Moore Square in downtown Raleigh is known for its picturesque cobblestone pathways, lush Victorian gardens, and expansive green space—a perfect setting to explore the town’s rich history and vibrant culture. Located in the city’s heart, Moore Square is one of Raleigh’s oldest and most beloved parks. With its central location in the town, Moore Square has witnessed hundreds of years of Raleigh’s history, and its active role in creating a vibrant cultural and artistic atmosphere continues to this day. Moore Square was established in 1792 and was named in honor of Alfred Moore, a veteran of the Revolutionary War and a senator in the North Carolina State Senate. Over the years, Moore Square has evolved from a public square with a public market in operation to a beautiful park and is now the quintessential destination for a cultural experience in Raleigh. At Moore Square, visitors can view several historical monuments, including a 1905 Fourth of July mural, a North Carolina State Capitol bell, and a statue of former North Carolina Governor Charles Brantley Aycock. The park is also famous for performing arts events, lectures, and festivals such as the YMCA’s World Arts Festival and the Avectra International Music Festival. Information can be found here.

During these events, visitors can explore a variety of cultures from around the world, including costumed events featuring international music and dance performances by local artists. Moore Square is also home to some of the city’s signature cultural monuments, like the William Peace Rock, which was added during the Civil War to honor local soldiers of the Union Army. The William Peace Rock prominently sits next to a bronze statue of Alfred Moore himself, watching over the Square in a fitting display of Raleigh’s dynamic history. In addition to its historical monuments, Moore Square is also recognized for its botanical beauty. Its collection of Victorian flower gardens is a popular part of the Square’s design, showcasing beautiful blooms of tulips, roses, and other native North Carolina plants. Moore Square is also a tranquil spot in the city, offering ample seating and shaded areas to relax and enjoy the scenery. One of the most popular activities in Moore Square is the “Trolley Tour,” which takes visitors on an adventure through the area’s historic landmarks and significant locations. With the trolley tour, visitors can explore the former capitol building, the buildings surrounding downtown Raleigh, and the local cultural events such as theatre and musical performances, festivals, and other special events. In addition to the trolley tour, visitors can wander the Square’s pathways and explore the different points of interest, such as the Moore Monument, the Masonic Temple, or the North Carolina Railway Museum. Discover facts about A Hidden Gem of Raleigh: Exploring Pullen Park for a Digital Magazine.