Clegg has unique and notable neighborhood characteristics peculiar to it. Clegg’s setting will attract you when you visit it for the first time due to the feel and look of its neighborhood. What makes all the difference is its buildings and flavor. There are some cool things about this neighborhood with the way it looks and feels. The way people get around, types of households, and the housing stock might be the reason for this. Click here for facts about Durham, NC.

The Neighbors: Ancestry/Ethnicity

Shared learned behavior is culture, and our parents teach us about it, which they got from their parents. Most commonly identifiable regarding ancestry or ethnicity among Clegg residents is Asian. We are talking about more than 43 percent!  French ancestry is about 4 percent, English 7 percent, Irish 8 percent, and German 8 percent. Besides, this neighborhood has more than 36 percent of residents born in another country. Click here to read about Popular Things to Do in Gorman, North Carolina.


Residents in this neighborhood have diverse languages. The English language is the most common language people speak in Clegg. However, it is only 55 percent of households speak the English language. Spanish and Indian languages are other vital languages.

More than 72 percent of the working population are in professional, management, or executive sectors when it comes to occupation. Sales and services jobs come second among the residents, including fast-food restaurants or major sales accounts.