Fun-Filled Trails in Durham NC

Durham’s outstanding fact is that it has vast open spaces that sprawl with fun-filled outdoor activities. When you want to enjoy the beautiful scenic drives, hikes, walks, or riding bikes, Durham will provide you with the best places to do such activities. Some of the popular spots in Durham you can enjoy these activities include. Durham, NC information can be seen at this link.

Pedego Electric Bikes

In today’s environment, riding Pedego electric bikes is among the few remaining fantastic socially distanced sanctioned fun activities. The electric bikes accommodate athletic abilities making it easy for people to stay together in small groups while still maintaining the social distancing. You can take a picnic on the pine or go for a ride in Durham for sightseeing. Discover facts about Durham, NC is an Artful Town.

Al Buehler Hiking Trails

Al Buehler Hiking Trails is a great 3-mile loop for jogging and walking found around Washington Duke Golf Course. The trail is open to the public and is safe to take your runs if you wish to relax your mind. It is a lovely multi-use trail for the surrounding communities and Duke cross country training. If you want to go for jogs or walks, this is the right place for you.