Winston-Salem has an experience of a small city wrapped in a big town. Previously, it was well-known for industries such as textiles and tobacco. However, it has now widened its appeal as a center of culture, art, and food. The town offers numerous things to do including shopping, street art, and museum. Learn more here.

A Visit to the Old Salem Museums and Gardens

Spending time at Old Salem Museums and Gardens is among the best things to do when you visit Winston Salem. Over 20 historical buildings, interpreters indicate the activities of daily living as they were in this community in the late 1700s and early 1800s. There are people tending to the gardens nearby. A tour of the Old Museums and gardens is a fascinating look into the business, customs, and celebrations of this religious society. You will like everything about this museum, but the best stop will be the Old Salem bakery, where you can watch as the most delicious items are made. You can even take some with you. Learn more about Amazing Things to Do in Winston Salem.