The Davidson County Historical Museum in Lexington, North Carlina is a place that you should go to if you’re interested in learning about the history of this area. The museum has many exhibits and collections that offer visitors an opportunity to learn more about where they live. The Davidson County Historical Museum tells the story of Lexington from ancient times through the present day with its historic tales! Further facts about Lexington, NC can be found here.

The Davidson Museum is located inside the old Lexington Mill, built-in 1820. The building houses exhibit local history as well as that of the state of North Carolina at large. It’s also home to an original ironstone china collection from Thomas Jefferson’s estate along with artifacts such as Native American tools, textiles dating back to colonial times, Civil War items and even furniture made by Daniel Boone! If you’re looking for things to do around Lexington or are just interested in learning more about this area then be sure not to miss out on visiting this wonderful place! You’ll certainly enjoy your visit. Click here to read about Old City Lake Park: Beautiful Waterfront Location in Lexington, North Carolina.

The Davidson County Historical Museum is a place where you can learn about Lexington’s history. It’s filled with historic items and stories. There are many different exhibits for visitors to see at the museum, including ones on transportation throughout time, farming in North Carlina, military artifacts from World War I & II, and more!