a hiking tour through this magnificent land and enjoy all of the beautiful scenery that is available. This land is full of water, which makes it very beautiful. You can also visit Folly island, which is a small island off of Blends. Here, you can learn all about the history of this place and how the natives made a home here. Learn information about Chapel Hill, NC.

Another attraction is the Dare Days festival. This festival is held for nine nights, during which Dare Day’s music and dance are showcased. It is hosted by Dare County residents and has a great turnout each year. It starts with a parade to kick things off and goes on with amazing fireworks. The music includes the Beach Boys, the Brantley Brothers, the Four Seasons, and The Temptations. This festival is great for anyone who enjoys North Carolina music, and the Dare Days Celebration is a sure way to see a show that you have never been to before. Discover facts about Things You Can Do and Visit in Blackwood, North Carolina.

When you are looking for a great vacation spot, there is no better place than Blands, North Carolina. This place offers you the beauty of nature that you will only find in its pristine mountains. It is a land where the people live and work together. A place where you can see great festivals and see some amazing people doing amazing things.