Nestled in the foothills of the spectacular Blue Ridge Mountains, Belews Creek, NC, is a small village that offers breathtaking views of the beauty and grandeur of nature. With a population of around 2,000, this charming community is known for its warm and friendly atmosphere, as well as its rich history. The area has its beginnings in the late 1700s when it was home to the Catawba Nation, a Siouan-speaking tribe. It was also used as a campground for the Moravian missionaries that traveled the western parts of North Carolina. The creek’s name comes from the Catawba term for “flat riverside,” an apt description of the terrain around the area. Today, Belews Creek is home to a variety of activities, from golf courses to hiking trails and bike paths. Its close proximity to Winston Salem, NC, makes it a great spot for day trips and weekend getaways. Find more information here.

The region’s natural beauty can be best enjoyed by taking a stroll along its winding pathways or traversing the various creeks and rivers that cut through the landscape. For the more adventurous among us, Belews Creek also serves as a great starting point for mountain biking, knife forging, and photographic expeditions. The social life in Belews Creek is vibrant and exciting. Whether you are looking for a traditional Southern restaurant or a trendy craft beer bar, this quaint village has something to offer everyone. Additionally, the town often hosts a variety of festivals, with locals coming together to celebrate the community’s rich history and culture. The Church of Saint Luke, which dates back to 1762, is one of the town’s most distinctive landmarks and is a popular spot for wedding ceremonies. The courthouse square is also filled with unique shops and eateries, making it another favorite destination for both locals and tourists alike. Click here to read about Exploring the Small Town Charm of Midway, NC.