Top Restaurants in Durham, NC

Durham is one City that you could never go hungry during your visit. With incredible restaurants all around that provide authentic foods. Either you are interested in American food or Italian foods, you can never miss out on all types of authentic foods here. Some of the top restaurants in Durham are as follows. More about Durham, NC can be seen here.

Nana’s Restaurant

If you want to have a fantastic start to your evening, book an early reservation at Nana’s Restaurant. Nana’s Restaurant has friendly and efficient employees. If you’re going to have a taste of unique foods in Durham, don’t hesitate to visit Nana’s Restaurant for your evening out. They also have authentic foods at very affordable prices. When you and your loved ones visit Durham, go try out the incredible foods at Nana’s Restaurant.  Click here to read about Durham, NC is an Eventful Town.

Pizzeria Toro

If you are an Italian pizza lover, Pizzeria Toro is the right place for you. They also cater to both vegetarians and vegans. When you visit Durham, and you want to take your family out for dinner, lunch, or breakfast, Pizzeria Toro will give you a fantastic food experience. The owner of Pizzeria Toro is also a great chef who won the Food Network show Chopped.