Finch Park in Lexington, North Carolina is a great place to go for a walk. The park has plenty of scenic areas and trails that are perfect for walking or running. Finch Park is located off of Old Highway 27 right next door to the old Finch Dairy Plant. The plant was built in 1946 by George Finch who also donated much of the land where the park now sits. This area features many wildlife habitats with an abundance of different plant life including wildflowers, azaleas, dogwoods, cedars and pines. Learn more here.

The Finch Park in Lexington, North Carolina is a great location for walking and biking. The paved trails offer up to five miles of woodland paths that connect the park to downtown Lexington. It’s an easy way to get out into nature without having to drive too far from home. This area also offers plenty of picnic areas and playgrounds if you’re visiting with children or want somewhere quiet for a break while enjoying your own company. Also worth noting are the free parking lots located all along Main Street which makes getting here super convenient! There really isn’t anywhere else in Lexington where you can find so many recreational opportunities under one roof! If only every city were this lucky!! So what are you waiting for? Come on down and enjoy. Learn more about Davidson County Historical Museum: Historic Tales of Lexington.