A good crawlspace encapsulation can get identified from its outstanding characteristics. It should perform its duties faithfully without fail to enhance the house’s occupants’ comfortability at the time. Hero Mold Company has highlighted the vital attributes for their customers to identify a good crawlspace encapsulation. Learn information about Durham, NC here.


An airtight encapsulated crawlspace is a crucial characteristic for it ensures that the humidity levels are adequately regulated to enhance conducive living inside the houses. The use of polythene vapor barriers achieves airtightness. The airtightness greatly assists in reducing dust and dirt particles from the external environment into the house. Customers should consider proper and professional sealing for airtightness results. Other systems, such as the HVAC system, perform better in homes with airtight encapsulation. Discover facts about The Reasons for Crawlspace Encapsulation.

Moisture Free

A moisture-free environment in the encapsulated crawlspace of a house is crucial. Modern technologies have innovated means that can reduce moisture in the air of a particular enclosed surface. Machines such as the dehumidifier, as the name goes, are responsible for removing moisture particles from the atmosphere. The moisture is responsible for the growth of mold on the walls and woody parts of the crawlspace, notorious for the property’s structural rotting.